XFL Rules to be announced Tuesday

The XFL has confirmed that their official 2020 rules will be announced in the morning of Tuesday 7 Jan 2020, which will be followed by a conference call featuring XFL Commissioner Oliver Luck and XFL Head of Officiating Dean Blandino @ 2pm Eastern.

From the XFL:

“America’s favorite game is evolving, and that means less stall and more ball. When the XFL Opening Weekend kicks off on February 8, our new league will feature exciting gameplay innovations that deliver what football fans have told us they want – a faster pace of play and more action. Tuesday’s announcement of the XFL rules follows a rigorous18-month research and development process. First, the league gathered extensive data, ideas and input from a variety of qualified and credible sources, including current and former football coaches, players, officials, broadcasters, medical professionals, and sports industry experts – along with, a nationwide survey of more than 6,000 football fans. Then, over the last year, the XFL tested a wide range of rules and gameplay options under game conditions on the field of play.”

We are expecting that the XFL will confirm many of the rules that have been rumored by it’s staff and coaches over the past few months. However, we look forward to hearing from the league, and are eager to see the exciting new rules that will be made official.

Rumored Rules

25 second play clock

The XFL plans to reduce the play clock to the shortest time of any American football league, being 25 seconds, measured from the end of the previous play. It should be pointed out that the original XFL, and the AAF, used a 35-second play clock, and Arena football used a very similar 32-second clock. NFL and college football use a 40-second clock. The Canadian Football League uses a relatively short 20-second clock, however it begins when the ball is spotted, which usually adds up to 15 seconds between plays. (Oliver Luck stated recently on XFL Chalk Talk that the whole XFL rulebook revolves around a 25 second clock.)

Sky Judge/Ball Spotter

The AAF used a “Sky Judge,” who was an additional official in the booth that had the purpose of reviewing on-field decisions. Oliver Luck has said he thought this was a great innovation to the game and indicated they were considering implementing it in the XFL. (Recently confirmed by Oliver Luck in the Tampa Bay Times.)

Halo Rule

The XFL is considering doing away with fair catches, and instead rely on a halo rule to protect the kick returner. Just like in the CFL, and the original XFL, the kicking team will be forced to give the returner five yards of space to recover and return the ball. (Confirmed by multiple XFL players in interviews, articles and videos.)

Tiered 1,2 and 3 point conversions

The XFL plans to incorporate scrimmage plays for all extra-point attempts. The value of the extra points earned will depend on where the scoring team chooses to take the snap. A two-yard-line attempt would score a single point, a five-yard-line attempt would gain two points, and a ten-yard-line attempt would be for three points. This rule was practiced sparingly by the original XFL, as it became in effect on a rule change that was enacted just before the playoffs. (XFL teams practiced these at minicamp.)

Multiple Forward Passes behind the line of scrimmage

XFL coaches have mentioned this as a go.

New Overtime

The proposed XFL overtime format would be a five-round “shootout” of scrimmage plays from the five-yard-line. Just like in a penalty shootout, teams would take turns attempting to make a single play for the end zone, and thus earning a point. At the end of five-rounds, the team with more completed attempts would be declared the winner. The XFL hopes this overtime format would be exciting for fans, ensure both teams have a equal opportunity to win the game, and provide a way for both defensive and offensive players to participate in the outcome.

Multiple Player Audio System

Guardians head coach Kevin Gilbride recently confirmed this on WFAN radio.

45 yard line penalty on kickoffs out of bounds

Opposing team gets the ball at their own 45 if you don’t kick it to their returner. Guardians head coach Kevin Gilbride recently confirmed this on WFAN radio.

35 yard line touchback on punts

A YouTube video by Marquette King video confirms this rule. King talks about the rules differences in the video. This is going to force more 4th down tries.

YouTube video



Reference: XFLBoard Forum – The XFL rules confirmed so far (Join the discussion!)

