Running Back Nico Evans sees opportunity in the XFL

In 2018, during his senior year at the University of Wyoming, Nico Evans rushed for a total of 1325 yards over ten games. That works out to an average of 132.5 yards per game. It was a standout season, where he was selected “First Team” in the All-Mountain West Conference.

This was when pro-football scouts began to take notice.

However, despite being highly rated, as the 2019 NFL draft ended, Evans found himself undrafted. But, he didn’t have to wait long for a team to be interested, as he was quickly picked up by the Philadelphia Eagles and invited to their rookie training camp. Then, Evans quickly encountered another setback when the Eagles waived his contract and sent him home.

“It was a weird situation, going into a team that already had eight running backs,” said Nico. “They decided they needed an Offensive Lineman. That’s kind of how the NFL works. It was a numbers thing. So, I was the last one in at running back, so I was the first one out, and an O-Lineman was signed.”

Since then, other NFL teams have shown interest in Nico’s talents, as he has had workouts with the Jaguars and the Packers.

This is a typical example of the “yoyo” game so many young football players go through as they work to get a job playing the game that they love.

Now, the most recent opportunity to present itself to Nico is an invitation to the XFL draft, which will be held in October.

“I am blessed to get that invitation and be part of the XFL draft pool,” Nico said.

If the XFL needs a running back with youth and talent, Nico Evans might be just what they are looking for. Nico describes his style as a one-cut back. “I don’t like to make too many moves, but when I see the hole I hit it as fast as I can.”

Nico has stats to back up his claims. According his website, he consistently runs the 40 in the 4.4s, and was was chip-timed running greater than 22 mph. Evans pointed out that it was in the “Boise State game” where he hit this mark.

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When asked which XFL team he hoped would draft him, Nico said he would be happy with any team that would give him the best opportunity to play. “Los Angeles, Florida, Texas… it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter where I play, as long as I get to play this game that I love,” he said.

“My story is not finished,” Nico added. “I am grateful for this XFL opportunity.”

It would be great to see Nico Evans on an XFL roster in February 2020.

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Bob Stoops’ autobiography discusses his decision to join the XFL and more

Bob Stoops’ autobiography, “No Excuses: The Making of a Head Coach,” is now now available at bookstores and online at

In the book Stoops discusses subjects such as now-Cincinnati Bengals running back Joe Mixon, his heart disease, and the decision to join the XFL. Stoops talks about his decision to not cut Mixon after a misdemeanor assault charge.

“I could have cut Mixon loose in 2014,” Stoops said. “In 2019, that’s the only choice that would’ve been acceptable. If I were faced with the same situation today, my decision would be much different than the one I made in 2014.”

Book summary:

When Bob Stoops took over as football coach in 1999, the Oklahoma Sooners were in disarray with back-to-back losing seasons. But in just two years’ time, Stoops achieved the seemingly impossible: winning a national championship and returning the struggling Sooners to their powerhouse status, churning out NFL talent, Heisman Trophy winners and conference championships, bowl wins and national title runs on a regular basis.

During his 18 seasons at OU, his record was a remarkable 190-48. At only age 56, at the peak of his career, he stunned the college football world by walking away.

For the first time, Bob opens up about his career alongside the evolution of the game itself. From his unlikely emergence as a star player at the University of Iowa, to his coaching apprenticeships under giants like Hayden Fry, Bill Snyder, and Steve Spurrier, Stoops recounts how the game he fell in love with as a boy has evolved into a billion-dollar business often compromised by recruiting wars, aggressive agents, overzealous boosters and alumni, and the emergence of the CEO head coach rather than mentor and teacher. Bob holds nothing back while explaining why it was time to step away from the game–and players–he still loves.

Told with a rare combination of sincerity, vulnerability, and pure heart, No Excuses is both an engaging and eye-opening football memoir and an unprecedented portrait of a coach of one of the greatest legacy programs in the history of the college game.

XFL Draft invitee Trovon Reed is ready to play

Dec 11, 2016; Charlotte, NC, USA; San Diego Chargers cornerback Trovon Reed (38) on the sidelines in the fourth quarter. The Panthers defeated the Chargers 28-16 at Bank of America Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

If you ask XFL Draft invitee Trovon Reed which XFL team he hopes to play for, he will tell you that it doesn’t matter.

