Episode 36 – Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make me a Match

Listen Link: https://anchor.fm/xfl-xtra/episodes/Episode-36–Matchmaker–Matchmaker–Make-me-a-Match–Guests-Steve-McShane–Dave-Naylor-eujve4

While the XFL exists in name only, the new ownership group of Dany Garcia, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and RedBird Capital have decided to pause their plan to kickoff in Spring 2022. Instead, the league has entered into talks with the Canadian Football League with hopes of a merger, and creating a new International league. While the many challenges in such a merger are obvious, and the merger talks are tight-lipped, players, coaches and fans await any news of the outcome.

In this episode you will hear two interviews.

First, host Mark Nelson speaks to Steve McShane, a Houston Roughnecks running back the host first planned to interview in the weeks leading up to the XFL 2020 season, until McShane was injured. With the complication of the injury, Steve’s appearance was cancelled, with the thought the interview would be done later. Steve is completely rehabbed now, stronger and faster than ever, and is here to talk about his plan to capitalize on his next football opportunity.

In the second interview, Mark speaks to TSN journalist Dave Naylor. Dave bills himself as a football insider and he feels he has decoded the clues that point to the underpinning of the merger of the XFL and CFL, being a desire to build a lucrative new international league. Plus, we will talk about a very contentious subject, “Will the new league play 3-down or 4-down football?” The truth, is we don’t now the answer, but Dave has a theory that makes some sense. And “The Rock?” Is it his star power that made the CFL take notice of a merger proposal, or does the CFL need this deal to thrive? We cover a lot!

I call this episode Matchmaker, Matchmaker make me a Match. It’s about a great running back who is waiting to be matched with a football opportunity, and two football leagues who are doing a courting dance in the hope of a long lasting, and profitable union.

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