Sam Montgomery believes in the DC Defenders

LSU defensive end Sam Montgomery (99)

Sam Montgomery, a defensive end currently with the DC Defenders of the XFL, grew up in Greenwood, South Carolina. He attended Greenwood High School, and was an all-round athlete, playing football, running track and even throwing the shot put.

“I just really took advantage of everything,” Sam said. “I had a really strong competitive edge… I just took advantage of everything that I really could put my hands on just to compete, deal friendships and go to different places throughout South Carolina to travel.”

After high school, Montgomery attended Louisiana State University and played for the LSU Tigers from 2010 to 2012. In his sophomore season in 2011, he was named an All-American by the Football Writers Association of America, Pro Football Weekly, and Scout.com. He was also selected for the first-team All-Southeastern Conference (SEC) in 2011 and 2012.

Montgomery is quick to attribute his college success to the team.

“I had a chance to play with a lot of great players, had a lot of great defensive players to back me up,” Montgomery explained. “It was really good to be blessed to be at LSU at a period of time where our defense could flourish with our coordinator as well.”

In 2013, after college, Montgomery was drafted to the Houston Texans. However, after bouncing from the Texans to the Raiders, and then to the Bengals, he was released by the Bengals in 2015.  The NFL was not kind to Sam Montgomery, but he gained valuable experience that would serve him later in his football career.

Montgomery took a trip north and worked for the Edmonton Eskimos, and Winnipeg Blue Bombers of the CFL, but eventually came back south to join the Massachusetts Pirates of the National Arena League (NAL).

In the spring of 2019, Montgomery joined the Memphis Express of the AAF, but was placed on the Injured Reserve List at the time that the fledgling league folded.

When asked about his football career, Montgomery is reflective.

“I played a lot of football, had a chance to meet a lot of different coaches and learn a lot of different defenses, and a lot of different techniques. So, it’s really made me into a really diverse player, as far as being a hands-down or a stand-up defensive end.”

“That’s what I thrive off of. Having those good relationships with the staff, and being in good relationships with my teammates on the field as a hard worker.”

Now that Montgomery has joined the DC Defenders, he hopes to use his skills and experience to be a part of what he sees as, potentially, the strongest defense in the league.

“I would describe the DC Defenders (defensive) unit as a true family from the d-line to the OL-d’s to the linebackers to little corners, to the safety, and to the free safety,” Montgomery said. “Even in this short period of time, we become really close. It’s really a family… we help everybody out…  it’s a really good team of men.”

This weekend, Montgomery is headed to Houston for the Defenders training camp and he is very upbeat about the Defenders and their chances for a championship.

“We’re taking it one day at a time and we’re just doing what we have to do. I believe in this team to win a championship. You know, you look every man in the eyes and you see what you have. I believe this caliber of team is a championship caliber team. I do.”

DC Defenders fans must love to hear this!

The entire interview with Sam Montgomery may be found in Episode 18 – Ready
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All Eight XFL teams are headed to training camps in Houston

XFL Training Camp Houston

In preparation for the kickoff of the XFL inaugural season on the weekend of 8-9 February 2020, all eight XFL teams are headed to training camps in Houston.  The training camps will be an extensive 17-day affair, lasting from Saturday 4 January to Wednesday 22 January 2020.

XFL teams will converge on various locations across Harris County to practice and continue to get ready for the 2020 season. Nearly 1,000 people, consisting of players, coaches, staff, game officials and production teams from FOX Sports and ESPN, will descend on Houston and the local area. The XFL has committed to more than 10,000 hotel room nights for players and staff who plan to consume more than 60,000 meals during their time in Houston. According to the Houston Sports Authority, the XFL training camps are expected to generate in excess of $7,000,000 of revenue for Harris County.

At a November press conference, Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner lauded his city as a great place to hold such an extensive training camp. “Houston is a sports town,” he said. “We have great fans and we support our teams. The XFL made the right call when it chose the city as the home of the Roughnecks, and now, I am even more excited that all eight XFL teams and nearly 1,000 representatives will come to the Houston area for their training camps in January 2020. I’m confident this will generate a great deal of fan excitement and interest in the new football league.”