“Wherever I go I’m going to be happy. I’m going to be ready. They’re going to get a player who is still hungry and knows the game of football,” Trovon explained.

Trovon just wants to play football.

Growing up in Thibodaux, Louisiana, Trovon graduated from Thibodaux High School in 2010. In high school he initially took to the basketball team, but when he stopped growing, he turned to football, eventually chosen as a “High School All American.”

He is still closely attached to Thibodaux. In fact, June 29th is “Trovon Reed Day” in Thibodaux, Louisiana. On this day, Trovon holds a celebrity basketball game where he raises money for single mothers and cancer patients. This gives Trovon a chance to honor his mother, who he lost to cancer when he was 17-years old.

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After high school, Trovon attended Auburn University in Alabama. Initially a wide receiver, Trovon switched to cornerback in his senior year. He entered the NFL as an undrafted free agent and went on to a few NFL rosters, including the Seahawks, Rams, Dolphins, Chargers and 49ers.

Trovon still cherishes his college career, as he identifies himself as a, “War Eagle.”

“Without a doubt I’m an Auburn guy. I bleed orange and blue,” Trovon is proud to say.

When it comes to being a ball hawk, Trovon feels hard work and instincts are the key to success. “I think it’s god given. It’s something you can’t teach. If a coach tries to teach it to you, you’d be robotic,” Trovon explained. “I have a few different techniques I use, but I can’t spill all the beans,” he added.

In 2018 Trovon was signed to a contract with the Birmingham Iron of the Alliance of American football, and he soon discovered that many of his former Auburn teammates were also part of the squad. “It was nice, we had a blast, man. I wish that league was still going.”

Like many players, Trovon laments the loss of the AAF. “We were headed for the playoffs. It was just getting good. Then boom, it ended like that.”

When asked about his recipe for staying in shape, he pointed out that he combines cardio sessions with weightlifting sessions.

“You never know when an NFL team might call,” Trovon pointed out. “I’ve got to stay ready. I’ve got to stay sharp. I’ve got to keep my feet sharp. Keep everything sharp. You never know. I was in this position before and got the call. I’ll never be not ready.”

Today, Trovon Reed is ready to play his brand of football.

“I just play football. I play within the rules. I listen to my coach, and I just go out there and play my game.”

We hope to see Trovon Reed on an XFL squad this February.

XFL Xtra Episode 1-2019 – Trovon Reed and Greg Parks

Inaugural podcast. We talk with Trovon Reed, a talented cornerback who has been invited to the inaugural XFL draft taking place next month in October. Second, we talk with Greg Parks, an reporter who has been tracking players that have received draft invitations and making it public through a google docs spreadsheet.

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New York Gothams or LA Stunners? What are the other team names the XFL considered?

A search of recent trademark registrations shows a bevy of team names were registered by “Alpha Entertainment,” the parent company of the XFL. As well as the eight team names revealed two weeks ago, other names were also considered by the league:


Earlier in August, “Alpha Entertainment” also registered these alternate Seattle team names:


What do you think of these names? Feel free to comment below, or on Facebook and Twitter.

Screen capture from US Trademark search engine below.

Paxton Lynch one of the first eyed by the XFL at the NFL cut deadline

Paxton Lynch cut by the Seahawks. Is he XFL bound?

Today is the day NFL teams must cut their rosters down for regular season play, and it is no secret that the XFL plans to take a good look at the crop of available players.

One player that has been touted as an XFL prospect is former first-round pick, quarterback Paxton Lynch. In fact, XFL Commissioner has said he was very interested in the battle between Seattle Seahawks backup quarterbacks Geno Smith and Paxton Lynch. Now we see that Smith won the job and Paxton Lynch was cut. Could an XFL contract or draft invitation be coming soon? Will Lynch end up as a starter or backup with the Seattle Dragons? We will see.

Other than this particular situation, there could be plenty more XFL contracts and draft invites in the coming days.

“When we look at the guys fighting for roster spots who might get released, we see incredible talent,” XFL Commissioner Oliver Luck recently told USA Today. “These are guys that fans will recognize.”

When it came to quarterbacks, Luck was especially hopeful for the XFL’s prospects. “You now have incredibly talented quarterbacks at the position for 15 to 20 years. One of the results of that is that you have a bunch of college guys who are very gifted but they find it difficult to make an NFL roster.”

