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Jerimiah Spicer Continues his Dream

Give him a full season in the XFL, and Spicer will prove how he can really spice up an NFL roster, with power, energy, motivation, and great talent.

XFL Wildcat Jerimiah Spicer

XFL Wildcat Jerimiah Spicer

In the run-up to the 2019 XFL Draft, Jerimiah Spicer, a very physical linebacker from Los Angeles, was touted as having an outside chance to be drafted to the league. Then, the Los Angeles Wildcats made Jerimiah’s dreams come true by drafting him to their squad.

Spicer’s story was one that has stunned the sports world. He was raised in the downtown area of Los Angeles, California, and lost his mother and grandmother at a very young age. Afterward he was often homeless, and moved from foster care to group homes, resulting in a nomadic existence that saw him attending eight different high schools. Then he discovered football.

Prior to the XFL, Jerimiah’s persistence got him an invitation to a mini-camp with the hometown Los Angeles Chargers. The Chargers didn’t sign Spicer, but he now had a taste for pro football. But, keeping the hometown hero persona, and staying with a Los Angeles team could be awesome. Just imagine the support Spicer would have signing with the Los Angeles Rams, or Los Angeles Chargers. The stadiums would be going insane with every play Spicer made.

The Los Angeles connection was a major reason why it made sense for the XFL’s Los Angeles Wildcats to give Spicer a tryout. Unfortunately, Spicer was released from the Wildcat’s squad just prior to seeing the XFL season begin. But, don’t think that has deterred Spicer from continuing to chase down his pro football dreams.

Continuing the Dream

Spicer trains just about every day, staying ready for another NFL or XFL chance.

“I never stopped training even after COVID, plus I had interest from multiple NFL teams. I was supposed to get brought in to the Dallas Cowboys already, but coronavirus messed that up. But, I feel something still going to pop, I’m never losing hope,” Spicer said.

He continues to post his highlights and workouts to social media, building his profile, and never letting his dream die. Ever since he was a young child, he has had adversity, so he uses it as fuel. It actually looks like he has gotten quicker since he was with the Wildcats from the film he posts now. If he has gained more speed, that just makes Spicer that much more of a menace to offenses of any league that signs him.

Learning from the Best with the XFL Wildcats

Pepper Johnson, a man with a storied football career, and a five-time Super Bowl champion, was the linebackers coach for the Wildcats. Spicer claims he learned a lot from Coach Johnson.

“The Wildcats and being coached by NFL Legend Pepper Johnson taught me so, so much. I know I can compete with ANYONE in the NFL at my position once I get my legitimate shot. I want to be the best at the position.”

Looking at Spicer’s film, he really could hold his own against any NFL linebacker. He lays bone-crushing hits, never gives up until the whistle blows, as well as having pretty good quarterback read skills.

YouTube video

In the past, Spicer has showcased his skills for the American Arena League (AAL) Cape Fear Heroes, where he was First Team All-Arena. In so many hits he pretty much decleats players, making it obvious how hard he plays. He is really a fun player to watch.

Just a short insight to the AAL, some great players play in the league, it is not just a knock-around league. Players like former New Orleans Saints receiver, Larry Beavers plays in the league. Another NFL alum in the league is former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jarrett Brown. Spicer was going up against former NFL players, and other great hidden talent, to earn himself the First Team All-League honors.

Never Giving Up

You can doubt Spicer all you want, but he will never let it get to him. He has always been an outlier his whole life and will never stop chasing his dream.

When asked about chasing his dreams, Spicer replied, “The hardest part is people always asking what’s going on with your football stuff Jerimiah? I get tired of hearing it because I don’t question myself. I believe in myself and my future. I don’t second guess me playing in the NFL.”

He has been clocked at 4.56 on the 40-yard dash. The average NFL linebacker runs it around a 4.70. Spicer is also more muscular than most NFL linebackers as you can tell from just a look at him. He has the muscles of a defensive end, but the speed of an above-average linebacker.

Looking Ahead

Spicer already has some goals ahead for his next shot, which is, “To lead the league in tackles to get the first-team all-league move to the NFL.”

Spicer has the determination, grit, and skill to do such things.

Recently, he had hoped to get a tryout with the Dallas Cowboys, but with all the COVID restrictions he was unable to have that happen. It is true that COVID has been very unfair to all free agents, but especially those like Spicer with little NFL experience. It seems like the NFL is weighing heavily on players with NFL experience this year, probably because they assume those past NFL players know all the rules and regulations, and not risking breaking any of the NFL rules about having tryouts with COVID regulations in action.

An XFL Wildcats Reunion?

It would be awesome for Spicer to have a reunion in Los Angeles with the Wildcats, where the entire city would be behind him. He literally raised himself in downtown Los Angeles, and to see his dreams come full circle would be a dream come true. With all the energy behind him, you can bet that he would be recording multiple tackles religiously every single gameday.

Give him a full season in the XFL, and Spicer will prove how he can really spice up an NFL roster, with power, energy, motivation, and great talent.

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Moose Gibson has been involved with football long as he can remember, but no league does he love as much as the XFL. He is a huge fan of the Seattle Dragons, his favorite players are Brock Miller and Brandon Silvers. You can follow him on Twitter @midnightxmoose.

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