Also important to note, it will be at the end of this training camp that all eight XFL teams will cut down their rosters from approximately 70 players to a reported size of 52. Many of the cut players will remain with the XFL and will form the basis for “Team 9,” a collection of players that will be ready to take the place of injured players on each of the XFL teams. It is reported that Team 9 will be headquartered, and practice in Houston.


XFL teams will be spread out at various locations in Houston and across Harris County.


Dallas Renegades: Darryl Tully Stadium, Spring Branch ISD

DC Defenders: Rice Stadium, Rice University

Houston Roughnecks: TDECU Stadium, University of Houston

Los Angeles Wildcats: Alexander Durley Stadium, Texas Southern University

New York Guardians: Husky Stadium, Houston Baptist University

St. Louis BattleHawks: W.W. Thorne Stadium, Aldine ISD

Seattle Dragons: Delmar Stadium, Houston ISD

Tampa Bay Vipers: George Tuner Stadium, Humble ISD

Poll Result: Fans feel the Seattle Dragons have the best uniforms

The fans have spoken! Through an XFLBoard.com poll fans chose the Seattle Dragons as having the best XFL team uniform.

Closely following the Dragons in fan voting were the St. Louis BattleHawks, New York Guardians and Houston Roughnecks.

Seattle Dragons: 21.6 %
St. Louis BattleHawks: 17.5 %
New York Guardians: 16.7 %
Houston Roughnecks: 14.1 %
Dallas Renegades: 10.4 %
LA Wildcats: 8.9 %
DC Defenders: 6.3 %
Tampa Bay Vipers: 4.5 %


Check out the uniforms below. Please leave comments at the bottom of this article.

#1 Seattle Dragons

Seattle Dragons

#2 St. Louis BattleHawks

St. Louis BattleHawks

#3 New York Guardians

New York Guardians

#4 Houston Roughnecks

Houston Roughnecks

#5 Dallas Renegades

Dallas Renegades

#6 LA Wildcats

LA Wildcats

#7 DC Defenders

DC Defenders

#8 Tampa Bay Vipers

Tampa Bay Vipers

Team uniform photos from XFL.com

Colin Jeter looks to solidify his pro football career with the XFL Seattle Dragons

Colin Jeter Seattle Dragaons XFL
Photo credit: Twitter @xfl2020 

Colin Jeter, a tight end currently with the Seattle Dragons of the XFL, began his football career at Longview High School in Longview, TX.

“I played for Coach King at Longview,” Jeter said. “As a kid, I played offensive line just because I was the biggest kid. But, I grew up and stretched out, and they decided to make me a tight end.”

After high school, and after some deliberations, Jeter attended LSU and played with the storied Tigers squad.

“I kind of had a wild road, but ended up playing for LSU,” Colin explained. “I got to play there for three years and had a blast. Coach Ensminger recruited me, and he was my tight ends coach, and ended up being the offensives coordinator of the last portion of my senior year.”

Colin has good memories of his time at LSU.

“I had a phenomenal time living in Baton Rouge and just enjoying the game and enjoying playing big time football.”

After college, Jeter went undrafted. However, soon after the draft ended he received a phone call from the Indianapolis Colts, and an invitation to their rookie minicamp. From there, Jeter won a spot on the Colts training camp roster, but was stricken by a broken foot in the first week of training camp. It was a setback he did not count on.

“I had earned a spot, at least for the training camp roster before they made cuts. But I ended up breaking my foot the first week of training camp. I had foot surgery and it didn’t work out for me. But, that’s just how the business works.”

A season later, after his foot had healed, Jeter got a shot with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. However, in what seems like a cruel replay of bad fortune, he suffered a concussion in the first week of training camp and was eventually waived by the Bucs.

Jeter’s next opportunity came with the Memphis Express of the Alliance of American Football (AAF), however misfortune struck again as he spent much of the shortened AAF season on the IR list.

