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Las Vegas Outlaws

Dealers of Doom Deliver

By TheGrandonGang – Outlaws Team Reporter

Las Vegas – (18 March 2001) — As the 1st quarter wound down on a beautiful evening in the Jewel of the Desert, it was announced that the outstanding Las Vegas Outlaws’ defense, as the result of a local contest, had been named “The Dealers of Doom”. And did they ever deliver! In their first home appearance in a month, this “lights out” style defense proved a toilet bowl had a better chance to keep running against them than did the Birmingham offense. Allowing only 17 yards rushing, the defense sparked the Outlaws to their dominating victory over the Bolts.

But enough about the game! Let’s talk about the only truly important thing at a home game – the fan experience!!! A few changes have occurred around the league in the last month and the Outlaws have made a few changes as well, all of them positive, in the home game presentation. The pyrotechnics display has been relocated from on the field to in the end zone, allowing for more displays. Fans were given He Hate Me rally towels (or “He Hankies”) for use in showing their support for the home team. The visiting team brought its squad of lovely cheerleaders who, along with the beautiful and talented Outlaws’ cheerleaders, cheered/danced in different areas around the stadium, instead of staying in one spot.

The fans proved they hadn’t lost their edge in the month off. Amidst jeers of “Bolts Bite” and “How’s your sister?”, the Birmingham players were heckled unmercifully, and not without some effect. The Bolts’ Williams, after being razzed for dropping a pass, promptly went out and mishandled a kick return. The action was rough and ready on the field but there was a near fatality on the sidelines. The Bolts’ assistant/waterboy, who took in upon himself to puncture one of the fans’ beach balls that rolled onto the field, was lucky not to be lynched and to escape with the hair on his back intact!

The fans were very happy to see the Las Vegas offense beginning to heat up! Combined with the consistently outstanding defense, the Outlaws appear ready to deal doom and deliver destruction as they ride through the second half of the season towards The Big Game At The End!

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