The Innovations of the XFL continue to change professional football

Innovations we witnessed in the spring of this year could be a big part of the way football is played in the future.

Austin, TX – “Re-imagining the game of football” rang true during the first five weeks of XFL play, and now it seems like the NFL is doing the same.

With an ongoing pandemic, and leagues across the world trying to mitigate risk that COVID-19 poses, the NFL is looking for a solution regarding fan attendance and safety of its players and coaching staffs.

Charean Williams, writer for Pro Football Talk, wrote an article about how the NFL could put speakers in all of the players helmets on offense and defense. He states, “this could eliminate huddles where players cannot by definition social distance.”

Outside of making this about recommendations made by the CDC with hopes of playing professional football in the fall… this sounds very familiar.

Change is guaranteed in life, and I believe with or without the pandemic affecting the future of sports as we know it, the NFL would have discussed making this change eventually.

Not for safety measures.

Why? Because the NFL is now focused on the speed of the game, and adding speakers to each players helmet on offense and defense as we witnessed with the XFL can improve the product of the game and keep fans interested.

The faster the pace the better.

It is great to see the NFL is finally catching up and advancing their technology, but we will always remember where we saw this first, and that is the XFL.

The innovations made by XFL 1.0 changed the way we watched football and how media companies produced the broadcast of their games.

Now with XFL 2.0 the innovations we witnessed in the spring of this year could be a big part of the way football is played in the future.

Let’s just cross our fingers, the NFL looks into sideline interviews after a touchdown with coaches and players.

That’d be nice.


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