XFL Supplemental Draft Expectations – Roster Vacancies

With the supplemental draft coming up on Friday 22 November, we wondered how many teams needed to draft players to fill their 71 player roster. Thank you to football fans like @GregMParks who tracks XFL player movements on Twitter, and the watchful eyes of the denizens in the XFLBoard.com forum, we pretty much know which drafted players have gone elsewhere.

This list is not official or final. To be clear, these are the players we think have gone elsewhere. Other players may have passed on the draft offer, and their intentions were never made public. Also, players that went to the NFL/CFL may be back. We will know more soon!

The following table was last updated on Friday 22 November at 11am EST.

Drafted players who may not join their XFL team

PosFirstLastDrafted byWent to
OGTylerGauthierBattleHawksNE PS
WRIshmaelHymanBattleHawksTB PS
DECorbinKaufusiBattleHawksNYJ PS
SDexterMcCoilBattlehawksCFL Calgary
CJimmyMurrayBattleHawksNYJ PS
DEJakeCeresnaDefendersCFL Edmonton
TEOrsonCharlesDefendersDen PS
WRRashardDavisDefendersTen PS
OTKyleMurphyDefendersHou PS
SMaxRedfieldDefendersDropped out
DEAustinLarkinGuardiansAtl PS
OGIanSilbermanGuardiansArz PS
WRQuadreeHendersonGuardiansPit PS
CBLorenzoDossGuardiansDropped out
TEKeithTowbridge GuardiansWash PS
LSColinHolbaRenegadesNYG PS
OGJohnKeenoyRenegadesMin PS
TEKelvinMcKnightRenegadesDen PS
SMontrelMeanderRenegadesCle PS
CBJohnFranklin IIIRenegadesBucs PS
SSaQwanEdwardsRoughnecksDropped out
STraeElstonRoughnecksNO PS
WRDevinGrayRoughnecksAtl PS
FBRalphWebbVipersPit PS
TEScottOrndoffWildcatsPhi PS
OTRyanPopeWildcatsJax PS
LBCoreyVereenWildcatsDropped out