NEWS ARCHIVE: December 2000

31 December 2000
XFL Blimp to Fly on New Year's Eve
Late Saturday afternoon an enormous XFL ball could be seen flying through the skies of Las Vegas. Spalding, the supplier and manufacturer of the XFL's official football, has contracted with Las Vegas-based Airship USA to create and operate a 143-foot blimp designed with the same colors and features as the new Spalding Official XFL football. The promotional blimp is slated to fly again on Sunday afternoon from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. over the Strip in Las Vegas, Sam Boyd Stadium in Henderson and other sites around the Valley. KVBC-Channel 3 will also send a cameraman in the blimp for the 10 p.m -1 a.m. flight.

29 December 2000
Coach Criner Comments on his Picks
With the supplementary draft only hours old, Coach Criner went on record to make some insightful comments about the players the Outlaws picked. After adding 8 players to their roster today, the Outlaws also wasted no time in trimming their roster back down to 70 players. [Read Entire Article: Link to Outlaws Team Page]

29 December 2000
Bolts to Look for Linemen
The Birmingham Thunderbolts think they found veteran leadership when they rescued retired offensive tackle Ed King from the scrap heap. Now, with one last chance to shuffle the training camp roster, the Thunderbolts will go in search of more linemen. "You always need to look at linemen," said Bob Gates, the player personnel director of the XFL team. [Link to External News Article]

28 December 2000
The Outlaws will Make Supplemental Picks
The Las Vegas Outlaws will participate in their first XFL
supplemental draft, to be held Friday, December 29,
via conference call between league headquarters in
Stamford, Conn., and the eight XFL teams. "This is an excellent opportunity for us to bolster an already deep roster with a handful of quality players," said Las Vegas Vice President/General Manager Bob Ackles. "While we are very pleased with our current roster of 69 guys going into training camp, we are excited about the possibility of adding
some exciting players to the mix." [Read Entire Article: Link to Outlaws Team Page]

28 December 2000
First Look at XFL Trading Cards
Last month Topps announcing the debut of XFL trading cards in 2001 to kickoff the first season of the XFL. Click the link below to see more examples of these great looking cards. [Link to External News Article]

28 December 2000
CFLers top XFL Supplemental Draft List
A handful of high-profile Canadian Football League players are expected to be chosen during tomorrow's XFL supplemental draft. It has been released by the Toronto Sun that the list includes quarterbacks Jim Ballard and Mike Cawley, offensive linemen Jerry Crafts, Bruce Beaton, Mike Mihelic and Mike Kiselak, running back Kelvin Anderson, receiver Eric Guliford, defensive linemen Jeff Cummins, Eric Edwards, Fred Perry and Glen Young, linebacker Keith Franklin, defensive backs Raphael Ball and Chris Shelling and punter Punter Noel Prefontaine. Overall about 25 players are expected to be selected by the eight XFL teams. [Read Entire Article: Link to External News Article]

28 December 2000
XFL ad to be Pulled "again"
Gov. Jesse Ventura's private attorney said Wednesday that he has been assured "one more time" that a television ad associating Ventura with the new XFL football league will not appear on NBC. David Bradley Olsen said the assurance was made on Wednesday after reports that ads were aired in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area and in Milwaukee. Ventura has a contract with the XFL to be color commentator for 10 games, starting in February. But the contract forbids mentioning Ventura as governor, an attempt to separate his official job from his moneymaking role in the private sector.

27 December 2000
The XFL Supplemental Draft
The league's Supplemental Draft will begin at 6:00 a.m. PT on Friday, December 29. Each XFL team will be permitted to select up to 70 players. Of course each team roster is already at 68-70 players, but the draft will only end after each XFL team has elected to "pass" on its selection in a particular round. Only players who are currently able to come to an agreement with the XFL by the 29th (not on contract with another league) will compose the player pool.

27 December 2000
Vegas Will Host Western Division Training Camp
On January 1, 2001, the four XFL Western Conference teams come to Las Vegas for January's Training Camp. The Outlaws will be joined at the Sam Boyd Stadium practice fields by the Los Angeles Xtreme, while the Memphis Maniax will train at Foothill High School in Henderson and the San Francisco Demons will train at Cimarron Memorial High School in northwest Las Vegas, near Summerlin.