Now, the XFL has come calling; first by inviting Jeter to a Summer Showcase, and then by the Seattle Dragons drafting him in the fifth round in the October draft. If bad luck comes in threes, Jeter has already had his quota. It must be high time for good fortune to shine on his career.

“I was back out of a job. So, it’s been somewhat of a journey and frustrating with the injury,” Colin said. “That’s how it goes. Let’s start at the guys that have similar stories to me, whether it’s injuries or just not having a room on a roster and you’re just kind of bouncing around. But I think that’s what makes this league (the XFL) so great, is that it provides opportunity for guys like me.”

Clearly, Jeter has set his sights on the XFL as a way to set his pro football career on the right track, and solidify his play as a marquee tight end. He has already been through a minicamp with the Dragons, and next on the slate is the January training camp in Houston.

“Minicamp was kind of introductory phase,” Jeter said. “When training camp comes it’s pretty much a full-go. So, we’re looking forward to just adding onto what we’ve already learned.”

There are five tight ends on the Seattle Dragons roster, but Jeter isn’t afraid of the competition.

“Obviously they make roster cuts, so we’re going to do what we can…. Everybody is going to be going full-go and doing what they can to make that squad.”

We send Colin Jeter the best of luck in the upcoming training camp and wish him good health through the 2020 XFL season. We know he deserves it.

The entire interview with Colin Jeter may be found in XFL Xtra Episode 17-2019 – Solidify
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Topps to issue XFL trading card set in March 2020 – Twitter User XFLCards finally has fresh work in store

Topps XFL 2020 Trading Cards

We knew it was going to happen, but now we know a few more details. Topps will issue the first new XFL 2020 trading card set in March 2020.

In doing so, Topps will be closely matching their effort when they issued the only existing XFL trading card set in March 2001.

From the 2020-Topps-XFL-Football-Cards-Sell-Sheet, “The XFL has committed to creating a revolutionary fan experience by reimagining the game of football. 2020 Topps XFL Football will capture the excitement of the league’s debut season – highlighted by a 200-card base set featuring the XFL’s top players and coaches.”

Details of the 2020 trading card set:

Collect the 200-card base set featuring top
players and head coaches from all 8 XFL teams.

  • Green Parallel – #’ed to 99
  • Purple Parallel – #’ed to 50
  • Blue Parallel – #’ed to 25
  • Red Parallel – #’ed to 10
  • Black Parallel – #’ed to 5
  • Gold Parallel – #’ed 1 of 1

Stars of the XFL – a lineup of the league’s
most promising talent (1:6 packs)

  • Blue Parallel – #’ed to 25
  • Red Parallel – #’ed to 10
  • Black Parallel – #’ed to 5
  • Gold Parallel – #’ed 1 of 1

Look for 3 on-card autograph cards in every hobby box.

  • Blue Parallel – #’ed to 25
  • Red Parallel – #’ed to 10
  • Black Parallel – #’ed to 5
  • Gold Parallel – #’ed 1 of 1

Throwback Twitter account @XFLCards was one of the first to tweet about the new card set. The fact that Topps will issue the first new XFL trading card set in 19 years must be a relief to @XFLCards since they have been relegated to tweeting about the older XFL trading card set since the account was established in March 2009.

Clearly, the operator of @XFLCards has fresh work in store. Steve Tanner, the Chicago-based fan behind the Twitter handle refers to his work as a “community building experiment with some other dead leagues.”  He also posts information about card sets from other “dead leagues” such as the AAF, AFL, WLAF, and NFL Europe.

“I tend to post 5 cards a week, one from each dead league. XFL, AAF, AFL, WLAF, and NFL Europe,” he said.

The interesting fact is that one of the former dead leagues he reports on has come back to life!

XFL Dallas Renegades Roster *Updated 26 Dec 2019

Here is the latest roster for the Dallas Renegades. These rosters are fluid right now, and we will try to keep you up to date as quick as the league updates their rosters.

