Washington hires Director of Player Personnel

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Washington hires Director of Player Personnel

Post by MikeMitchell » Tue Jun 11, 2019 12:55 pm

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XFL Washington is expected to name Greg Gabriel as it's Director of Player Personnel. Gabriel has 30 years of NFL scouting experience. He spent nine years as the Director of College Scouting for The Chicago Bears. This was the last team in the XFL to make such a hire. You had to figure that this would come this week, with DC's Summer Showcase taking place on Saturday.

There will probably be more staff hires announced in the next few weeks but the major front office roles have been filled. What most of us didn't know, is how extensive these front office hires would be, with XFL Head Coaches also assuming the role of General Manager. The Director of Player Personnel are the de-facto GM's for these teams. If they are not #1, they are at least 1A.

Here's what the eight teams front office structures look like;


Director of Player Personnel- Daryl Johnston
Director of Football Operations- Dave Boller
Analytics/Scouting Manager- Robert Morris


Director of Player Personnel- Randy Mueller
Assistant Director of Personnel- Will Lewis
Director of Football Operations- Dan Kuhn

Los Angeles

Director of Player Personnel- Joey Clinkscales
Director of Football Operations- Charles Bailey


Director of Player Personnel- Tony Softli
Director of Football Operations- Matthew Hayes

New York

Director of Player Personnel- Alan "Trip" MacCracken
Director of Football Operations- John Peterson
Football Operations Manager- Chris Thompson


Director of Player Personnel- Josh Hinch
Director of Football Operations- Catherine Raiche (presumably)
Football Operations Manager- Ronald Selesky
Scouting Manager/Analytics- Justin Hickman

St. Louis

Director of Player Personnel- Theotis Brown
Football Operations Manager- Jeff Bauer


Director of Player Personnel- Greg Gabriel

There's a few hires that haven't been announced yet on the coaching and team president side. Dallas and St.Louis haven't announced their Team Presidents yet. St. Louis also needs to hire an offensive coordinator. Winston Moss hasn't announced his OC yet either. New York also hasn't announced it's offensive coordinator, but most assume that it will be Gilbride's offense anyway.

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