Episode 21: XFL and USFL Merger with Guests Mike Mitchell and Jerzey Tha King

Welcoming Mike Mitchell and Jerzey Tha King to discuss the potential XFL/USFL merger!


Introductions: Mike, Jerzey and Matthew

*Nick Rolovich replacing June Jones in Seattle

*XFL and USFL Merger-Details of the merger?
-Implications for each league
-Is 2024 a viable start time?
-How does this effect the relocation of the Vipers and Roughnecks
-If this happens does it ensure long term success of Spring Football?

Closing: Mike, Jerzey and Matthew

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Recorded on 09/19/23

1 thought on “Episode 21: XFL and USFL Merger with Guests Mike Mitchell and Jerzey Tha King”

  1. I think Mike is missing alot here going forward. This is going to happen. Its going to be 1 league. Its going to be 8-12 max teams. RBC is an investor. Fox is a network in need of cheaper sport media rights. Disney is unstable and could unload nets, relying on them less is smart. They mesh well. RBC made a mistake not merging prior to 2023. And I trust Larsen that RBC made the move on the business side.

    Investors won’t jump in with 2 leagues (they may not with 1 either) not knowing who the survivor will be. Why invest in XFL or USFL and then find out your choice folds. RBC knows with one league investors won’t have that concern.

    DG and Rock are going to be phased out and RBC is running things now. MM is correct that RBC expected Rock to sell the league. Didn’t work. USFL with no front man got the same ratings in a tougher time of year. Now would Fox want Rock – maybe but Rock is on the decline and not the draw he was – and may not want to do it.

    My fear all along was XFL ruining spring footballs chances with their 2 year delay and then after USFL, the crash spring FB party. This merger is the right move and the sooner the better. Even a half step in 2024 is full one league in 2025 is better than status blow. Better one than none.


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