NEWS ARCHIVE: 1-15 April 2001

New league plots next moves
Las Vegas Review-Journal - 2001.04.15
"We did not have the right announcers," DeVito said. "What was lacking this year was the consistent football expertise and the ability to relay that to the home viewer. The access that we gave television wasn't in and of itself as important as we thought it would be. "We made the incorrect assumption that the great access to the field, the players, the coaches and the locker rooms would by itself deliver a certain level of production. What we needed, and didn't get, was that football expertise to complete the circle. When you at home heard the coaches talking to the quarterback, it was shorthand, and I'm not sure it meant anything to anybody. We needed to have somebody who could jump in and tell the viewer what that meant." ... Click Here for More Information

Demons Overcome Rage in a Close Match
Associated Press - 2001.04.15
Down 16-0 midway through the first quarter, the San Francisco Demons had every reason to panic against the Orlando Rage on Saturday night in the XFL semifinals. But the Demons steadied themselves because, as coach Jim Skipper explained it, they knew there was still 53 minutes of football yet to be played. "We always say that it isn't over until it's over and it hasn't ended until it's ended,'' Skipper said after San Francisco's 26-25 victory. ``Every game has its own personality." ... Click Here for More Information

A Look Ahead Against the Spread
The Masked Prognosticator - 2001.04.14
As most of you remember, L.A. beat Chicago by 7 points in week two in the only overtime and the only push in XFL history. In that game Chicago come out gunning, blowing out the Xtreme. Later, many Los Angelinos shot themselves in their cars as the X made one of the greatest comebacks ever to win the game in overtime. The untold story of the game was on the field: Los Angeles lit up Chicago 448 yards to 275, including a 389-yard passing assault. If you figure in yards and take away turnovers, the real score of the game should have been 27-18. ... Click Here for More Information

The Sports World Hates The XFL
Mike Mitchell - - 2001.04.13
They hate us? or They Hate We?...... The Sporting World has made their agenda well known. They have two words for The XFL.... GO AWAY!...... Ever open your local newspaper or listen to your local sports radio? If you are looking for coverage of your favorite XFL team, Good luck! The only attention that the XFL gets is negative attention. The games are not taken seriously and the players and coaches are ignored. The sporting world has had a field day with the XFL's ratings. Here are two numbers for you: 1.2 and 1.1. Those are The NHL's ratings on ABC. I don't see too many press releases on those stats. Anybody ever hear about NFL Europe ratings? Well I'll tell ya, NFL Europe averaged a 0.3 on Fox Sports Net last season. Where's the press on those figures? Have the XFL's ratings been good? No, but are they comparable to other sports franchises? Yes. ... Click Here for More Information

LA Must Shake Injury Bug to Win
Long Beach Press-Telegram - 2001.04.12
Los Angeles Xtreme head coach Al Luginbill was asked on Tuesday if his team can overcome injuries suffered by several of his team's key offensive player when they play host to Chicago on Sunday in the first round of the XFL playoffs. Luginbill's hesitation before answering the question best portrayed his concern. "We can win," Luginbill said. "Other players just have to step up and make plays." ... Click Here for More Information

Pivot's name tossed around - Four CFL teams eye Barker
Toronto Sun - 2001.04.12
The Toronto Argos are interested in re-signing quarterback Jay Barker, but the free agent plans to shop his services. A league source said Barker has been approached by Calgary, Saskatchewan and Winnipeg in recent weeks, with the strongest interest coming from Calgary. Barker, who has played the past three years with Toronto, just finished a season with the Birmingham Thunderbolts, who failed to qualify for the XFL playoffs. ... Click Here for More Information

