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QumarChicago meets “Da Coach”

By QumarChicago – Chicago Team Reporter

17 November 2000 – On Thursday, November 16th, our very own Chicago Enforcers team reporter, QumarChicago, met current NFL on CBS analyst and former NFL coach, Mike Ditka. Qumar spoke to the coach about the upstart XFL.

Mike Ditka was a Principal for the Day at the brand new Walter Payton College Prep High School in Downtown Chicago. One of the other principals included Connie Payton, Walter’s widow.

Here is Qumar’s candid interview with Mike Ditka:

QumarChicago: Hello Mr. Ditka. I’d first like to ask if you had ever been asked to be the head coach for the Chicago Enforcers or for any other team in the XFL.

Mike Ditka: No. In fact, no one had contacted me for any position in the league. But, they did make a good move in getting Dick Butkus.

(Note: Mr. Ditka did not mention Ron Meyer in his response. Most likely, he did not know of the change in coaches.)

QumarChicago: That is very interesting. Now, what do you think about the XFL?

Mike Ditka: It seems to me that it will be a good league. The kind of players that the XFL has, can really shine in that league.

QumarChicago: Mr. Ditka, do you think that the XFL will survive?

Mike Ditka: As long as they don’t ruin what football really is, and keep football as a competitive sport, then I think the league can succeed. And most importantly, the cheerleaders should stay away from the men’s locker room. You need to keep those thing separate, or else it would hurt the league.

QumarChicago: How do you like working at CBS?

Mike Ditka: It is real nice over there. I really enjoy working there.

QumarChicago: Thank you very much, Mr. Ditka, for your time. It was a great pleasure meeting you.

NOTE: This interview had been conducted before QumarChicago learned about Jesse Ventura being the announcer for XFL games on NBC, and was unable to ask Mr. Ditka about it.

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