Interview: XFL Hopeful Jerimiah Spicer Brings More Than a Story to a Roster

Jerimiah Spicer is a man with a plan. While Spicer is not on a roster, currently, he claims to have gained interest from two XFL teams, a CFL team, and the Chargers and Vikings of the NFL. The only person responsible for that is Spicer. In his early life, things did not come easy. I asked, “Could you describe the hardships you faced growing up?”

“Growing up, I lived on skid row with my mother, who was taken from me at two years old. I was homeless in poverty without a mother or a father, living in foster homes, group homes, and had gone to eight different high schools. Sleeping on floors, couches, abandoned apartments, and in my car, all I had was my grandma and mom, who died.”

Ultimately landing at Banning High School in California, Spicer was a standout with multiple division one offers. Sadly enough, he could not commit do to his legal situation. Quoting the following on struggles with social workers.

“My living situation kept me from being 100% focused on academics… I am a survivor and will always survive.”

Jerimiah went on to commit to Bethesda College of the NAIA. There he excelled as a player, well enough to be drafted into the newly established MLFB (Major League Football), which folded before Spicer even played a down. But in 2018 he was given a tryout from the Cape Fear Heroes, American Arena League, where he was an All-Star. After the season Spicer was given a shot with the San Diego Chargers, where he was later cut. But Spicer left his mark on the football universe, he was known to be a big hitter backer, while he was not NFL level, teams knew his name.

With that said Spicer gave himself a shot to be apart of the newly established XFL going into the 2019-2020 season. He was signed to the LA Wildcats of the XFL, who have recently waived him, which came as a surprise to many fans.

Jerimiah said the following to me after being cut: “I felt like I was kicked down while I was starting to get up.”

He took the cut personally. He claims to have even cried after he was cut, and it is now his new motivation.

“I am going to make it to the top, watch. I will be a star in the XFL, and lead the league in tackles. I just need a shot.”

While the answer might be obvious, I asked Jerimiah if he felt the adversity he’s been through has given him a chip.

“Hell yeah, I have a chip on my shoulder. My life hasn’t been nice, not one bit. I’ve always felt not accepted and neglected, but it’s helped motivate me to want to be the best in the world, not just football, but in my everyday life.”

I asked him what part of his game offers the most to whatever team will sign him, and he did not hesitate to answer.

“I play for the people, the fans. I have relentless energy, and I don’t quit, and I have the instincts to get to the ball and make the big play. Teams should sign me because I’m a diamond in the rough, I am always on winning teams”

He also said, “I hate to lose, more than I like to win… I am the definition of beating adversity and not quitting.”

Spicer has had some help around him over the years, and I’d like to repeat his shout out to that help in the following quote:

“My big bro Twon, his wife Lateisha, Fyawater, my aunt Rett, and other big bro Corey have all taken me in as family.”

Best of luck to Jerimiah, the football world will always root for you, and whatever endeavors may come your way!

If any readers would like to learn more about Spicer and his high energy big-hitting game, I refer them to this YouTube video:

YouTube video

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  • Mark Nelson says:

    Jerimiah, setbacks will only make you stronger. Keep doing what you know how to do, and you will bring opportunity to your door.

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