Welcome to the Playoffs!
Mark Zelakowski - - 2001.04.12
It is now time to separate the great from the good. This is the XFL playoffs. This week two teams will battle it out for a lot of cash, and the opportunity for more so look for the intensity to be higher than anything you have seen so far. If the Rage are going to win the next two games at home, Orlando will have to step it up a notch against San Francisco. The Rage finished with the leagues best record of 8-2, and the Rage are undefeated at home earning homefield advantage throughout the playoffs, including the Million Dollar Game that will decide the league champion. Last week however, the Rage took a beating from the Enforcers in Chicago losing 23-6. ... Click Here for More Information

Will the Bolt's Make Off-season Changes?
Sonny Sanders - - 2001.04.12
One only needs to look at the Orlando game to uncover the evidence. The coaching staff is one of the least experienced at the professional level in the XFL. That is definitely a factor to the lack of proper preparation. The play calling from a so-called offensive genius was bland and boring at best. First and ten and the call is Bostic up the middle. That only makes sense if Bostic is getting big yards on first down but the majority of the time the end result was negative yardage and a blown down. ... Click Here for More Information

2001 NY/NJ Hitmen Report Card
Mike Mitchell - - 2001.04.12
10 games are in the books, and the Hitmen's inaugral season is over. Four teams now move on in their quests to win The XFL Championship. While New York joins Birmingham, Memphis and Las Vegas in the drawing board room. Yup, It's back to the drawing board for these teams. It's time to analyze what's gone down, and what needs to be done to get better for the future. ... Click Here for More Information

Week 10: The Fans Have Spoken! Players of the Week - 2001.04.10
At we'd like to think that the fans are the most important commodity in the equation. Who is better than to choose the XFL players of the Week than the same fans who cheer them on? In week 10 the fans have chosen Kevin McDougal, Joey Eloms, Jamie Baisley and Noel Prefontaine as their choice for POTW. ... Click Here for More Information

XFL Announces Week 10 Players of the Week
XFL Press Release - 2001.04.10
The XFL today named the Los Angeles Xtreme RB tandem of Rashaan Shehee and Saladin McCullough as its Offensive Players of the Week and New York/New Jersey Hitmen CB Joey Eloms as its Defensive Player of the Week for week 10, the final week of the regular season. ... Click Here for More Information

Media Bias Helps Put Hurt on XFL - 2001.04.10
In some circles, there’s been talk of a media conspiracy against the XFL designed to ensure the league does not succeed. While calling the lack of media coverage in both print and television a conspiracy may be overstating matters, it nevertheless holds some merit. The media’s almost uniform nationwide disdain for XFL partners Vince McMahon and NBC’s Dick Ebersol goes far beyond popularity contests. Instead, it may be as simple as protecting competing network’s corporate interests. ... Click Here for More Information

Happy Birthday to - 2001.04.09
It's true! We've been alive for one whole year as of today. Originally started on 9 April 2000, has been around for most of the rise of the XFL. For instance, when we first started the XFL was still pursuing franchises in Miami, Fla. and Washington D.C.. Actually the most amazing thing is how far the XFL has come in the span of one short year. Will we be around for another year? Yes, we will.

Bolt's Finish Inaugural Season
Bamaslammer - - 2001.04.09
Webster's definition of "FUTILE": Barren of Results, fruitless, ineffective, ineffectual, unprevailing, unproductive, useless, vain. All words that describe the Birmingham Thunderbolts. My favorite is the first one, "Barren of Results". I like most people have a job. In that job I get evaluated at all times. If I were a complete failure at what I did I wouldn't be doing it for very long? Although what I do is probably not as hard as coaching a football team it is what Coach Jerry Dinardo does and his efforts have been futile this year. ... Click Here for More Information

The Hitmen's Playoff Dream Dies In Chicago
Mike Mitchell - - 2001.04.09
The NY/NJ Hitmen did their part on Sunday. Behind a strong defensive performance and the much maligned, Charles Puleri, lightning struck the Thunderbolts down as NY shut out Birmingham 22-0 in their regular season finale. The Hitmen's bid for the playoffs however came to an end as the Chicago Enforcers earned a trip to Los Angeles, by defeating the 8-2 Orlando Rage 23 to 6. After starting the season at 0 and 3, New York won 4 out of their last 7 games to close their inaugral season. It wasn't enough as Chicago climbed out of a 0-4 hole and the eastern cellar to qualify for the playoffs at 5-5. ... Click Here for More Information

