Come meet Houston Roughnecks head coach June Jones

The Houston Roughnecks will hold a Q&A session featuring head coach June Jones on Thursday September 5th at Pitch 25, 2120 Walker St. Houston, TX, between 6-7:30pm.

Everyone is welcome!

4 comments on “Come meet Houston Roughnecks head coach June Jones

  • I hope that every XFL team stays away from Manziel. He’s far from the role models that league needs to get credibility. I hope and pray that some of the teams approach Tebo instead.

  • Tim Tebow would be good for the XFL but that does not negate what Johnny Manziel brings to the table. Don’t forget, he was given the shaft by the CFL and released for no reason. No crime, no steroids, just failing to see his therapist. His big plays in the CFL are still a reminder that he can play, and you cant blame him for the AAF folding. If the XFL runs out of money, they should consider joining the CFL instead of folding like the AAF.


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