Episode 45 “Guardians Times Two” with guests Dontez Byrd and Tommy Auger

Dontez Byrd and Tommy Auger
Wide Receiver Dontez Byrd and tight end Tommy Auger.

With the XFL draft complete, and 442 non-quarterback players selected by eight teams, we look toward some of the players who were selected.

In this podcast Mark Nelson interviews two players. First, wide receiver Dontez Byrd who was selected by the Orlando Guardians in the sixth round of the Offensive Skills phase. Dontez is returning to the XFL after playing for the Seattle Dragons in the 2020 season. He will tell us where he was when he heard he was drafted, and talk about what he will bring to the XFL.

Second, Mark Nelson will speak to tight end Tommy Auger. Tommy will talk about his time playing in the Austrian Football League and with the Fan Controlled Football League. They will discuss how Auger has worked his way up in pro-football, leading to him being selected by the Orlando Guardians in the Specialist phase of the draft. Why was a tight end selected in the Specialist phase? There is a good reason, as you will find out.

This episode is called “Guardians Times Two.” It features two players who have been selected by the Orlando Guardians of the XFL.

Direct link to episode: https://spotifyanchor-web.app.link/e/f7iAMrMA8ub

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