Episode 31: Featuring Sports Talk Show Host Alan Alford

Alan Alford is the creator and host of the Alan Alford Sports Talk Show. Join in live as we discuss the show and hear more regarding his experience at the XFL Orlando Showcase on October 7th.


The following is a description of Episode #31 of The XFL Insider Podcast LIVE:

Introductions: Alan and Matthew

*Alan Interview:
-Describe your show and how it was created
-Goals when covering a sport or interviewing

*XFL Showcase Orlando:
-Your experience
-Notable athletes
-General feel of the event

*XFL/USFL Merger:
-Your thoughts
-Potential loss of XFL teams (Quote from Alan: “10 total teams. 3 teams removed from the XFL and 3 teams removed from the USFL. Instead of 4 removed from the XFL and none removed from the USFL.”)
-Name changes

Closing: Alan and Matthew

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Opening Theme for Episode: TrackTribe – “Dusk ‘Til Dawn”

Closing Theme for Episode: Neffex – “Addict”

Special Guest: Alan Alford
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Recorded on 10/24/23

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