For BattleHawks TE Connor Davis, hard work and perseverance will pay off

A graduate of Long Island’s Stony Brook University, tight end Connor Davis has been working hard to prove he belongs on a pro football roster. In October, he was drafted to the St. Louis BattleHawks of the XFL. Soon, he will attend the BattleHawks mini-camp, which will begin an important opportunity to make his case.

“It’s another opportunity to play football, and play football at a very high level, at a professional level, and make a living off it,” Connor said. “If you’re a guy in my situation, it’s not much more you can ask for if you still have an opportunity to make a living off of playing a sport and continue your career.”

Before the XFL opportunity came along, Connor attended a New York Giants Rookie Mini-Camp out of college. It never amounted to an NFL contract, but it still turned out to be a chance to gain experience and get a taste of the big league.

Connor looks at his NFL time as a learning experience. “It was a great opportunity to get there, compete, get in front of the coaches,” Connor explained. “You get in there, and you’re completely involved…. you’re with the coaches and the team, kind of twenty-four and seven.”

Soon afterward, Connor was courted by the AAF and then signed by the Birmingham Iron. Unfortunately, the AAF and the Iron folded in the latter stages of their inaugural season, leaving Connor without a football job. Despite the setback, Connor sees his time with the Iron as a positive experience, especially in the way it furthered his football career and the careers of many others.

Now he is headed for the XFL.

After attending an XFL Summer Showcase at Montclair State in New Jersey, Connor impressed XFL coaches and scouts with his athleticism and height. At an impressive height of 6 feet 8 inches, he stood out in the crowd. Soon afterward he was invited to the XFL draft, which lead to him being picked by the St. Louis BattleHawks.

Connor makes a great case that joining the BattleHawks will be good for his football career. Especially since he sees value in the league and the BattleHawks organization. “It (the XFL) was very well put together,” he said. “I think the coaching staff around St. Louis with coach Hayes and the staff beneath him is a great staff to work under and learn.”

Plus, an XFL opportunity will be a great chance to further his career. “It’s another opportunity to get more film, progress a career and hopefully get an opportunity to lead, which is the ultimate goal here,” Connor explained.

“Keep playing football, and you know, with good film and a good season to get an opportunity with an NFL team come next August,” Connor added.

In preparation for training camps, Connor has kept busy working out and perfecting his craft.

“I like to stay busy, that’s for sure,” he said. “I don’t like to take too much downtime, you know. I like to always be doing something to kind of work towards perfecting my craft. Whether it’s just working footwork, movement, or stretching, staying mobile. Just always trying to do something to get better.”

When asked where he was when he heard he was drafted to the BattleHawks, Conner explained that he was helping out as an assistant coach of his Fallston High School football team, and the entire team joined him in his celebration.

When asked if he was a role model for these young footballers, Connor gave a modest response, “I try to present myself in a way of what hard work can do. Just kind of keep your head down and keep working.”

Clearly, hard work and perseverance is the mantra of Connor Davis. We just know that this attitude will serve him well in his future pro football career.

The entire interview with Connor Davis may be found in XFL Xtra Episode 12-2019 – Opportunity
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