Kalias Robertson wants the XFL to call his number

Kalias Robertson, a former Alabama A&M Bulldogs Tight End, has been invited to the XFL draft… and he couldn’t be more excited.

Mainly, Kalias is happy to hear that his football skills have not gone unnoticed. “I’m on their draft boards,” he said. “I’m very excited to see who’s going to get me first.”

Kalias grew up in Alabama, where football is a way of life. “I grew up in Tuscaloosa, but I moved because I was on scholarship to play ball in Huntsville, Alabama,” he explained. “I’ve been surrounded by football all my life. Ever since I was little, I attended the Alabama games and just wanted to get on the field,  even though I wasn’t able to play with Alabama.”

Many of the highlights of his college career were when he got to play in the Magic City Classic. In fact, in 2016, he managed to catch the pass that scored the two-point conversion that tied the game, and led to the team winning in overtime.

“That was a moment I could never forget, because we needed it,” Kalias recalled. “My coach was like, Kalias, I’m coming you to Kalias. We need it. So, he called my number, and he always told me, big time players, make big time plays, in big time situations. And, I knew my number was being called. So I had to make the play.”

When asked if he is ready to play in the XFL, Kalias insisted he is more than ready. “I’m definitely ready man. I’ve been waiting to play pro-football for the longest,” he responded.

Kalias went on to say that he was ready to go last spring, when he was brought into the roster of the Birmingham Iron of the Alliance of American Football.

“I was brought on with the AAF in Birmingham, right? I was getting ready to play in the next couple of days, and the league folded. I was kind of upset with that.”

Like many players, Kalias was caught in the disappointment of the AAF folding. However, he keeps maintaining his body for the game knowing full well that his pro-football career is not over. According to Kalias, the recipe is a mixture of weight-training, running, swimming and yoga.

“I do yoga,” Kalias said. “People don’t understand that the little things matter. So, I do yoga to keep my body flexed, so I can stay flexible.

When asked which team he hoped to be selected by, Kalias didn’t want to say. He just pointed out that he wanted to be on a team that has a throwing offense.

“I’d like to be on a team where they throw the ball, because I can go out in the slot and stuff like that,” Kalias explained.

When it comes to pregame rituals, Kalias relies on prayer.

“I pray man,” he said. “I just pray to God, check my body before I go out there, and just to protect me and my teammates… protect my mind, protect my whole body, and just for a great game.”

It sounds like Kalias has his priorities straight. We are also ready to send him good thoughts, and wish him luck in the XFL draft, and through the upcoming XFL training camps.

If you want to keep up on Kalias Robertson’s career, you can follow him on Twitter @84OnGo

“That’s my number man. 84,” Kalias explained. “I did a lot of work in 84 in college… and I’m gonna probably rock the 84 in the XFL.”

We will all be watching for #84.