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Birmingham Thunderbolts

Birmingham Bolts Draft Review

By Sonny Sanders – Birmingham Bolts Co-Reporter

31 October 2000 – According to Bob Gates, director of player personnel, the Thunderbolts were able to get everyone they wanted in the first 10 rounds of the draft.

With the first pick they took Casey Weldon to be the quarterback and then built the defense and the offensive line in the following rounds.

Of the 39 players selected in the draft and in the territorial protections the Bolt’s took 19 defensive players and 7 offensive linemen. It appears that they believe the old saying that defense win championships and that you control the game at the line of scrimmage.

The offensive playmakers chosen were few, only 10, but most are very good and well known in the Birmingham area. James Bostic and Curtis Alexander should prove to be a very good rushing combo.

Casey Weldon is a very good quarterback that many believe can lead the Bolts to the championship. With good solid receivers like Quincy Jackson and Stepfret Williams the Thunderbolts should boast a very balanced and effective offense.

The Bolts signed 6 Auburn and 5 Alabama players in the territorial draft and I believe that most of those could be starters for the team. With a hometown flavor that is very talented the Bolts could definitely be a success story.

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