Seems official. Johnny Football and Trent Richardson will not be in the XFL

Johnny Manziel 2014 Browns training camp

Through an interview with the Tampa Bay Times XFL Commissioner and CEO Oliver Luck has gone gone on record to say that Johnny Manziel and Trent Richardson will not be seen on an XFL team roster.

“I would argue that the players we have are better than those guys, to be honest with you. Johnny has his own history, and we have coaches from the CFL who have seen him close up. I watched Trent when he was with the Colts, and I watched him when he was with the AAF. He was in the draft pool. Coaches and scouts looked at him and didn’t think he was going to help their team. I think the guys we have on our teams are the best 560 that aren’t playing in the National Football League.”

Trent Richardson attended a Summer Showcase, he was invited to the draft pool, and the XFL even touted him as a strong candidate prior to the draft. However, it seems that teams just didn’t see Richardson as a good fit in their roster.

Manziel was never invited to a Summer Showcase, nor did he appear in the draft pool. However, Houston Roughnecks coach June Jones did express interest in Manziel. This seems like a moot point now that Phillip Walker was selected as Houston’s tier-one Quarterback, and the Roughnecks chose Conner Cook as their first pick in the draft. It seems like Jones is definitely going in a different direction.

Of course stranger things have happened. However, the odds of these two players suiting up for the XFL seems to have become even longer.

One comment on “Seems official. Johnny Football and Trent Richardson will not be in the XFL

  • This is just foolish, Manziel creates interest, his games in the CFL were the most watched in the States, as were his games in the AAF, not to mention the millions of views his Direct General ad gets on the YouTube. Sorry I wont be watching this nonsense, I would give it a whirl to see Manziel play again, but they will make the mistake of trying to sign him half way through the year, when he gets no camp with his team mates and will be thrown on the field after a handful of practices and expect to save the floundering league. Get your resume ready Mr. Luck, this league lasts a year…..if you are lucky.

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