New York Guardians Swap Receivers with Houston Roughnecks

The New York Guardians of the XFL have officially made their first trade in franchise history, which is a WR trade.

Last night on the XFL Guardians social media accounts the team announced WR Taivon Jacobs had been dealt to the XFL Roughnecks for WR Joe Horn Jr. The will Guardians face off against the Roughnecks at home on March 14th.

WR Taivon Jacobs was expected to be a starting receiver and is considered to be a consistent deep threat after his last year at Maryland, where he averaged 12.2 yards a catch, and had 6 twenty-plus yard catches, with four touchdowns. Taivon was cut by the Ravens most recently, but his coach made sure to comment on his play.

“We’ve got a guy [Taivon Jacobs] from Maryland here; he looked really good.”  – Ravens Coach Jim Harbough

Joe Horn Jr out of Missouri Western State (D2) is very similar to many players in the XFL, underrated, undrafted.

After college, Horn signed with the Baltimore Ravens. His father Joe Horn, who was JUCO product that made it to four Pro-Bowls, had been quoted saying the following to USA Today quickly after his son was cut by the Ravens.

“I do know he can play in that league,” “I taught him. I know he can run routes better than most of the receivers that start in the NFL. You can quote me on that. He might get upset when he sees that, but that’s a fact.” “He knows what it takes because he’s been at my level trying to make a team before,”

Both of these players join crowded rosters. Nothing is a guarantee and they will have to fight for any playing time. Though both players have the high-level experience, most in the XFL do as well, so they come into camp at an even playing field. Expect Taivon to gun for a starting spot, and Horn Jr to fight for playing time throughout the season.

DraftKings confirm XFL Contests will begin 2/8, Additional updates will come

As the season nears closer, the XFL seems to be making more and more press runs. First with the rule book, now with joint practices, things are starting to shape up. The most recent of this news comes from the fantasy football world.

In anticipation of the coming XFL season, DraftKings has announced that it will offer daily fantasy football contests to XFL fans throughout the course of the year. The announcement comes as no surprise, mainly because sportsbooks have already started to prepare for XFL gambling, or plan on preparing for the season after the NFL’s Super Bowl.

On January 10th on Twitter, the official DraftKings account responded to Twitter user @Cozy4041 that they would be having XFL contests this season and that those contests will begin on 2/8.

The XFL has also announced that plans for Fantasy Football are in the works and that with less than a month to go, they will be released shortly. While it is not known what these plans could offer, it has to be assumed it will be used as another revenue source for the league. Gambling and fantasy football are two things previous leagues, such as the AAF, never had access to. Something like gambling could propel the league’s life span and ability to fund growth.

Interview: XFL Hopeful Jerimiah Spicer Brings More Than a Story to a Roster

Jerimiah Spicer is a man with a plan. While Spicer is not on a roster, currently, he claims to have gained interest from two XFL teams, a CFL team, and the Chargers and Vikings of the NFL. The only person responsible for that is Spicer. In his early life, things did not come easy. I asked, “Could you describe the hardships you faced growing up?”

“Growing up, I lived on skid row with my mother, who was taken from me at two years old. I was homeless in poverty without a mother or a father, living in foster homes, group homes, and had gone to eight different high schools. Sleeping on floors, couches, abandoned apartments, and in my car, all I had was my grandma and mom, who died.”

Ultimately landing at Banning High School in California, Spicer was a standout with multiple division one offers. Sadly enough, he could not commit do to his legal situation. Quoting the following on struggles with social workers.

“My living situation kept me from being 100% focused on academics… I am a survivor and will always survive.”

Jerimiah went on to commit to Bethesda College of the NAIA. There he excelled as a player, well enough to be drafted into the newly established MLFB (Major League Football), which folded before Spicer even played a down. But in 2018 he was given a tryout from the Cape Fear Heroes, American Arena League, where he was an All-Star. After the season Spicer was given a shot with the San Diego Chargers, where he was later cut. But Spicer left his mark on the football universe, he was known to be a big hitter backer, while he was not NFL level, teams knew his name.

With that said Spicer gave himself a shot to be apart of the newly established XFL going into the 2019-2020 season. He was signed to the LA Wildcats of the XFL, who have recently waived him, which came as a surprise to many fans.

