The Innovations of the XFL continue to change professional football

Innovations we witnessed in the spring of this year could be a big part of the way football is played in the future.

Austin, TX – “Re-imagining the game of football” rang true during the first five weeks of XFL play, and now it seems like the NFL is doing the same.

With an ongoing pandemic, and leagues across the world trying to mitigate risk that COVID-19 poses, the NFL is looking for a solution regarding fan attendance and safety of its players and coaching staffs.

Charean Williams, writer for Pro Football Talk, wrote an article about how the NFL could put speakers in all of the players helmets on offense and defense. He states, “this could eliminate huddles where players cannot by definition social distance.”

Outside of making this about recommendations made by the CDC with hopes of playing professional football in the fall… this sounds very familiar.

Change is guaranteed in life, and I believe with or without the pandemic affecting the future of sports as we know it, the NFL would have discussed making this change eventually.

Not for safety measures.

Why? Because the NFL is now focused on the speed of the game, and adding speakers to each players helmet on offense and defense as we witnessed with the XFL can improve the product of the game and keep fans interested.

The faster the pace the better.

It is great to see the NFL is finally catching up and advancing their technology, but we will always remember where we saw this first, and that is the XFL.

The innovations made by XFL 1.0 changed the way we watched football and how media companies produced the broadcast of their games.

Now with XFL 2.0 the innovations we witnessed in the spring of this year could be a big part of the way football is played in the future.

Let’s just cross our fingers, the NFL looks into sideline interviews after a touchdown with coaches and players.

That’d be nice.


Look at all these rumors… about the XFL

XFL- LA Wildcats At NY Guardians 29 Feb 2020 – Credit Adam McCullough

Austin, TX– During its five weeks of duration, The XFL was not only innovative in the way the sport of football is played but also cultivated a huge fan base and following.

And personally, I am one of those fans.

There are many reasons as to why I hold a great affinity for the league as a whole, but the main reason that I loved the XFL was because it ignited something deep down within.

From the innovative presentation and broadcast of the games, the passion displayed by players and coaches, the kickoffs, the overtime rules, extra points, and live look-ins to the locker rooms and half time speeches, we all were able to use those experiences to fall back in love with the basics of football.

As my youth football coach always said during halftime, “The most important thing in this game, is to have fun.”

The fans experienced intimacy with the teams they followed, which I think is something that is missing in most of the professional sports we love to follow and watch. We are all excited about the potential of the XFL coming back, but as a reporter and a analyst, I have to be responsible in reporting information I receive.

Needless to say I have learned from my past transgressions. (Like 2 days ago)

Rumors and speculation have surrounded the XFL since the league cancelled it’s season, and it is okay that we are excited but most of the rumors and speculation surrounding the revival of the league has been mostly miss more than hit including my previous tweet earlier in the week, and that is never good for anyone involved.

Especially when fans of the beloved XFL are looking for breaking and exciting news during these troubling times around the world.

I am here to nip all of those rumors in the bud.

The facts are the XFL is currently going through the process of Chapter 11 bankruptcy, and that is all.

We will not truly know the fate of our beloved XFL until August 7th which is the date set for the XFL’s sale hearing.

There are rumors surrounding who the potential bidders and buyers could be, but that is all they are. Rumors.

The initial report about the league looking into relocating different teams to different markets or expansion of the league, again are just rumors.

Last but not least the article released earlier yesterday referring to Vince McMahon potentially cashing out after the bankruptcy process. You guessed it, it’s just another rumor.

Look at all of these rumors…

I understand how excited you are about the potential of the XFL coming back because like you I believe the league was poised for success.

But the fact of the matter is at this moment all we can do is wait patiently for August 7th, and any news you may possibly hear before then may just be… rumors.

I am excited and encouraged about the potential of the XFL returning, but also I understand that we must remain patient through this process.

As the old adage goes, “Some things in life are worth waiting for.”

If I receive any news or updates regarding the XFL I will be happy to share, but as of right now I do not expect much news to break.


XFL Auction set for August 3rd

XFL Auction

According to Ben Fischer of Sports Business Journal, the XFL will have a new owner on August 3rd.

The date was selected Judge Laurie Selber Silverstein, who split the difference between the timetable preferred by the XFL and the one wanted by the league’s creditors. Even though the auction will be settled on the 3rd, the sale will be confirmed four days layer.

Last week it was revealed that there are already twenty potential buyers that have signed non-disclosure agreements, and are potential bidders for the purchase of the league. It is also rumored that one of the interested parties is Fox/Disney.  There is no proven veracity to this rumor, as of now.

Regardless of who has interest in purchasing the XFL, there is hope that the league will return in 2021.