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Memphis Maniax

Let The Madness Begin

By Axman – Maniax Team Reporter

Memphis — (3 February 2001) — The time has finally come. It is the start of the XFL season, which means the Maniax, have escaped from the asylum. The hype will be all over come Sunday night and the war will have begun.

With what appears to be the best defense in the league and a very strong running attack, it looks as though the Maniax will be very difficult to beat. Coach Kippy Brown has taken the approach that you win championships with defense.

While the other XFL teams appear to put together strong passing attacks the Maniax are going with rushing and defense. This might be a very wise move especially considering what the weather might be like early on in the league.

With Rashaan Salaam the AX have a back that has the potential to lead the league in rushing. The reports on him out of training camp were excellent. And there is Roosevelt Potts the big fullback blocking in front of him.

Also they have experienced wideouts like Alvin Harper and Charles Johnson. The Maniax on first glance seem to have the look of a championship team. However, with this being the beginning of the league it is very difficult to forecast.

The first challenge will be this Sunday at the venerable Legion Field in Birmingham as the Maniax face the ThunderBolts. For the first time we will see what the XFL is all about.

It will be a hard-hitting affair with added benefits in the presentation of the game. I think many people across the county will be surprise at what the will see. They will see a better brand of football than they anticipate but with the add excitement of the extras the will surround XFL games. I firmly believe as the season goes on and people see that the football is not only real but also good, that the XFL will get the respect it deserves.

Right now it is all guesswork for everyone, the reporters, the oddsmakers, and the fans. However, after the first week everyone will have a better understanding of what each team is like. We will start to see their strengths and weaknesses.

That’s when the real fun begins because there will be more trash taking among the fans and the coaches and players will be better able to prepare for their opponents. So if you have a chance get out to a game this weekend and enjoy. This is only the start of something great.

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