XFL bolsters its ranks with new staff hires including former AAF Director of Player Personnel

The XFL bolstered its ranks with new staff hires, including a league-wide director of player administration, heads of communications in their Los Angeles, Tampa Bay and Houston franchises, and a head of partnerships in LA. Russ Giglio has joined as Director of Player Administration. Russ spent over eleven years at the NFL working in the … Read more

Imagining a reimagined game of football

The average amount of actual action in an entire NFL game has been calculated to be anywhere from eleven to fifteen minutes. This is what the viewer at home, and in the stadium, experiences over a three-hour span of watching an NFL game. Fifteen minutes or less of actual football.  A sixty-minute game that only … Read more

“He Hate Me” — Running Back Rod Smart

Torrold DeShaun “Rod” Smart is better known as “He Hate Me,” especially in XFL circles. Smart grew up in Lakeland, Florida, attending Lakeland High School, where he played football as both running back and a cornerback for the football team, and ran for the track team. Smart attended Western Kentucky University, completing his time with … Read more

It All Begins…Again

It seemed too good to be true. There they were, the architects of the renegade 2001 football league, Vince McMahon and Dick Ebersol, sitting down together to have dinner at the end of ESPN’s 30 for 30 documentary on the XFL. “Do you ever have thoughts about trying again?” Ebersols asks McMahon. Without hesitation, McMahon … Read more