Representing H-Town: new XFL uniforms revealed tonight!

For XFL fans, today is the first day of Christmas as the new, highly anticipated uniforms were revealed tonight. Overall, most if not all of the uniforms were crisp and should generate some excitement for fans of this league 2.0 version.

One of the key marketing elements that every professional and NCAA team has to take into account is how will fans react to team uniforms and the XFL seems to take this seriously. Not only are the team names more “serious” in nature nineteen years later, but the team uniforms are by and large imaginative and colorful-key elements in attracting new fans to this league come February.

The Houston Roughnecks unveiled their home and road uniforms tonight as well and the first thing that attracts the eye is the bright silver helmets with the “H” and interlocking oil rig logo in the heart of the helmet. These helmets will no doubt shine brightly on game day (or night) and immediately command respect for the backbone of Houston’s culture-the oil industry.

The uniform colors are a combination of navy blue, grey and silver with the home jerseys being red in the chest, navy blue sleeves and a lone red star on the outside of the shoulders and grey pants, while the road jerseys reverse with a grey jersey body, red shoulders and a lone navy blue star on the outside on the shoulders and navy blue pants. The designers of the Roughnecks’ uniforms no doubt wanted to pay homage to the uniform colors of the Houston Texans, the navy blue of the Houston Astros and the red of the University of Houston Cougars where the Roughnecks will be playing their home games.

Hopefully fans in Houston in particular and the XFL in general will quickly start identifying with the Roughnecks as their sharp uniform look is a step in the right direction for a great inaugural season.