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Episode 37 – Serenity Now!

Guest: Greg Parks. New XFL Logo, XFL 2023 progress.

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With the XFL under the new ownership group of Dany Garcia, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and Jerry Cardinale with the RedBird Capital group, the league is planning to kick off in 317 days, on 18 February 2023. Meanwhile, fans who are awaiting solid news of league progress were excited to hear the league planned a big announcement today. However, once the announcement was released it consisted of a new league logo and a description of the over-arching tenets of the league. While the league’s overall plans seem exciting, and curiously ambitious, the lack of real information had fans perplexed.

In this episode host Mark Nelson speaks to Greg Parks. Greg is a correspondent with, and if you visit the discussion forums you will be sure to read his posts as he is very active. Greg is also a prolific wrestling fan, and you can find him as a Podcast host and columnist on Pro Wrestling Torch (

Greg spoke about the new XFL logo, the possibilities of which cities will be involved in XFL 2023, and the pool of coaches the XFL might hire. Also, he talked about the possibility of XFL2023 being held in a hub city. Is this possible? What are the pros and cons?

We call this episode Serenity Now! It’s about football fans having the patience to wait on the XFL leadership to make some anticipated announcements.

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