XFL Xtra Episode 2-2019 – From LA to New York – Nico Evans and Mike Mitchell

We go to Los Angeles to talk to Nico Evans, an extremely talented young running back who has just been invited to the XFL draft. Then, we travel to New York City to speak with Mike Mitchell, and get special insight on how the XFL hired their coaches, the upcoming draft, and about how successful the league has been so far.

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The St. Louis BattleHawks win our XFL Team Logo Bracket

Yes! You all knew it was going to happen. The St. Louis BattleHawks have won our XFL Team logo bracket.

In their victory, the BattleHawks decimated all comers.

Here is a summary of how the voting went:

Matchup #1Seattle Dragons: 76%  LA Wildcats: 24%

Matchup #2Houston Roughnecks: 51%  New York Guardians: 49%

Matchup #3St. Louis BattleHawks: 76%  Dallas Renegades: 24%

Matchup #4 DC Defenders: 58%  Tampa Bay Vipers: 42%

Semi-Final #1 – Seattle Dragons: 25%  St. Louis BattleHawks: 75%

Semi-Final #2Houston Roughnecks: 63%  DC Defenders: 37%

Final – St. Louis BattleHawks: 75%  Houston Roughnecks: 25%

Thank you to all who participated! Congratulations St. Louis BattleHawks!

Seattle Dragons to host fan meetup

The Seattle Dragons have announced they will host a fan meetup this Wednesday 28 August, at Elysian Fields, 542 1st Ave S, Seattle, Washington between 5-7pm. The event will be located at 98104).

This will be the first chance for Seattle fans to meet the Dragons staff in person.

Introducing the New York Guardians

YouTube video


The XFL has named their New York franchise, the New York Guardians.

“Sentries carved of stone. Watchdogs over the metropolis. A prehistoric predator. A beast evolves, turned loose in a new kind of jungle. All teeth and talons, eyes unblinking. They know fear, because they feed off it. They are your first line of defense, and there is no need for a second. The New York Guardians. On duty. February 2020.”

Under head coach Kevin Gilbride, the team will begin play in MetLife Stadium in February 2020.

XFL reveals team identities and logos

In a presentation simulcast across XFL.com, ESPN.com and the ESPN app, FOXSports.com, and the social media channels, hosts XFL Commissioner Oliver Luck, ESPN host Laura Rutledge and FOX sports host Colin Cowherd revealed the much awaited team names and logos.

The official team names are:

  • Dallas Renegades
  • Houston Roughnecks
  • Los Angeles Wildcats
  • New York Guardians
  • Seattle Dragons
  • St. Louis BattleHawks
  • Tampa Bay Vipers
  • D.C. Defenders

Introducing the DC Defenders

YouTube video

The XFL has named their Washington D.C. franchise, the DC Defenders.

“On the shoulders of giants, they stand tall. Unconquerable. Unyielding. Marching ever forward, A force united. One quest. One purpose. One resolve. Seeking glory through grit. Victory through valor. The DC Defenders. Taking their stand. February 2020.”

Under head coach Pep Hamilton, the team will begin play in Audi Field in February 2020.

Introducing the Tampa Bay Vipers

YouTube video


The XFL has named their Tampa Bay franchise, the Tampa Bay Vipers.

“In the shadows they wait. Demons, born in darkness. Hunters by instinct. Cold-blooded by nature. Their bite, unavoidable. Their grip, inescapable. They slither and stalk their competition. Luring all who challenge them… into the jaws of defeat. The Tampa Bay Vipers. Ready to strike. February 2020.”

Under head coach Marc Trestman, the team will begin play in Raymond James Stadium in February 2020.

Introducing the St. Louis BattleHawks

YouTube video


The XFL has named their St. Louis franchise, the St. Louis BattleHawks.

“Winged warriors. Preparing for flight. Preparing to fight. They await their orders. Then attack as one. Diving, dodging, swooping, striking. Their mission: create chaos. Their mandate: Win at all costs. The St. Louis BattleHawks. Cleared to engage. February 2020.”

Under head coach Jonathan Hayes, the team will begin play in The Dome at America’s Center in February 2020.

Introducing the Dallas Renegades

YouTube video


The XFL has named their Dallas franchise, the Dallas Renegades.

“Deep in the heart of Texas… beats a different kind of pulse. A spirit untamed. A swagger that can’t be denied. Where big meets bold meets badass. This is outlaw country, inside the lines. This is hell on wheels, between hash marks. This is their home on the range. The Dallas Renegades. Raising hell. February 2020.”

Under head coach Bob Stoops, the team will begin play in Globe Life Park, in Arlington Texas, in February 2020.

Introducing the Houston Roughnecks

YouTube video

The XFL has named their Houston franchise, the Houston Roughnecks.

“Resolute. Rippling with heat. Railing against fatigue. Unceasing and often unseen, they labor deep in the trenches. Mercenaries in the muck. Brawlers in blackened dirt. Not just for three hours. Not just when the lights are bright. These are the scratching, grinding, never-bending few. The Houston Roughnecks. Going to work for you. February 2020.”

Under head coach June Jones, the team will begin play in TDECU Stadium in February 2020.