XFL Names Doug Whaley SVP, Football Operations

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XFL Names Doug Whaley SVP, Football Operations

Post by Andibald » Thu Nov 08, 2018 1:44 pm

https://www.oursportscentral.com/servic ... /n-5417158
"Based on his passion for all aspects of football, his intellect and vast experience as an NFL General Manager, we believe that Doug is the perfect choice to lead the XFL's Football Operations," said Luck. "The quality of the on-field product is paramount to the XFL's success, and Doug, who is tech-savvy and a firm believer in analytics, brings football credibility and a strong work ethic to the team. I'm excited to begin working with him as we reimagine the game."

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Re: XFL Names Doug Whaley SVP, Football Operations

Post by MikeMitchell » Fri Nov 23, 2018 1:20 pm

A great hire on several fronts.

Doug Whaley's hiring works on a scouting level and on a technology level. He has been working in both fields extensively. Technology not in terms of analytics but actual science in regards to football athletes. He was named Senior Sports Business Advisor for Impellia after being let go by The Bills. Impellia is a company that creates software and sensors meant to help athletes improve their performance and avoid injuries. This could be a part of the reimagination of the XFL and how football players can improve performance and avoid injuries.

Whaley's background as a scouting director is well documented. His most recent work as Director of Scouting for the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl can play a factor in who the XFL targets from a player standpoint. A good number of players who participate in these games end up with opportunities in the NFL but a good number of them do not. Doug Whaley will have hands on knowledge of all of these young college players who have a desire to continue on as pro football players. Whaley is staying on to direct the NFLPA collegiate bowl this January. Just as a sidenote, Mike Tice and Chuck Pagano have been hired to coach the two teams in that game. I wouldn't rule out either one getting a chance to be a head coach of one of the XFL teams.

Whaley's hiring also works hand in hand with the league's hiring of Optimum Scouting to exclusively scout players for the league. They are going to give reports to the league and each individual team. What the individual teams do with that info is up to their coaching staffs. Optimum Scouting has for years, scouted college football players from all levels. Divisions 1, 2 and 3. Events like The Senior Bowl and East-West Shrine game will be directly scouted with the XFL in mind. All one would need to do is scout the 2017 Senior Bowl, East West Shrine Game and NFLPA Collegiate bowl from early this year to see players who will potentially be on XFL rosters.

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