Micah AbernathySAFTennessee
Tenny AdewusiCBDelaware
Frank AlexanderDEOklahoma
Floyd AllenWRMississippi
Josh AllenOGLouisiana-Monroe
Cameron Artis-PayneRBAuburn
Richard AshDTWestern Michigan
Jeff BadetWROklahoma
Alex BalducciOCOregon
Willie BeaversOTWestern Michigan
Romello BrookerTEHouston
Asantay BrownLBWestern Michigan
Donatello BrownCBValdosta State
Johnathan CalvinDEMississippi State
Simmie CobbsWRIndiana
Stacy ColeyWRMiami (FL)
Winston CraigDTRichmond
Joshua CrockettWRCentral Oklahoma
Ray Ray DavisonLBCalifornia
Treston DecoudCBOregon State
Lance DunbarRBNorth Texas
Justin EvansOTSouth Carolina State
Marwin EvansSAFUtah State
Jazz FergusonWRNorthwestern State
Dimitri FlowersRBOklahoma
James FolstonDEPittsburgh
Drew GalitzPBaylor
Owen GilbertLSMarian
Tony GueradDTCentral Florida
Josh HawkinsCBEast Carolina
Jerrod HeardWRTexas
Darnell HollandRBKennesaw State
Darius JamesOTAuburn
Nick JamesDTMississippi State
Doyin JibowuSAFFort Hays State
Landry JonesQBOklahoma
Markus JonesDEAngelo State
Hau'oli KikahaDEWashington
Christian KuntzLBDuquesne
Patrick LawrenceOTBaylor
Izaah LunsfordDTBowling Green
Austin MacGinnisKKentucky
Greer MartiniLBNotre Dame
Jonathan MassaquoiLBTroy
Ryan MoellerSAFColorado
Pace MurphyOTNorthwestern State (LA)
Flynn NagelWRNorthwestern
Philip NelsonQBEast Carolina
Tobenna OkekeLBFresno State
Oni OmoileOGIowa State
Donald ParhamTEStetson
Jamal PetersCBMississippi State
Dashaun PhillipsCBTarleton State
Sean PriceTESouth Florida
Derrick PuniOTCentral Missouri State
James QuickWRLouisville
Gerald RiversDEMississippi
Gelen RobinsonDTPurdue
Tegray ScalesLBIndiana
Maurquice ShakirOGMiddle Tennessee State
Deon SimonDTNorthwestern State
Derron SmithSAFFresno State
Maea TeuhemaOGSoutheastern Louisiana
Tyrell ThompsonDTTarleton State
Josh ThorntonCBSouthern Utah
Salesi UhatafeOGUtah
Austin WalterRBRice
Tre WatsonLBMaryland
Carl WhitleyWRAbilene Christian
Marquis YoungRBMassachusetts

XFL Houston Roughnecks Roster *Updated 26 Dec 2019

Here is the latest roster for the Houston Roughnecks. These rosters are fluid right now, and we will try to keep you up to date as quick as the league updates their rosters.

