Official XFL Football should be revealed soon

We all know how much XFL fans loved the original black and red XFL football. Nothing can beat the look of that ball, but, can a modernly engineered football be the right fit for #XFL2020?

Last week, the Dallas Renegades tweeted a teaser from the “Team Issue” headquarters in the “Big Game” football factory in Dallas, Texas, where they were shooting video for the grand reveal.

From the Team Issue website:

Team Issue is engineering the future of football technology. We’ve worked under the simple mission of enhancing athletic performance through innovation and superior design. Meticulously crafted, rigorously tested and fully customizable, Team Issue footballs are the best ever created.”

“The game is evolving, so why shouldn’t your football? At Team Issue, we develop the technologies that propel your game forward. Built with cutting-edge innovation, unsurpassed quality and an unprecedented commitment to excellence, we’ve designed the best football ever made.”

The official football is one of the items XFL fans literally want to get their hands on. Currently there is no news when and where the ball will be available for purchase, however we expect this news to be released soon.

Late in October, an message board participant posted an image of a ball that appears to be at least a prototype of the new ball.

Post by LeoNY » Tue Oct 29, 2019 1:29 pm
I saw this and screen shot it. It was in a YouTube video on the XFL careers channel. I don’t know if this is the final design but unlike the X pinpoint balls we saw in the Showcase photos. This actually has the XFL logo on it. It’s not as cool as the original XFL ball, which was more for style than substance. Knowing this version of the XFL. The ball was probably created with player performance in mind.

This is exciting, right?