XFL registers trademarks for recently released logos… and more

The XFL’s parent company Alpha Entertainment recently trademarked its logos, and revealed a few more graphics it plans to use in its team identities.

The registrations were filed on August 20, the day before the logos and team names were revealed.  They appeared for public view on August 24th, which just happens to be the same day team-branded merchandise went on sale at xflshop.com.

Previously unseen in the initial logo reveal are a “viper head”, a “roughneck” and a “claw mark.”  However, these secondary graphics are now seen on merchandise being sold at xflshop.com.

The trademarks were registered for the following purposes:

C 025. US 022 039. G & S: Clothing, namely, tops and bottoms as clothing; headwear; sports caps and hats; t-shirts; shirts; sweatshirts; shorts; tank tops; sweaters; pants; jackets; golf shirts; knit shirts; jerseys; wristbands as clothing; warm up suits; gloves; ties as clothing; cloth bibs; sleepwear, namely, bathrobes and pajamas; underwear; socks; footwear, namely, sneakers, slippers, flip flops; scarves; bandannas; swimwear; Halloween and masquerade costumes

IC 041. US 100 101 107. G & S: Entertainment services in the nature of professional football games and exhibitions; providing sports and entertainment information via a global computer network, mobile applications, commercial on-line computer service or by cable, satellite, television and radio; arranging and conducting athletic competitions, namely, professional football games; production and distribution of radio and television programs in the field of sports; entertainment services in the nature of live shows featuring football games, organizing live exhibitions, competitions, and live musical and dance performances; sporting activities, namely, football skills competitions and football showcases; distribution of television programming to cable and satellite television systems; distribution of television programs for others; entertainment services, namely, providing online electronic games; football fan club services; providing a web site featuring sports news and entertainment news; Entertainment services in the nature of a fantasy football game; mail order, on-line retail store services and mail order catalog services, all featuring general consumer merchandise related to sports and sports teams