Poll Result: Fans feel the Seattle Dragons have the best uniforms

The fans have spoken! Through an XFLBoard.com poll fans chose the Seattle Dragons as having the best XFL team uniform.

Closely following the Dragons in fan voting were the St. Louis BattleHawks, New York Guardians and Houston Roughnecks.

Seattle Dragons: 21.6 %
St. Louis BattleHawks: 17.5 %
New York Guardians: 16.7 %
Houston Roughnecks: 14.1 %
Dallas Renegades: 10.4 %
LA Wildcats: 8.9 %
DC Defenders: 6.3 %
Tampa Bay Vipers: 4.5 %


Check out the uniforms below. Please leave comments at the bottom of this article.

#1 Seattle Dragons

Seattle Dragons

#2 St. Louis BattleHawks

St. Louis BattleHawks

#3 New York Guardians

New York Guardians

#4 Houston Roughnecks

Houston Roughnecks

#5 Dallas Renegades

Dallas Renegades

#6 LA Wildcats

LA Wildcats

#7 DC Defenders

DC Defenders

#8 Tampa Bay Vipers

Tampa Bay Vipers

Team uniform photos from XFL.com