26 December 2000
Thank You for the Comments
We have had many kind comments about the mailing list in the past few weeks. Thank you for the positive feedback. Your patronage has made our mailing list the No. 1 email news source for fans of the XFL. If you are unfamiliar with our email mailing list service, and would like more info, go here. [ Mailing List]

26 December 2000
Santa has One Last Gift for Outlaws Fans
By TheGrandonGang - Las Vegas Outlaws Team Reporter
After watching the Monday Night Football competitive fiasco (hurry up XFL season!), it was off to the kitchen for one last libation. When I returned, who should I see on TV but the Las Vegas Outlaw Cheerleaders... [Read Entire Article: Link to Outlaws Team Page]

23 December 2000
A Slow News Day Down-Under?
The XFL has been featured in Saturdays Sydney Morning Herald. Some of the more memorable quotes are: "This is the counter-strike by fans against the corporatisation of sport", says the XFL. Randy Greenfield (his real name), the marketing director for the Demons, says the XFL is "an all-access pass for the fan, not for Corporate America. It's for the blue-collar worker interested in sports." Mel (sic) Preacher (fair dinkum), the Demons' general manager, says "half of the tickets in the NFL go to corporations. For $25, the fan can now be on the 50-yard line. That just doesn't happen in the NFL."... Editor's Note: "fair dinkum" is aussie slang for "honestly or truly" [Read Entire Article: Link to External News Article]

22 December 2000
XFL Says CFL Players will be Off-Limits
The XFL has deemed players under contract to CFL teams to be off-limits for its inaugural supplemental draft next week. "We will not go after anyone who is under contract with any other league," said Michael Keller, the XFL's vice-president of football operations. "We will honour valid contracts." [Read Entire Article: Link to External News Article]

21 December 2000
Only 6 Weeks Until Kickoff!!
... and you don't have your official XFL game ball yet? Vince McMahon and the boys in Stamford decided that a boring old brown ball just won't cut it for their league. This is why the XFL's official football boasts a bold black, red and silver color scheme. The Official XFL game ball is a work of art. Made by Spalding it's flashy look is backed up by tried and true components--a deluxe Pittards leather cover, reinforced nylon lining and multi-ply butyl bladder. [Click Here to Buy YOUR Official XFL Game Ball]

20 December 2000
XFL ads featuring Ventura on TV now

A TV ad promoting Gov. Jesse Ventura's role as a color commentator with the XFL football league might have violated his contract with the league. The ad showed Ventura at the Nov. 17 news conference announcing the agreement. During the ad, a voice stated: "As the nation waits for its next president, the XFL is declaring Jesse the Governor Ventura the new color commentator of the XFL. Coming February to NBC." Mentioning Ventura as governor is a violation of his contract with the XFL ... [Read Entire Article: Link to External News Article]

20 December 2000
Will There Be a "Rick & Bubba" Section in Birmingham?
Reported By Bamaslammer
Rick and Bubba the radio play-by-play men for the Birmingham Thunderbolts Radio Network are knocking around the idea of a "Rick and Bubba" section for the Bolts games. The idea originated in Orlando where radio host Russ Collins of the "Monsters of the Mid-Day" radio show (WTKS, 104.1 FM) have a special section just for their listeners. Apparently the response in ticket sales was impressive and immediate... [Read Entire Article: Link to Bolts Team Page]

19 December 2000
Possess Seat Day a Sales Success
"The response by the fans in the Bay Area was fantastic," Vice President and General Manager Michael Preacher said after the weekend "open house" at Pac Bell Park realized more than 1,500 new purchases of season tickets. "We had 6,000 fans come out to see us and we weren't even playing a game." [Read Entire Article: Link to SF Demons Web Site]

19 December 2000
CFL Wins Contract Dispute
The CFL has scored a major legal victory over the XFL after a Phoenix court ruled Friday that it didn't have the jurisdiction to allow quarterback Keith Smith out of his contract with the Saskatchewan Roughriders. Smith was seeking an injunction that would have allowed him to sign with the XFL's Los Angeles Xtreme. [Read Entire Article: Link to External News Article]

19 December 2000
XFL Has Chance If It's Anti-NFL
The local XFL team quickly disarms the skeptic with the presence of Mike Pawlawski, endearing as a former Cal quarterback and, more recently, a sharp and personable analyst in the broadcast booth. As he prepares to guide the San Francisco Demons through the hallowed ground of Pacific Bell Park, Pawlawski says the XFL is going to be "the most entertaining brand of football you'll ever see." [Read Entire Article: Link to External News Article]

