Speculation abounds after the XFL teases team identities

Like a burlesque entertainer removing one glove, this is all the XFL is willing to show…. today.

Today, the XFL released two thumbnails representing the identities of two of their eight franchises.

This immediately kicked-off a round of speculation, mainly focused on the left graphic being the head of a snake, with an eye and a fang showing, and the right graphic being the bottom left of a large “D”.

On Twitter 2020Hindsight thought the “D” could be the logo for Dallas, as the Dallas is known as the “Big D.”

In the XFLBoard Forum the conversation pointed to the fact that the AAF did a similar tease of their logos prior to the official release.  You can see the AAF teaser logos here:

There is no word on when the official team names and branding announcement will be made. It should be pointed out that when the AAF teased their logos, they released bits and pieces of each logo until all eight logos were teased.  Does this mean we are due for six more teaser graphics from the XFL?

It should also be pointed out that today’s teaser did not resonate with any mainstream media outlets. The only places reporting today’s teaser were XFL fan sites. This could be the most important takeaway from today’s release.

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  • I see a black mask over a blue face with red eyes peering out.
    Night Riders

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