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Las Vegas Outlaws

For The Outlaws, Charity Begins at Home

By TheGrandonGang – Outlaws Team Reporter

Las Vegas – (4 April 2001) — Webster’s Dictionary defines charity as “generosity and helpfulness especially toward the needy”. Webster’s also defines charity as “benevolent goodwill toward or love of humanity”. Last Sunday, the Outlaws applied the first definition (unfortunately) by generously allowing the needy Demons to steal a win. On Tuesday, the Outlaws applied the second definition (fortunately) to the Candlelighters for Childhood Cancer of Southern Nevada as the players and cheerleaders acted as waiters and hosts at a fundraising dinner held at the Harley Davidson Café on (where else?) the beautiful and boisterous Las Vegas Strip!

What a wonderful event! The Harley Davidson Café was wonderful for setting up a special table, sponsored by the AXESS Media Group and the AXESS Insurance Corporation, so our group could sit together. The players were wonderful for acting as waiters; especially our primary waiter, QB Mark Grieb. And the cheerleaders were wonderful for acting as waitresses; especially our primary waitresses, Mya and Paola. Mark was assisted in his expert waiter performance by Hurley Tarver and Antonio Edwards. Mya and Paola were assisted in their expert waitressing performance by Lonnie Palelei! Now I must tell you that you have not been served a proper cocktail unless it arrives, looking like a shot glass, in the monstrous (but friendly!) paw of a 6’4″, 310′ pro football player! All of the Harley Davidson people,
the Candlelighters folks, the players and the cheerleaders were very pleasant and continuously concerned about our well-being and happiness at the event. Everyone was more than willing to give of their time and energy for countless pictures to be taken and to sign numerous autographs. Several ticket packages and items of Outlaws gear were raffled off as well! And the food was outstanding!

Considering all the other obligations of the players (they even had practice that day) and the cheerleaders, it was wonderful to see the XFL and the Outlaws giving to the community! Not all of the players and cheerleaders were able to attend (we did ask how QB Ryan Clement was feeling and several of our party had that “lost puppy dog” look since Chrystal was not there) but I will tell you that those who were able to make it magnificently represented the organization and brought much positive attention to the entire Las Vegas Outlaws operation and to a very important charity. To the Outlaws players and cheerleaders, a big “THANK YOU” from the fans for being not only great athletes, but great people as well!

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