XFL Guardians Bolster Roster with Three Ex-NFL Wide Recievers

Taivon Jacobs, Teo Redding, Dalton Ponchillia
The Guardian’s have brought in three NFL level wideouts: Taivon Jacobs, Teo Redding, Dalton Ponchillia

This morning (12/23) the New York Guardians tweeted the following:

The Guardian’s have brought in three NFL level wideouts.

Taivon Jacobs, who left a lasting mark at Maryland University, comes into training camp with NFL mini-camp time. Before being cut by the Ravens, head coach John Harbaugh praised his ability in a press conference. After being questioned about a different undrafted wide receiver, Harbaugh made sure to mention Jacob’s recent play.

“I’ll tell you, all the receivers looked really good. I don’t know how many passes were dropped out here, but it wasn’t very many. They all ran good routes.” “We’ve got a guy [Taivon Jacobs] from Maryland here; he looked really good.”

Expect Taivon Jacobs to not only compete for a roster spot in this coming training camp, but for a starting position.

Teo Redding comes into camp with a bit more experience than most. After going undrafted out of Bowling Green, Redding was given a chance with the Detriot Lions. Redding was then cut after multiple pre-season appearances. Soon after he was signed to the Green Bay Packers practice squad. In his time with the Packers he said the following:

“I took advantage of the opportunities I had”… “In my head, I was just like be patient, the time was coming.”… “When I heard I would be able to play a lot this fourth game, I prepared my self a lot this week and was ready to go.”

This was said following a preseason win versus the Chiefs where Redding hauled in 4 receptions for 49 yards.

Rounding out the new receiving bunch is Dalton Ponchillia. After stints in the NFL and CFL, Ponchilla looks to find a home with the New York Guardians. Out of Western Kentucky University and Eastern Tennessee University Dalton was given a chance with the Jacksonville Jaguars in minicamp. He then joined Alouettes de Montréal in the CFL.

If Ponchillia wants a spot he will have to work for it. There are currently ten other receivers on the roster, all who have participated in this year’s minicamp. Coming in with little high-level experience, he will need to prove himself.

While information on the journeyman is limited, multiple highlight tapes can be found on YouTube. Video 1/Video 2

While some seem more qualified than others, each of these receivers is faced with the same challenge: Stick around. Through the ups and downs of training camp, the regular season, and even day to day practice, these three will be fighting for their job day in and day out. Best of luck to each of these players, and the ones already on the team.