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Running Back Terrell Alex would like to demonstrate his explosive running style in the XFL

After being officially invited to the XFL Supplementary Draft. Terrell Alex found out the LA Wildcats had drafted him while eating breakfast.

Running Back Terrell Alex

Terrell Alex thinks his explosive running style will be an asset in the XFL. Now, he will get a chance to prove it, as he has been drafted to the Los Angeles Wildcats through the recent supplemental draft.

Alex has had a diverse football career, going from Southern University in Baton Rouge, to Canada, and to the Arena League, and most recently to the LDFL. In short, he has been around. However, some may look at it as “football experience.”

When asked if he is fast, Terrell quickly pointed out, “Yeah, I’m still pretty fast, but I got a little faster man. I like my explosiveness. I think that’s what kind of set me apart, my speed and my acceleration ability.”

There may be something to this, as Terrell just completed a stellar season with the Inglewood Blackhawks of the LDFL. The Blackhawks won the championship, mainly through the speedy running of Alex. In the championship game he had 19 touches, for 173 yards and three touchdowns, which led him to be named game MVP.

Clearly, this is when the XFL took notice of his potential. Afterward, Terrell was scheduled to attend a private workout and then officially invited to the XFL Supplementary Draft. Not too long later, Terrell found out the LA Wildcats had drafted him while eating breakfast.

One thing for sure, if not for his speed Terrell Alex brings football experience to the Wildcats training camp. ” For sure, it’s a great asset,” Terrell agreed. “I’ve been in situations, regardless of what level. I know how to handle pressure when I facing adversity, so I’ve been the guy on almost all the teams I’ve been on.”

“I’m just ready to take it to the next level,” Terrell added. “I’m so ready. I’m so ready.”

We wish Terrell Alex well in the upcoming training camps. We will be following his progress.

The entire interview with Terrell Alex may be found in XFL Xtra Episode 13-2019 ā€“ Looking forward, looking back

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