Chicago Enforces Win Over Orlando
Associated Press - 2001.04.08
Kevin McDougal threw a touchdown pass and ran for another score as Chicago beat Orlando 23-6 on Sunday night to take the final XFL playoff spot. The Enforcers, who overcame an 0-4 start to finish the regular season 5-5, will open the playoff in Los Angeles next Sunday against the Western Division-champion Xtreme. ... Click Here for More Information

Hitmen Shutout the Bolts
Associated Press - 2001.04.08
Charles Puleri was 7-of-8 for 158 yards and two touchdowns as New York-New Jersey closed the XFL regular season with a 22-0 victory over Birmingham on Sunday. New York-New Jersey (4-7) missed a spot in the playoffs later Sunday when Chicago beat Orlando. Birmingham lost its final seven games to finish 2-8. ... Click Here for More Information

Xtreme Overcome Demons With Defense
Associated Press - 2001.04.07
The Los Angeles Xtreme picked the right time to play their best defensive game of the season. The Xtreme clinched the Western Division title, using a smothering defensive effort in a 24-0 blanking of the San Francisco Demons. ... Click Here for More Information

Maniax End Season With Win over Outlaws
Associated Press - 2001.04.07
Jim Druckenmiller threw for 152 yards and a touchdown to lead Memphis to a season-ending 16-3 victory over Las Vegas on Saturday night in the XFL. Memphis finished 5-5, while the Outlaws lost five out of their last six games for a 4-6 record. Both teams missed the playoffs. ... Click Here for More Information

XFL Update
XFL Fantasy Doctor - - 2001.04.06
Mike Pawlawski is talking plenty of smack on Tommy Maddox. Remember Week One when Paw's face was plastered on the jumbo-tron saying he has never lost a game to Maddox, and he wasn't going to start now. Well, following his victory in Week One, Paw is at it again. I expect the Demons to throw close to 50 times on Saturday, which is good news for everyone involved in the passing game, which includes Anderson and Battle. I also predict that either Anderson or Battle will pick up a cheap rushing TD. ... Click Here for More Information

The Final Week For The Hitmen?
Mike Mitchell - - 2001.04.06
It's real simple, for the NY/NJ Hitmen to make the playoffs, they must beat the Bolts on TNN this Sunday afternoon. Once they do that, they must root for the Orlando Rage to defeat the red-hot Chicago Enforcers on Sunday night. If those two things happen, NY will clinch a playoff spot in the east. It's very hard to believe that at 3 and 6, NY still has a shot at the playoffs. At this point, NY has to question whether or not they are good enough to get the job done. They were 1 and 4 after 5 weeks. They won 3 straight and they now have dropped their last 2 games. The glory ride is over. Another loss and all that they have accomplished to get into this position will mean nothing. ... Click Here for More Information

Demons One Victory From Hosting Playoff Game
San Francisco Demons - 2001.04.06
After posting its first two-game winning streak of the XFL season, the San Francisco Demons are one victory away from hosting a first-round playoff battle and that would mean a return to the friendly confines of Pacific Bell Park. Demons' Vice President and General Manager Michael Preacher said if San Francisco qualifies to be the home team against the Eastern Division runner-up, either Chicago or New York/New Jersey, the contest would be played at Pacific Bell Park on Saturday, April 14, at 5:00 p.m. PDT. ... Click Here for More Information

A Look Ahead Against the Spread - Watershed or Waterloo?
The Masked Prognosticator - 2001.04.06
Well, it has come down to this. While the XFL is a hard league to figure out, I have totally run out of excuses. Last year I went 63% ats in the NFL, so I could write off going 5-6 in this league as a streak of bad luck. But frankly 4-7 is a complete disgrace. Even my cat could pick games better than this. That is why I am not making one selection This week. Nope. Not one.BUT FOUR! That's right XFLers . . . WERE GOING FOR BROKE! ... Click Here for More Information

