Colin Jeter looks to solidify his pro football career with the XFL Seattle Dragons

Colin Jeter Seattle Dragaons XFL
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Colin Jeter, a tight end currently with the Seattle Dragons of the XFL, began his football career at Longview High School in Longview, TX.

“I played for Coach King at Longview,” Jeter said. “As a kid, I played offensive line just because I was the biggest kid. But, I grew up and stretched out, and they decided to make me a tight end.”

After high school, and after some deliberations, Jeter attended LSU and played with the storied Tigers squad.

“I kind of had a wild road, but ended up playing for LSU,” Colin explained. “I got to play there for three years and had a blast. Coach Ensminger recruited me, and he was my tight ends coach, and ended up being the offensives coordinator of the last portion of my senior year.”

Colin has good memories of his time at LSU.

“I had a phenomenal time living in Baton Rouge and just enjoying the game and enjoying playing big time football.”

After college, Jeter went undrafted. However, soon after the draft ended he received a phone call from the Indianapolis Colts, and an invitation to their rookie minicamp. From there, Jeter won a spot on the Colts training camp roster, but was stricken by a broken foot in the first week of training camp. It was a setback he did not count on.

“I had earned a spot, at least for the training camp roster before they made cuts. But I ended up breaking my foot the first week of training camp. I had foot surgery and it didn’t work out for me. But, that’s just how the business works.”

A season later, after his foot had healed, Jeter got a shot with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. However, in what seems like a cruel replay of bad fortune, he suffered a concussion in the first week of training camp and was eventually waived by the Bucs.

Jeter’s next opportunity came with the Memphis Express of the Alliance of American Football (AAF), however misfortune struck again as he spent much of the shortened AAF season on the IR list.

Now, the XFL has come calling; first by inviting Jeter to a Summer Showcase, and then by the Seattle Dragons drafting him in the fifth round in the October draft. If bad luck comes in threes, Jeter has already had his quota. It must be high time for good fortune to shine on his career.

“I was back out of a job. So, it’s been somewhat of a journey and frustrating with the injury,” Colin said. “That’s how it goes. Let’s start at the guys that have similar stories to me, whether it’s injuries or just not having a room on a roster and you’re just kind of bouncing around. But I think that’s what makes this league (the XFL) so great, is that it provides opportunity for guys like me.”

Clearly, Jeter has set his sights on the XFL as a way to set his pro football career on the right track, and solidify his play as a marquee tight end. He has already been through a minicamp with the Dragons, and next on the slate is the January training camp in Houston.

“Minicamp was kind of introductory phase,” Jeter said. “When training camp comes it’s pretty much a full-go. So, we’re looking forward to just adding onto what we’ve already learned.”

There are five tight ends on the Seattle Dragons roster, but Jeter isn’t afraid of the competition.

“Obviously they make roster cuts, so we’re going to do what we can…. Everybody is going to be going full-go and doing what they can to make that squad.”

We send Colin Jeter the best of luck in the upcoming training camp and wish him good health through the 2020 XFL season. We know he deserves it.

The entire interview with Colin Jeter may be found in XFL Xtra Episode 17-2019 – Solidify
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