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Birmingham Thunderbolts

Football game day is about to change

By Bamaslammer –

Birmingham – (31 January 2001) — When I was a kid my older sister took me to see BattleStar Galactica at the movie theater. BattleStar Galactica was a TV show and the movie was nothing more than the original episode that started it all.

Why would anyone go to a movie theater to see a TV show? Because they had added a state of the art sound system that shook the theater itself. It forever changed my concept of what a movie could be.

According to Birmingham Thunderbolts head coach, Jerry Dinardo, the XFL will change football game day forever. “I’ve said this before, I believe the presentation of football will never be the same”.

How many times have you heard the announcer say, “I could hear the crack from up here”. The XFL may forever banish this cliché from the mouths of broadcasters. The XFL has added microphones to the players on the field to bring the sounds they hear to the fans in the stands. The actual cracking of pads will be broadcast over the extensive sound system.

While scouting another team at camp, Dinardo was clearly impressed. “At camp only the starters were rigged with this equipment due to the number of players in camp,” Dinardo said. “When the second team took the field it was almost sterile, It made all the difference in the world.”

Casey Weldon Birmingham’s starting QB was next on the bench. One of the most notable things about his statements concerned the camaraderie that has been developing between the players. “None of these guys are millionaires. Many of us have rented apartments in the same complex, We are trying to do things together, ride to practice. If the money were the same or even close I would rather stay here in Birmingham than go back to the NFL. I have sat the bench behind some great quarterbacks in the NFL, Now I want to play”.

“Get your tickets early”. That’s the message the Bolts Director of Marketing Tracey Girouard wanted to get across after taking the stand. The weather is looking good and we could have as many as 25000 walkups at game time. What concerned Tracey isn’t the preparation but the fact that the game day presentation starts a full 30 minutes prior to kickoff. The XFL has prepared game day entertainment using the giant video screen, sound system, and of course the Birmingham cheerleaders to get the crowd warmed up prior to kickoff. Before the game there will be music and activities in a large recreation area set up on the grounds. There will be a mobile ticket station at the recreation area so you don’t have to sit in line at the main gate, you can enjoy the activities while waiting for your ticket. Better yet if you order them through Ticket Master or pick them up at the Bolts office at Legion Field you won’t have to wait at all.

Bolts — Maniax

11:00 am – 2:30 PM
East Parking Lot
Interactive Games
28 ft Rock Climbing Wall
Obstacle Course
Extreme Adrenaline Challenge
Tailgating Xperience
60 X 90 ft Tent w/ Concessions
Sponsored by Golden Flake

Pepsi Concert Series
Featuring “Razz-Ma-Tazz”

Register to Win A Trip for
Two to New York

Win a chance to be an
Honorary Bolt for a day

Finalists could win a trip to New York for the Bolts first road game

Special VIP appearances

XFL Cheerleaders

XFL Special Guests

CMT Network Touring Truck
Features a wall of video monitor’s playing the latest in
Country music video’s

Play games to win prizes for
all that participate

Enter the drawing for a grand prizewinner at the end of the day

Can be purchased at the Satellite ticket booth located in the Xtreme
Training Zone
Or get them early by calling Ticketmaster @ 715-6000
Pre-Game Ceremonies Begin
@ 2:30 P

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