Quinten Dormady Exonerated. Returned to XFL Guardians Active Roster

XFL Orlando Guardians quarterback Quinten Dormady.
XFL Orlando Guardians quarterback Quinten Dormady.

Recently, XFL Orlando Guardian quarterback Quinten Dormady had been accused of sharing his team’s plays with an opposing team. This accusation was revealed in an online tweet that also pointed out Dormady had been released from the Guardians and his player record was removed from XFL.com. That tweet was later deleted.

After an independent investigation, the XFL released the following statement:

“Upon completing a formal review that included players, coaches, and XFL staff conducted by an outside law firm, it has been determined that allegations of impropriety were unsubstantiated and there is no basis for disciplinary action against Orlando Guardians Quarterback Quinten Dormady. Mr. Dormady has been removed from the Office of the President’s Reserve List and added to the team’s active roster.”

Including Dormady, the Orlando XFL team will now have four quarterbacks on their roster: Paxton Lynch, Quinton Flowers, Deondre Francois, and Quinten Dormady. Clearly, the Guardians will soon have to decide which players they will go forward with.

As well, the league has not revealed what other corrective action will take place, specifically to address the inappropriate actions which occurred that precipitated the false accusations against Dormady. Specifically, the league needs to address the person(s) who made the false allegations, and investigate how these false accusations were leaked to social media, causing Dormady to be incorrectly tried in a court of public opinion.

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