Deontez AlexanderWRFranklin
Ryan AndersonOCWake Forest
Corrion BallardSAFUtah
Raymond BoldenWRStony Brook
Carl BradfordLBArizona State
Beniquez BrownLBMississippi State
Cody BrownSAFArkansas State
Kaelin BurnettLBNevada-Reno
Nick CallenderOTColorado State
Sergio CastilloKWest Texas A&M
Sammie CoatesWRAuburn
Connor CookQBMichigan State
Corey CrawfordDEClemson
Gerhard de BeerOTArizona
Kony EalyDEMissouri
Trae ElstonSAFMississippi
Tayo FabulujeOTTexas Christian
Isame FacianeOGFlorida International
DeMarquis GatesLBMississippi
Avery GennesyOTTexas A&M
Ajene HarrisCBSouthern California
Nick HolleyRBKent State
Joe Horn JrWRMissouri Western State
Marqueston HuffSAFWyoming
Andrew JacksonLBWestern Kentucky
Blake JacksonWRMary Hardin-Baylor
Jeremiah JohnsonCBConcord
Avery JordanOTNew Mexico
Tejan KoromaOCBrigham Young
Drew LewisLBColorado
Kahlil LewisWRCincinnati
LaTroy LewisLBTennessee
Caushaud LyonsDTTusculum
Rhyeem MaloneWRLouisiana-Lafayette
Kamalie MatthewsOTMurray State
Johnny MaxeyDEMars Hill
Marcus McDadeQBSacramento State
Steve McShaneRBWestern Illinois
Sam MobleyWRCatawba
Robert NelsonCBArizona State
Deatrick NicholsCBSouth Florida
Deji OlatoyeCBNorth Carolina A&T
Kelvin PalmerOTBaylor
Walter PalmoreDTMissouri
Fred PayneSAFWestern Carolina
Cam PhillipsWRVirginia Tech
Terry PooleOTSan Diego State
Taylor ReedDESouthern Methodist
Austin RehkowPIdaho
Ed ReynoldsSAFStanford
Demetrius RhaneyOCTennessee State
Edmond RobinsonLBNewberry
Jalen SaundersWROklahoma
Ty SchwabLBBoston College
Hunter SharpWRUtah State
David SimmonsCBNorth Park
Saivion SmithCBAlabama
Handsome TanieluDTBrigham Young
Colton TaylorLSVirginia Tech
Trenton ThompsonDTGeorgia
Sebastian TretolaOGArkansas
Marquez TuckerOGSouthern Utah
Akrum WadleyRBIowa
Phillip WalkerQBTemple
Toby WeathersbyOTLouisiana State
Andre WilliamsRBBoston College
Devonte WilliamsCBTexas A&M-Kingsville
Marquez WilliamsRBMiami (FL)
Tim WilsonWREast Stroudsburg
Gabe WrightDTAuburn

XFL St. Louis BattleHawks Roster *Updated 26 Dec 2019

Here is the latest roster for the St. Louis BattleHawks. These rosters are fluid right now, and we will try to keep you up to date as quick as the league updates their rosters.

Carlton AgudosiWRRutgers
Dejon AllenOGHawaii
Andrew AnkrahDEJames Madison
Sherman BadieRBTulane
Steve BeauharnaisLBRutgers
Juwann Bushell-BeattyOGMichigan
Trey CaldwellCBLouisiana-Monroe
Jake CamposOGIowa State
Tanner CarewLSOregon
Will ClarkeDTWest Virginia
Connor DavisTEStony Brook
Mik`Quan DeaneTEWestern Kentucky
Garret DooleyLBWisconsin
Brian FolkertsOGWashburn
Jamell Garcia-WilliamsDEAlabama-Birmingham
Terence GarvinLBWest Virginia
Davon GraysonWREast Carolina
Nicholas GrigsbyLBPittsburgh
Marcus HardisonDTArizona State
Taylor HeinickeQBOld Dominion
Will HillSAFFlorida
Darius HillarySAFWisconsin
Ro'Derrick HoskinsLBFlorida State
Cole HuntTETexas Christian
Alex JenkinsDEIncarnate Word
Trey JohnsonCBVillanova
Matt JonesRBFlorida
Shaq JonesDEAlabama-Birmingham
Ulric JonesDESouth Carolina
Harold Jones-QuarteySAFFindlay
Marquette KingPFort Valley State
Korren KirvenOGAlabama
Davonte LambertDTAuburn
Jordan LasleyWRUCLA
Ray LawryRBOld Dominion
Jay LigginsCBDickinson State
Marcus LucasWRMissouri
Matt McCantsOTAlabama-Birmingham
Dexter McCoilSAFTulsa
Andrew McDonaldOTIndiana
Christine MichaelRBTexas A&M
Michael MillerOGWashburn
Keith MumpheryWRMichigan State
Damoun PattersonWRYoungstown State
Jake PayneDTShenandoah
Kent PerkinsOTTexas
Joe PowellSAFGlobe Tech
Gimel PresidentDEIllinois
Bruno ReaganOTVanderbilt
Trovon ReedCBAuburn
Brandon ReillyWRNebraska
Brogan RobackQBEastern Michigan
Kenny RobinsonSAFWest Virginia
Alonzo RussellWRToledo
Taylor RussolinoKMillsaps
Casey SaylesDTOhio
Kellen SoulekDTSouth Dakota State
Jordan Ta'amuQBMississippi
Lenard TilleryRBSouthern U.
D'Montre WadeCBMurray State
Channing WardDTMississippi
L'Damian WashingtonWRMissouri
Marquez WhiteCBFlorida State
Ryan WhiteCBAuburn
Terrance WilliamsWRBaylor
Avery YoungOGAuburn