XFL tries to emphasize football, de-emphasize rest
USA Today - 2001.04.06
...Critics, or "media pukes" as Ventura has put it, have hammered the XFL. Its demise on NBC seems inevitable. But McMahon says his original XFL business plan never actually required network broadcast exposure, since games also air on second-tier network UPN and cable outlet TNN. And the XFL, whose national audiences still topped those for sports such as hockey, soccer and women's golf, figures it still has an ace left: football itself... ... Click Here for More Information

Outlaws look to next year
Las Vegas Review-Journal - 2001.04.06
On paper, the game means nothing. But to 38 players and nine coaches on the Las Vegas Outlaws, Saturday's season finale at Sam Boyd Stadium against the Memphis Maniax holds a world of importance. The Outlaws will be playing for jobs in the 2002 season. And though coach Jim Criner said he expects the nucleus of a team that is a disappointing 4-5 and out of the playoffs to return, the audition for Year 2 jobs begins Saturday. ... Click Here for More Information

Million Dollar Suggestion?
Mark Nelson - -
Some may think that the "Million Dollar Game" is a million dollar idea. Don't you think that it sounds better than "The Big Game at the End"? Looking through the archives of this site, we find something posted back in February, where the Masked Prognostigator suggested the whole Million Dollar concept in an article "How to Save the XFL". The Masked One may be dismal in predicting XFL games against the spread but he sure nailed this one on the head. Read the article - you'll see that the Masked One is also suggesting a 3-point conversion... ... Click Here for More Information

Million Dollar Game to Feature PAT Rule Changes
XFL Press Release - 2001.04.04
With a $1 million bonus riding on its outcome, the XFL today announced that its April 21 Championship Game, scheduled for 8 p.m. ET on NBC, has been named the "Million Dollar Game." Also, to raise public awareness of the "Million Dollar Game" and the April 14-15 playoff weekend, as well as to reintroduce fans to the XFL, the league has embarked on an advertising campaign encompassing national and local market electronic and print media. In addition, the league has modified its point after touchdown rule by adding two and three-point conversions to its existing one-point effort. Beginning with the two playoff games, teams will choose whether to go for one point from the one-yard-line, two points from the five or three points from the 10. ... Click Here for More Information

For The Outlaws, Charity Begins at Home
TheGrandonGang - Las Vegas Team Reporter - 2001.04.04
Webster's Dictionary defines charity as "generosity and helpfulness especially toward the needy". Webster's also defines charity as "benevolent goodwill toward or love of humanity". Last Sunday, the Outlaws applied the first definition (unfortunately) by generously allowing the needy Demons to steal a win. On Tuesday, the Outlaws applied the second definition (fortunately) to the Candlelighters for Childhood Cancer of Southern Nevada as the players and cheerleaders acted as waiters and hosts at a fundraising dinner held at the Harley Davidson Café on (where else?) the beautiful and boisterous Las Vegas Strip! ... Click Here for More Information

McDonald won't play vs. Demons
Long Beach Press-Telegram - 2001.04.04
The Los Angeles Xtreme will be without receiver Darnell McDonald when the team plays host to San Francisco Demons on Saturday in a game that will decide the Western Division title. McDonald, who leads the XFL with 8 touchdown receptions, strained a calf muscle in the first quarter of last Sunday's 27-12 loss at Memphis. Probably the biggest impact of his absence will come when the Xtreme get close to the end zone. McDonald is the team's most physical receiver. ... Click Here for More Information

Chicago Fans Enforcers Only Supporters
Troy Pringle - Enforcers Team Reporter - 2001.04.04
The XFL is all about the fans. The fans can be as loud as they want at the games. They can drink beer 'til the end. The cheerleaders are elevated to the same level as the fans. And, the players will actually high-five you. If you have never been to an XFL game, it is a huge party with a dozen of the most beautiful women in your area and a group of football players who actually care about the people in the stands. ... Click Here for More Information

