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Re: Full Schedule has been released

Post by KJE » Fri Oct 25, 2019 9:39 am

MikeMitchell wrote:
Wed Oct 23, 2019 3:47 pm
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Wed Oct 23, 2019 3:12 pm
Outside of the brilliant scheduling of 3 straight weeks of divisional games at the end of the season. Another impressive aspect of the schedule is how the league avoided putting teams against each other twice in a 3 week span. This happens in small leagues and in 8 team leagues. The AAF had a couple of instances where teams played each other twice in a 3 week span.
The divisional playoff makes this still likely to happen, though. Also gonna be weird to see teams play each other three times, although that's hard to avoid. Even with the 2001 playoff format the Xtreme and Demons matched up three times.
Inevitable in an 8 team league for it to happen in the playoffs. You can’t put all eight teams in the playoffs. Even a cross divisional playoff game doesn’t rule out a divisional matchup, like you just mentioned with the Demons and Xtreme in the championship game.

If you play a divisional rival three times. It means that you are a playoff team and had a successful season. The Buffalo Bills will sign for that right now.

There’s a chance that we could see a rematch from week 10 in the first week of the playoffs. In theory, Dallas could beat LA in week 10 and win the division. Thereby insuring that they host a playoff game the following week against LA. Or..... Dallas could already have the division clinched and a home playoff game, but have to decide whether to knock LA out of the playoffs. By doing so, they help one of their divisional rivals get into the playoffs.

Imagine if you will, Houston needs Dallas to beat LA to get into the playoffs. Dallas sticks it to their Texas rival Houston and decides to rest their starters on that Thursday night game. LA wins and then plays at Dallas again the following week. That could backfire as well if LA beats them in the playoffs.

I recall an instance in the NFL where The Bengals had their playoff seed and a home game locked up for the playoffs. They were playing an 8 and 7 team in the Jets, who needed the game to make the playoffs. The rub was that New York would play at Cincy if they got win. Cincy rested their starters. The Jets steamrolled them and made the playoffs. 6 days later, The Jets go into Cincy and beat the Bengals and knock them out of the playoffs.
The CFL started backloading the schedule a couple of years ago. They also do a lot of back to backs. Winnipeg could possibly end their season playing Calgary three straight times (albeit with a bye week in between the final regular season game and the first playoff game) depending how the standings shake out.

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