XFL Xtra Episode 5-2019 – Do you feel a draft in here? – Eric Beisel and Jackson Conner

The XFL Draft will be taking place in just over a week, on October 15-16. St. Louis native, linebacker Eric Beisel has been seen as a leader of every football squad he has been a member of… from high school, to the University of Missouri and onward to professional football with the Birmingham Iron and “Your Call Football.” Now, the XFL draft may give him an opportunity to join an XFL squad. Jackson Conner is the XFLBoard.com team reporter in Seattle. We talk about how the Dragons are being accepted by the city of Seattle, and we discuss the upcoming draft, and about players that are expected to be chosen.

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One comment on “XFL Xtra Episode 5-2019 – Do you feel a draft in here? – Eric Beisel and Jackson Conner

  • Pretty stoked for the draft hope it is streaming live. Hope the dragons uniforms look good as a Canadian Seahawks fan can’t wait for this. I’ll tell you what if the league does well it’s going to give the CFL some trouble when it comes to player acquisition.
    I don’t even follow CFL as a Canadian couldn’t name a single player on the local team. Would love to see some American football come up this way as a expansion if the league does well.


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