18 December 2000
New Vice President/General Manager of Chicago Enforcers
Conrad "Connie'' Kowal, a Chicago sports marketing executive for over 20 years, has been named Vice President/General Manager of the Chicago Enforcers. Kowal replaces Acting General Manager Rich Rose, who will remain with the Enforcers as a consultant. Rose will also continue in his role as a consultant to the XFL. [Press Release]

16 December 2000
Orlando Television and Radio to Rage On
"The Rage Report," a 30-minute show on the Orlando Rage, will make its debut on UPN Channel 65. The show will air on Thursdays at 10:30 p.m. beginning Feb. 8 and will follow WWF's highly-rated "Thursday Night Smackdown." "This will not be your typical football highlights or coach's show," Orlando Rage GM Tom Veit said. "We will be producing a fast-paced and exciting show in magazine format that will feature in-depth interviews on the players, cheerleaders, and coaches. The show will also contain highlights from the previous week's game, a look at the next opponent along with XFL news and information." It was also announced that radio station WTKS (104.1 FM) would be the flagship radio station for Rage football.

15 December 2000
WWF, NBC Betting on Football at Extremes
Like his pro wrestlers, Vince McMahon can talk a lot about coming attractions. About how he'll flummox the bad guys. About how anything might happen. Just don't expect details of how it's all choreographed - expect to hear it's all supposed to be unscripted, unadulterated, unedited football. In an office overlooking pricey waterfront homes in this buttoned-down suburb, McMahon raises many possibilities for the XFL, a pro football league that might shatter sports records for hype even before it kicks off Feb. 3. [Read Entire Article: Link to External News Article]

15 December 2000
CFL fights for rights
The Canadian Football League is keeping its eyes on some extreme developments pertaining to the XFL. A judgment is expected today in Tucson, Ariz., over a legal proceeding involving quarterback Keith Smith, who wants to join the XFL's Los Angeles Xtreme but is under contract to the CFL's Saskatchewan Roughriders. [Read Entire Article: Link to External News Article]

14 December 2000
Milanovich: XFL more than wrestlers in cleats
Scott Milanovich, who is one of two former NFL quarterbacks fighting for the starting job with the L.A. Xtreme, knows what outsiders are thinking about the inaugural XFL season. He knows that many think the league, which is the invention of World Wrestling Federation founder Vince McMahon, will simply be wrestling entertainment peformed on the football field. And he knows that there will be plenty of doubts all the way up to the first snap in February. He also fully understands those doubts, because, at least initially, he was one of the doubting public... [Read Entire Article: Link to External News Article]

14 December 2000
It's Possessed!
The San Francisco Demons are holding a "Possess Your Seat Day". If you haven't yet purchased your Demons' season tickets, they are inviting youto come out on Sunday December 17 at beautiful Pacific Bell Park to pick out your season ticket seats right in the stands. You'll be able to meet the players, coaches and cheerleaders, get autographs and take photos. The Demons' squad will also be practicing,

14 December 2000
The Bolts: T-7 Weeks and Counting
All about Rick and Bubba, who have been chosen to call the Bolts games on Birmingham Radio and the Bolts. And why the Bolts shouldn't be worried about low season ticket sales. A report on the Bolts by Bamaslammer,'s Birmingham Thunderbolts team co-reporter. [Read Entire Article: Link to Bolts Team Page]

14 December 2000
No Greenhorns in Outlaws' Camp!
The Las Vegas Outlaws are in the middle of their second mini-camp and, based on the depth of experience of these players, "greenhorn" is definitely not a word to be used here! All these players have either been a stud in college, a standout in NFL Europe or a star in the NFL (or a combination of those three), and their experience ranges across too many college champions and professional powerhouses to mention. But let me tell you - all this experience really shows as the Outlaws go at it the second time around! [Read Entire Article: Link to Outlaws Team Page]

14 December 2000
Brohm Will be Back
Jeff Brohm went on record to say that he would probably return to the Orlando Rage after his stint with the Cleveland Browns. "This is an outstanding opportunity for me to finish the season with Cleveland," said Brohm, the fourth player selected in the XFL draft. "But realistically, I have signed a one-game contract. I fully expect to be back with the Rage in January and look forward to opening the season on Feb. 3 against the Chicago Enforcers."

