Patience pays off for newly minted XFL Seattle Dragons kicker Cole Tracy

LSU Tigers place kicker Cole Tracy (36) and LSU Tigers punter Josh Growden (38) were perfect on the day, Georgia Bulldogs vs LSU Tigers, Football, Tiger Stadium, October 13, 2018, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Tammy Anthony Baker, Photographer.

Last October, during the inaugural XFL draft, Cole Tracy was waiting for his name to be called. He wasn’t the only one, as members of his family were also closely following the draft picks.

They had confidence Cole’s name would be called, especially since he had come off an excellent college football campaign, where he had excelled as a field-goal specialist for a powerful LSU team. Plus, he had been to free agent tryouts with the New Orleans Saints and Green Bay Packers, and then an invite to the XFL Summer Showcase in Long Beach. Surely, the XFL would be clamoring to use his kicking talents.

But Cole’s name wasn’t called.

However, he seemed to be prepared for this. “That’s something I’ve been told about this process numerous times, especially for a kicker,” Cole said.  “It’s definitely a journey and a tough road, but you kind of have to stay ready, and stay in it for as long as you can, until an opportunity jumps up.”

And that’s exactly what happened. On Friday, Cole received a call and was told he would be joining the Seattle Dragons at their training camp this January in Houston.

This was good news for Cole, and exciting news for his family as well, since many would be able to attend games in Seattle. In fact, Cole even identifies as being from Seattle.

“My family is actually from Seattle, from the state of Washington,” Cole explained. “We grew up going to Seahawks games, and grew up a Mariner’s fan and Husky fan, so it’s kind of like my second home.”

“I’m excited to join their organization, and kind of develop that culture in Seattle,” he said.

Aside from the geographic connection, Cole Tracy is grateful to join the Dragons, and embark on his first pro football opportunity.

“I’m grateful for this opportunity, and looking forward to getting to work.”

The entire interview with Cole Tracy may be found in XFL Xtra Episode 16-2019 – The Ins and the Outs
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