Head Coaches give advice ahead of XFL Showcases

As the XFL counts down the days to the beginning of their player “Showcases,” some of the the recently announced head coaches offered advice to prospective players.

Ron Woodson: “The advice I would have for the players who are going through the showcases is have fun, go out there and run, play, participate in the showcases without fear.”

Anthony Becht: “When you’re there give it your all. When you’re there, buy into what the league is in the vision of the league and be ready to embody everything that the XFL is about.”

Bob Stoops: “But you also want to see, you know, from the guys out there just their passion for the game, how hard they’re working from drill to drill, what kind of attitude, what kind of individuals are they, and do they fit into a team atmosphere.”

Ron Woodson: “You guys have played football probably since you’ve been a little kid. At the end of the day it’s the same thing you’ve been wanting your whole life, and that’s an opportunity to play professional football. So, just go out there and enjoy.”

Good luck to all the players who are ready to give their all in the XFL Showcases. Remember, always listen to the coach!

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