XFL Dallas Renegades test innovative on-field communication system

XFL Offensive Skill Player Headset System
Source: XFL.com

For the first time this training camp, the Dallas Renegades trialed one of the XFL’s 2020 innovations when their skill players tested a unique set of radio communication in their helmets.

In their 2020 season, the XFL has decided to allow one-way radio communication from coaches to all skill players on the field. This will allow play calls to be heard by additional offensive players and shorten the time needed for offensive huddles… all in an effort to present a faster game with “more ball and less stall.”

Reportedly, Dallas offensive coordinator Hal Mumme was pleased with the innovative new communications system.

“Speed is obviously the biggest difference because I can get the play out to six guys at a time,” Mumme said. “I think it’s pretty cool. I always hated headsets until now.”

Mumme was also impressed with how the headsets made the Renegades practice more efficient.

“It helps speed up practice, too. You get more reps in and you’ve got a chance to coach them on the run,” Mumme said. “As they’re jogging back you can tell them to make their route deeper or whatever. It’s great.”

We are looking forward to seeing innovations such as this, and others, when XFL teams hit the field next month.

Source: XFL.com