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Ramblin’ with Rausa

“Being able to go out and do what I love on a daily basis… I was able to live out my dreams and was able to do it every day,”

XFL DC Defenders Kicker Tyler Rausa

XFL DC Defenders Kicker Tyler Rausa (Credit: Hubbard)

From an XFL fan’s point of view, Tyler Rausa was one of the best clutch kickers in the league.

From Rausa’s point of view, he was just thrilled to be a member of the DC Defenders, and happy that he was able to live out his dreams playing in the XFL.

Prior to signing with the XFL’s DC Defenders for their inaugural season, Rausa’s pro experience was with the Massachusetts Pirates of the National Arena League, as well as the Columbus Lions. His college career was with the Boise State Broncos.

Rausa’s kicking experience in the arena leagues, was with a football with more grip, mainly because the field is only 50-yards long. Because of this the football is harder to kick. Rausa brought this experience to the XFL, where he also found the XFL ball harder to kick.

“It was an interesting new ball,” Rausa said when asked about the XFL ball. “One I think they’ll continue to try and develop. But, it took a long time to break it in and get it right to be able to trust it on the field.”

Still, Rausa made the most of his XFL career, and he deserves a shot with an NFL team. If it wasn’t for COVID restricting player tryouts, he may have already received that chance.

When asked about his time as a DC Defender, Rausa wasn’t shy to say how much he enjoyed playing in the nation’s capital.

“Being a Defender every day. Being able to go out and do what I love on a daily basis. There are very few opportunities for a kicker. I was able to live out my dreams and was able to do it every day,” Rausa explained.

Monster 55 Yard Field Goal

During week one, in the first-ever XFL 2020 game, Rausa drained a 55-yard field goal that went through the uprights as smooth as butter. That set the tone for his XFL tenure.

“It was awesome. To be able to be given that opportunity is something you don’t get very often from aggressive play calling coaches. The biggest thing was, my team needed 3 points and a momentum changer going into the half. To be able to do that and get our DC fans really going was a memory to remember.”

Rausa referred to the heavy offense usage in the XFL, mainly because punts that went into the end zone, or out of bounds, caused a heavy penalty.

By draining that monster field goal, you can see the energy Rausa gave the Defenders.

Staying Ready for Another Shot

The former Defender is always looking to defend his crown as one of the most underrated kickers there is. Rausa trains constantly, working out all the time, just to stay ready for that opportunity. He trains with a few of the other XFL specialists like former Seattle Dragons punter Brock Miller.

He never stops the hustle of improving.

“Working out everyday with my trainers at ‘Off The Field’ training facility,” Rausa said. “Kicking about three times a week and continually trying to get better. Waiting for the next opportunity to come.”

Final Pitch to NFL or XFL Teams

Being a kicker, as he is, there are not many holes to fill. In the NFL, for example, there only 32 starting kickers, and maybe a maximum of eight more throughout NFL practice squads. There is not much room for error to get a starting kicker job, and you need to be the best.

As for Rausa, he has a boot. That is obvious, and an accurate one at that. There is no reason he should not be considered for an NFL team right now at this very moment.

According to Rausa, he is, “One of the hardest working guys that will come in the building. Will never have to question my commitment, my competitiveness and my heart. Someone who is always coachable and looking for ways to improve. A team player first, an individual last.”

That is his pitch to any and all NFL teams who may need an excellent kicker. He certainly has our recommendation.

Make sure to stay connected with Tyler Rausa through his Twitter @T_Rausa.

Moose Gibson has been involved with football long as he can remember, but no league does he love as much as the XFL. He is a huge fan of the Seattle Dragons, his favorite players are Brock Miller and Brandon Silvers. You can follow him on Twitter @midnightxmoose.

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