Jerimiah said the following to me after being cut: “I felt like I was kicked down while I was starting to get up.”

He took the cut personally. He claims to have even cried after he was cut, and it is now his new motivation.

“I am going to make it to the top, watch. I will be a star in the XFL, and lead the league in tackles. I just need a shot.”

While the answer might be obvious, I asked Jerimiah if he felt the adversity he’s been through has given him a chip.

“Hell yeah, I have a chip on my shoulder. My life hasn’t been nice, not one bit. I’ve always felt not accepted and neglected, but it’s helped motivate me to want to be the best in the world, not just football, but in my everyday life.”

I asked him what part of his game offers the most to whatever team will sign him, and he did not hesitate to answer.

“I play for the people, the fans. I have relentless energy, and I don’t quit, and I have the instincts to get to the ball and make the big play. Teams should sign me because I’m a diamond in the rough, I am always on winning teams”

He also said, “I hate to lose, more than I like to win… I am the definition of beating adversity and not quitting.”

Spicer has had some help around him over the years, and I’d like to repeat his shout out to that help in the following quote:

“My big bro Twon, his wife Lateisha, Fyawater, my aunt Rett, and other big bro Corey have all taken me in as family.”

Best of luck to Jerimiah, the football world will always root for you, and whatever endeavors may come your way!

If any readers would like to learn more about Spicer and his high energy big-hitting game, I refer them to this YouTube video:

YouTube video

Quarterback Matt McGloin to Put XFL Guardians at Massive Advantage

Matt McGloin – Oakland Raiders (Jeffrey Beall – Own work, CC BY 4.0, )

After a dominant senior season at Penn State, quarterback Matt McGloin was signed by the Oakland Raiders.

In McGloin’s rookie season (2013) he started six games, after the benching of starting quarterback Terrel Pryor. McGloin went on to win one game against the Houston Texans, going 1-5, and was later benched for Terrel Pryor.

The Raiders then selected quarterback Derek Carr in the second round of the 2014 Draft to take over at quarterback.

McGloin spent time with the team from 2013-2016. He then went on to be signed by the Houston Texans in 2017, where he did not play in a game and then signed by the Kansas City Chiefs in 2018, where he did not play.

While McGloin does not hold an illustrious NFL career, the experience he offers to the Guardians, compared to other quarterbacks in the XFL, is something irreplaceable to the club. Most of the QBs in the newly established league have only seen NFL practice squad time, and some are coming into the new season with no professional experience.

For example, Cardale Jones of the DC Defenders. Jones was at one point a household name in the college football universe and even had a short NFL career. But, he never started an NFL game, or stayed on a roster as a backup. Even though Jones’s youth might be attractive to a team, McGloin’s experience can never compare. That is the case with most quarterbacks in the league. While there are better pure athletes compared to Matt, there is simply not a player who has dealt with the pressure of being a starting quarterback in the National Football League.

McGloin comes into the year with a go-to receiver that is no secret to the public. DeAngelo Yancey, from Purdue, is the clubs co-poster boy with McGloin. The ex-NFL receiver is someone who can make a quick impact on the league. McGloin’s playstyle definitely plays to Yancey’s, who is a deep threat, which compliments McGloin’s solid arm.

Expect to see the Guardian’s offense run through McGloin. While he has struggled with athleticism and mechanics in his past, he is more than capable of slinging the ball across the middle and getting moving the ball around the field.

XFL Guardians Reinforce Offensive Line with Two New Signings

The New York Guardians have signed two new offensive linemen, both with incredible stories and similar careers.

This morning (12/23) the New York Guardians tweeted the following:

From Toledo University, offensive tackle Brant Weiss has proven time and time again that athletes shouldn’t quit. In his senior season of high school, Weiss went down with a season-ending injury. He managed to stay in shape with wrestling and throwing discus, all the while gaining attention from college coaches. Weiss stayed local committing to Toledo and redshirted in his freshman year. In his sophomore season Weiss did not see game time, another setback. He had played in 11 games his junior season, but just as a substitute.  With one more shot at professional football, Brant put it all on the line. This time out he dominated, earning First-Team All Mac honors. After his senior year, Weiss went on to spend time with the San Diego Chargers, Arizona Cardinals, and the Arizona Hotshots of the AAF.