The XFL Commissioner is upbeat about the XFL’s chances, and so are the fans.

At XFLBoard, where the hottest discussion is about NFL cuts, Mike Mitchell has weighed in with, “The XFL will be in contact with players who were cut all weekend. Invites will be extended this weekend to players and agents through correspondence and verbally. They are not going to be made public.  There’s an outside chance that we hear of a top tier signing or two in the next week or so but even those may be closer to the draft. Those are the only real players that will be signed to contracts.”

Now that the team names and logos have been released, it looks like XFL fans can look forward to some “team building.”

XFL registers trademarks for recently released logos… and more

The XFL’s parent company Alpha Entertainment recently trademarked its logos, and revealed a few more graphics it plans to use in its team identities.

The registrations were filed on August 20, the day before the logos and team names were revealed.  They appeared for public view on August 24th, which just happens to be the same day team-branded merchandise went on sale at

Previously unseen in the initial logo reveal are a “viper head”, a “roughneck” and a “claw mark.”  However, these secondary graphics are now seen on merchandise being sold at

The trademarks were registered for the following purposes:

C 025. US 022 039. G & S: Clothing, namely, tops and bottoms as clothing; headwear; sports caps and hats; t-shirts; shirts; sweatshirts; shorts; tank tops; sweaters; pants; jackets; golf shirts; knit shirts; jerseys; wristbands as clothing; warm up suits; gloves; ties as clothing; cloth bibs; sleepwear, namely, bathrobes and pajamas; underwear; socks; footwear, namely, sneakers, slippers, flip flops; scarves; bandannas; swimwear; Halloween and masquerade costumes

IC 041. US 100 101 107. G & S: Entertainment services in the nature of professional football games and exhibitions; providing sports and entertainment information via a global computer network, mobile applications, commercial on-line computer service or by cable, satellite, television and radio; arranging and conducting athletic competitions, namely, professional football games; production and distribution of radio and television programs in the field of sports; entertainment services in the nature of live shows featuring football games, organizing live exhibitions, competitions, and live musical and dance performances; sporting activities, namely, football skills competitions and football showcases; distribution of television programming to cable and satellite television systems; distribution of television programs for others; entertainment services, namely, providing online electronic games; football fan club services; providing a web site featuring sports news and entertainment news; Entertainment services in the nature of a fantasy football game; mail order, on-line retail store services and mail order catalog services, all featuring general consumer merchandise related to sports and sports teams

XFL St. Louis will celebrate their new team name and logo with a fan appreciation party

XFL St. Louis is planning to celebrate their new team name and logo with a fan appreciation party, Wednesday, August 21, 2019 from 3pm-8pm CT.

WHO: Kurt Hunzeker, XFL St. Louis Team President

WHAT:  XFL St. Louis will celebrate their new team name and logo with a fan appreciation party at Urban Chestnut Brewing Company in The Grove.  Beginning at 3pm, XFL St. Louis fans will have an opportunity to mix and mingle with team executives, football operations personnel and more!

WHEN:  Wednesday, August 21, 2019 from 3pm-8pm CT

WHERE:  Urban Chestnut Brewing Company Brewery and Bierhall in The Grove, 4465 Manchester Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63110

XFL plans to reveal team names and logos on Wednesday 21 August

The XFL has announced they will reveal their team names and logos on Wednesday Aug. 21 at 12:30 pm ET.

The presentation will be simulcast across, and the ESPN app,, and the social media channels. The presentation will be co-hosted by XFL Commissioner Oliver Luck, ESPN host Laura Rutledge and FOX sports host Colin Cowherd.

XFL teases all eight team identities

Today, the XFL issued more team logo clues, giving fans a full set of all eight XFL teams. It is still unclear when the league will release the full identities and team names.

Today, the XFL issued  two more team logo clues, giving fans a full set of teasers representing all eight XFL teams.

What does this all mean? We’re not sure, however we can tell you that the teaser logo releases over the past four days has generated plenty of speculation among hardcore fans.

It is still unclear when the league will release the full identities and team names. Last week, Houston head coach June Jones reported that the team names would be revealed on Wednesday 21 August, however representatives at XFL headquarters have not confirmed this date.

In today’s release, the XFL states, “We are on the goal line.”  We assume the full team identity reveal is just around the corner.