XFL Tampa Bay Vipers Roster *Updated 26 Dec 2019

Here is the latest roster for the Tampa Bay Vipers. These rosters are fluid right now, and we will try to keep you up to date as quick as the league updates their rosters.

Tony AdamsOGNorth Carolina State
Josh BanksDTWake Forest
Emmanuel BealLBOklahoma
Daronte BouldinOGMississippi
Marcelis BranchSAFRobert Morris (PA)
William CampbellOGMichigan
Bryce CanadyCBFlorida International
Jalen CollinsCBLouisiana State
Taylor CorneliusQBOklahoma State
Davante DavisCBTexas
Jawill DavisWRBethune Cookman
Ryan DavisWRAuburn
Donteea DyeWRHeidelberg
Wes FarnsworthLSNevada-Reno
Quinton FlowersRBSouth Florida
Tarean FolstonRBNotre Dame
Jerald FosterOTNebraska
Andrew FranksKRensselaer Polytechnic
DeAndre GoolsbyTEFlorida
Obum GwachamDEOregon State
Rannell HallWRCentral Florida
Micah HannemannSAFBrigham Young
Reece HornWRIndianapolis
Demontre HurstCBOklahoma
Martez IveyOTFlorida
Tre JacksonOGFlorida State
Seantavius JonesWRValdosta State
Anthoula KellyCBFresno State
Shelton LewisCBFlorida Atlantic
Marquis LucasOGWest Virginia
Miguel MachadoOTMichigan State
Freddie MartinoWRNorth Greenville
D.J. MayRBWyoming
KJ MayeWRMinnesota
Jordan McCrayOCCentral Florida
Tanner McEvoyWRWisconsin
Tarvarus McFaddenCBFlorida State
Pharoah McKeverTEFlorida International
Alonzo MooreWRNebraska
Corey MooreSAFGeorgia
Nick MooreLSGeorgia
Christian MorrisOTMississippi
Deiontrez MountDELouisville
Aaron MurrayQBGeorgia
Jason NeillDETexas-San Antonio
Reggie NorthrupLBFlorida State
Jacques PatrickRBFlorida State
Terrance PlummerLBCentral Florida
Robert PriesterSAFWyoming
Jacob PughLBFlorida State
Rodney RandleCBLamar
Bobby RichardsonDEIndiana
Jake SchumPBuffalo
De'Veon SmithRBMichigan
Ike SpearmanLBEastern Michigan
Anthony StubbsLBPrairie View A&M
Devin TaylorDESouth Carolina
Robenson TherezieSAFAuburn
Colin ThompsonTETemple
Andrew TillerOGSyracuse
Jalen TolliverWRArkansas-Monticello
Nick TruesdellTEGrand Rapids JC
Lucas WachaLBWyoming
Ricky WalkerDTVirginia Tech
Herb WatersCBMiami (FL)
Nikita WhitlockDTWake Forest
Daniel WilliamsWRJackson State
Isaiah WilliamsOGAkron
Matthew WrightKCentral Florida
John YarbroughOGRichmond