Last of the two pickups is Jordan Agasiva. The JUCO products road to the top has been bumpy, to say the least. While at Pima Community College, Agasiva learned to excel at the offensive guard position. Even though his road to professional football may be unorthodox, he always had remained in focus. In his player biography at Pima community college, he filled in his career aspirations box with the following; “Division I then to the NFL.”. Agasiva did just that. He went on to attend the University of Utah, where he played two full seasons and was named to the First-Team All Pac 12 as a senior. After going undrafted, the Jacksonville Jaguars signed him. Funny enough that was never the plan. Jacksonville gave Agasiva a simple tryout, but he impressed coaches so much he was signed.

While there are no guarantees in any competitive league, these two stand a good shot to crack the starting lineup, With that said, Weiss’ and Agasiva’s days in the National Football League are far from numbered if they can perform.

XFL Guardians Improve Defense with Signings of Three Players

Charles Wright, Connor Strachan, Tre Mathis

With the conclusion of minicamp, and training camp looming, the New York Guardians have selected the contracts of three defensive players. Defensive end Charles Wright, linebacker Connor Strachan, and cornerback Tre Mathis.

The roster has increased to 75 players, and considering the moves were made this morning (12/23), no players have, or are expected to be released. The Guardians Twitter account announced the moves this morning, as seen below:

DE Charles Wright is assumed to be former Vanderbilt University linebacker, but it is not yet known, as the Charles Wright signed by the Guardians has been listed at defensive end. Once verifiable this post will be updated.

A standout at Boston College, linebacker Connor Strachan has joined the team in an effort to jump-start his newly formed NFL career. As an undrafted free agent, the Jacksonville Jaguars took a shot on Strachan. And through camps, he held his own. So much so that Strachan made it until the team’s final cuts, assuming he impressed coaches, but it was not enough. Strachan was cut and has since been signed by the New York Guardians.

Hailing from Toledo University, cornerback Trevon Mathis has been signed by the New York Guardians. Undrafted in 2018, the Minnesota Vikings had gone on to sign him. There he played in all four preseason games. With no starts and limited repetitions, Mathis was later cut. He spent his 2019 summer with the Pittsburgh Steelers, playing in all four preseason games, and with no starts and limited reps, he was cut and signed by the Guardians.

Not a single player listed is a star, or will ever be one. But that is more than fine. Signings like these are great for all parties, players, and teams. For the player, it is another opportunity to get back to the NFL, which is assumed to be their ultimate goal in the XFL. And for the teams, it is great for filling holes, for either starters or positional depth. Currently, the XFL is running smoother than anyone could ever expect, mainly because of transactions like these.

XFL Guardians Bolster Roster with Three Ex-NFL Wide Recievers

Taivon Jacobs, Teo Redding, Dalton Ponchillia
The Guardian’s have brought in three NFL level wideouts: Taivon Jacobs, Teo Redding, Dalton Ponchillia

This morning (12/23) the New York Guardians tweeted the following:

The Guardian’s have brought in three NFL level wideouts.

Taivon Jacobs, who left a lasting mark at Maryland University, comes into training camp with NFL mini-camp time. Before being cut by the Ravens, head coach John Harbaugh praised his ability in a press conference. After being questioned about a different undrafted wide receiver, Harbaugh made sure to mention Jacob’s recent play.

“I’ll tell you, all the receivers looked really good. I don’t know how many passes were dropped out here, but it wasn’t very many. They all ran good routes.” “We’ve got a guy [Taivon Jacobs] from Maryland here; he looked really good.”

Expect Taivon Jacobs to not only compete for a roster spot in this coming training camp, but for a starting position.

Teo Redding comes into camp with a bit more experience than most. After going undrafted out of Bowling Green, Redding was given a chance with the Detriot Lions. Redding was then cut after multiple pre-season appearances. Soon after he was signed to the Green Bay Packers practice squad. In his time with the Packers he said the following:

“I took advantage of the opportunities I had”… “In my head, I was just like be patient, the time was coming.”… “When I heard I would be able to play a lot this fourth game, I prepared my self a lot this week and was ready to go.”

