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Chicago Enforcers

Raise Your Fists!

By Bob Williams – Enforcers Team Reporter

Chicago – (19 March 2001) — The Chicago Enforcers dominated the San Francisco Demons Sunday night.

Dominated? They won by a mere six points. The game was in doubt (as usual) heading into the final minute. The domination I speak of was in the trenches. The sure sign of football supremacy.

The Enforcers outgained the Demons 168-70 on the ground and a majority of the Demon rushing yards came on surprise draws with time running out in the first half.
The Enforcers had 3 rushing touchdowns and should have been awarded a fourth. It seems trivial now, but on 4th and goal from the 1, Charles Wiley reached over the goal-line not once, but twice!! Brian Bosworth (who I don’t particularly care for) was beside himself with the poor officiating on that play. It would have made for a much different second half and less nervousness for all Enforcer fans.

The patchwork offensive line that lost Octavious Bishop to a double fracture and Center Paul Janus to a hand injury succeeded where they have failed in the Enforcer losses. It helps to have a shifty tailback like John Avery, but for the most part, the Demons were pushed off the ball.

Tackles Chris Perez and Tony Ramirez, both playing with bad knees kept big sack man Eric England from doing much damage. Guards Bennie Anderson and Rob Murphy were often seen pulling on toss sweeps and screen passes and did a great job of neutralizing blitzing linebackers. Center Bryan LaBelle, a tackle by trade did a solid job for the most part with the exception of a fumbled exchange in the 2nd quarter.

The secondary which I implored to play better this week in my last article responded well. Quincy Coleman intercepted Pawlawski in the first half and a Dorian Brew interception with 45 seconds left sealed the game.

Way to go Enforcers! Despite the fact that you have scored more points and given up less, newspapers across America insist on placing the Bolts ahead in the standings. We’ll take care of that this week and then its on to the 80 points-on-the-season wonders, the New Jersey Hitmen.

Enforcer Fans, RAISE YOUR FISTS!

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