The Fans Have Spoken! Players of the Week - 2001.04.03
At we'd like to think that the fans are the most important commodity in the equation. Who is better than to choose the XFL players of the Week than the same fans who cheer them on? Week 9 is now in the books and the fans have spoken again by naming Jim Druckenmiller, Eric Sloan, Jamie Baisley and Leatris Cole as their choice for players of the week. ... Click Here for More Information

XFL Names McDougal and Baisley as Week 9 Players of the Week
XFL Press Release - 2001.04.03
The XFL today named Chicago Enforcers QB Kevin McDougal as its Offensive Player of the Week and teammate LB Jamie Baisley as its Defensive Player of the Week for week nine, marking the second consecutive week in which Enforcers players have swept the awards. The tandem led Chicago to its third straight victory, a 23-18, last-minute win over the New York/New Jersey Hitmen last Saturday night at Giants Stadium. ... Click Here for More Information

Rage have edge as playoffs loom
Orlando Sentinel - 2001.04.03
The XFL is close to finalizing its version of a Final Four, but the official playoff pairings won't be determined until this weekend. The Orlando Rage (8-1) clinched home-field advantage throughout the playoffs by virtue of their 29-24 win at Birmingham on Saturday night. Should Orlando win its semifinal playoff game in two weeks, "The Big Game at the End" wouldbe at the Florida Citrus Bowl on April 21. The XFL's version of the Super Bowl, "The Big Game at the End" also is referred to as "The Million Dollar Game" -- which represents the money awarded to the XFL champions. ... Click Here for More Information

Demons clinch playoff spot against Outlaws
Associated Press - 2001.04.01
Mike Pawlawski's 25-yard touchdown pass to Terry Battle helped give the San Francisco Demons a 14-9 victory Sunday over the Las Vegas Outlaws and a spot in the XFL playoffs. The touchdown pass with 5:17 left in the third quarter followed a 49-yard interception return by Dwayne Harper and broke a 6-6 tie. Pawlawski finished with 138 passing yards on 17 of 28 attempts for the Demons (5-4). Las Vegas (4-5) was threatening to regain the lead in a 12-play, 69-yard fourth-quarter drive, but Toby Wright knocked the ball out of running back Rod Smart's hands at the 1-yard line with 6:25 left. The ball bounced out of the end zone for a touchback. ... Click Here for More Information

Druckenmiller Throws Three TD Passes for Win over LA
Associated Press - 2001.04.01
Jim Druckenmiller threw three touchdown passes as the Memphis Maniax beat the Los Angeles Xtreme 27-12 on Sunday in the XFL. The Maniax (4-5) beat the Western Division-leading Xtreme (6-3) for the second time this season. Los Angeles had won four straight following an 18-12 loss to Memphis on Feb. 25. ... Click Here for More Information

David Could not Beat Goliath
Bamaslammer - - 2001.04.01
In the Bible David beats Goliath in one of history's first upsets. For most of Saturday night it looked like that might be happening in Birmingham but in the end the rain began to fall and the game as well as the Bolts season slipped away as 10 thousand cold and wet fans watched helplessly. ... Click Here for More Information

Hitmen Lose Heartbreaker To Chicago
Mike Mitchell - - 2001.04.01
Nearly 30,000 fans at Giants Stadium witnessed, what was perhaps the XFL's best game of the season. Unfortunately for the 30,000 Hitmen fans, NY came up on the short end of the eastern playoff stick. The Chicago Enforcers (4-5) defeated The NY/NJ Hitmen (3-6) 23 to 18 in a see saw matchup between two division rivals. The lead changed hands on 5 separate ocassions and by the time the game was over NY's game and perhaps season ended at the 1 yard line. ... Click Here for More Information


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