This was said following a preseason win versus the Chiefs where Redding hauled in 4 receptions for 49 yards.

Rounding out the new receiving bunch is Dalton Ponchillia. After stints in the NFL and CFL, Ponchilla looks to find a home with the New York Guardians. Out of Western Kentucky University and Eastern Tennessee University Dalton was given a chance with the Jacksonville Jaguars in minicamp. He then joined Alouettes de Montréal in the CFL.

If Ponchillia wants a spot he will have to work for it. There are currently ten other receivers on the roster, all who have participated in this year’s minicamp. Coming in with little high-level experience, he will need to prove himself.

While information on the journeyman is limited, multiple highlight tapes can be found on YouTube. Video 1/Video 2

While some seem more qualified than others, each of these receivers is faced with the same challenge: Stick around. Through the ups and downs of training camp, the regular season, and even day to day practice, these three will be fighting for their job day in and day out. Best of luck to each of these players, and the ones already on the team.

New York Guardians: The XFL’s Premier Destination

With the season nearing closer, the New York Guardians have emerged as one of the XFL’s premier destinations. While the level of play remains unseen, football fanatics all over the Tri-State area have swarmed to the Guardians, hoping for a winning season of football in Metlife Stadium. With a great social media presence, and tickets ranging from $25 to $115, there are not many reasons fans won’t come out to see a bigger, better and rejuvenated XFL.

As previously stated, it is impossible to know whether or not play will be up to par. While that might be discouraging, coaching makes up for that plenty. Head coach and general manager Kevin Gilbride brings 21 years of NFL coaching experience, and nearly four decades as a coach overall. Gilbride has come out of retirement to take on the job.

In an interview with Forbes’ Patricia Traina, Gilbride said the following on why people should give the XFL a chance.

“I want to assure people that this isn’t going to be gimmicky, outlandish or wild… It’ll be much more affordable. It’d be much more family-oriented. We’re going to do everything we can to get the community involvement, get our players involved with the communities… New York fans are educated and very specific about what they want. They know what good football is, and it’s incumbent upon us to give them a product that they’ll want to see and be proud to be associated with because it represents them.”

As the head coach/general manager stated, the New York Guardians are much more than a football team. While the team plans to offer good football, it also strives to make a greater impact on the local community and Tri-State area. With single-game tickets as low as $30 and season tickets as low as $125, the team offers an affordable experience. Not to mention some players were recently seen on a Target shopping spree with a local family for the holidays.

Gilbride also acknowledges the New York fan’s no-nonsense mindset. He is more than aware that winning is expected. In a new league, everyone starts from the bottom. So, utter failure could only be placed on coaching.

With that said, the Guardians have begun mini-camp for the upcoming season. Starting in early December at Superdome Sports, the team practices are now in full swing. With the season less than two months away, quarterback Matt McGloin has taken charge of the club. McGloin spent four seasons in the NFL, mostly as a backup.

One of McGloin’s most talented receivers is, without a doubt, DeAngelo Yancey. Hailing from Purdue University, DeAngelo was drafted out of the fifth round in the 2017 Draft by the Green Bay Packers. After bouncing around the league, Yancey was cut from the New York Jets in 2019. He brings great speed and solid catching at the #1 WR slot.

The New York Guardians are filling a hole never before seen filled at Metlife Stadium. Hosting the Jets, Giants, and numerous other events such as concerts, Metlife Stadium is one of the biggest and best stadiums in recent times. Somehow the Guardians remain to be the most interesting of all entertainment taking place there. The season will start in early February and games will go live at 2 and 5 PM,  and will be available on FOX, FS1, ABC, and ESPN.

Even though there are a lot of questions coming into the season, there are a few essential factors known. For one, it’s a legitimate league. The XFL is known to be financially stable and things seem to be organized. Second is that it will be affordable family fun. The model of “if you build it they will come” is obviously being implemented. The XFL is giving people no excuses to not go. And lastly is the effect on communities. No matter if it is charity work in areas of need, or simply the creation of jobs in urban areas, the XFL could do a lot more good than bad.

(Note: this article previously stated incorrect ticket prices. This has been corrected.)