13 December 2000
Jeff Brohm Leaves the Rage
Quarterback Jeff Brohm, the number one draft pick of the Rage, will join the NFL's Cleveland Browns for the team's season finale Sunday against the Tennessee Titans. The Rage, holding a weeklong, full-squad mini-camp at their Citrus Bowl training complex, announced Brohm's departure today. "This is a great opportunity for Jeff and a move that will help the Browns get through the rest of their regular season," said head coach Galen Hall. "We wish Jeff well with the Cleveland and look forward to his eventual return to the Rage."

13 December 2000
The Hitmen Score in the Wind
The NY/NJ Hitmen finally scored some decent publicity in the big apple press this morning with an article in the NY Post. The big news story: "It's windy and cold at Hitmen mini-camp part 2." They also report that the championship game of the XFL will be called "The Big Game at the End". Didn't somebody (BamBam) report that here in our discussion board about two months ago? [Read Entire Article: Link to External News Article]

13 December 2000
$80 million revenue projected first year
The XFL is expected to generate $80 million in revenue in its first season, WWF said. Revenue will come from advertising, ticket sales and merchandising, The league has sold almost half the available TV ad spots for the first season through April. NBC will air Saturday night games while Viacom Inc.'s UPN TV network and TNN cable channel will carry Sunday games. An average 30-second ad is selling for about $110,000, WWF said. In comparison, ABC's "Monday Night Football" games get an average $360,000 per 30-second spot. [Read Entire Article: Link to External News Article]

12 December 2000
Bolts Ticket Sales Lagging
Before the October draft, Birmingham Thunderbolts General Manager Tim Berryman said he was under orders not to reveal how many season tickets the team had sold. Any figures about tickets had to come from the league office, Berryman said. XFL President Basil DeVito apparently thought it was time to let the public in on the Thunderbolts' ticket-sale progress. "I think we're somewhere over 1,500 season tickets," DeVito said after a news conference Monday at the Wynfrey Hotel in Hoover. "Maybe I had given Tim a bad directive. No, we've sold about 1,500 season tickets and we've got lots of groups ready to come on board." That is far below two of the three largest markets. DeVito said that the San Francisco team has sold 14,000 season tickets and New York/New Jersey has sold about 13,000. [Read Entire Article: Link to External News Article]

12 December 2000
Maniax Evaluate Talent at Mini-Camp Part 2
The Memphis Maniax have started their second mini-camp, which will be used to evaluate the talent of the players. Most importantly it will determine which players will attend the training camp in Las Vegas starting in early January. The Maniax held team meetings Monday afternoon. Starting today the Maniax will hold two-a-day practices through Saturday. On Sunday, they will practice from 2-4 p.m. Monday will be the final day with a 9:45-11:15 a.m. practice. The mini-camp, free and open to the public, is being held on the fields adjacent to Tim McCarver Stadium at Central and Early Maxwell.

12 December 2000
Vince Comes Clean
Vince McMahon in a recent interview with Birmingham media: "You can't take fans for granted. Nor should anyone in sports. And that's one of the problems, as well. Players and owners are taking fans for granted. Don't do that. Every time you get up, no matter what you've done for them before, you have to do more. (The XFL) is real football. At the same time, there's a lot that goes in and around a football game that we'll present as well." [Read Entire Article: Link to External News Article]

12 December 2000
President of XFL briefs Bolts on league
The full contingent of the XFL's Birmingham Thunderbolts gathered for mini-camp Monday and received an unexpected state of the league address in the process. XFL President Basil DeVito addressed the Bolts, noting the rapid success the league has made in boardrooms, then reminded the players who's responsible for providing the long term security. "We'll provide an all-access pass to fans," DeVito said. "There will be cameras on the sideline and cameras in the locker rooms. ... There will be cameras in the stands, but that's all window dressing. What matters is the product you put on the field. This is about football." [Read Entire Article: Link to External News Article]

12 December 2000
MLS Wins Legal Judgement - XFL Can Breath Easier
Major League Soccer claimed a legal victory late yesterday when a jury unanimously decided that the soccer league was not an illegal monopoly and had not limited players' salaries. A class-action antitrust lawsuit, filed by MLS players in federal court in Boston in 1997, had alleged league owners conspired with the U.S. Soccer Federation to eliminate competition for Division I American soccer players. Meanwhile, the XFL, who has a player pay structure very similiar to MLS, can continue with its single-entity concept under which the league signs players who are then allocated to teams.

11 December 2000
Broadcast job not ruled a conflict of interest
Gov. Jesse Ventura's new broadcast job with the XFL does not pose a conflict of interest, a Minnesota official ruled Monday. "There are no issues concerning the XFL that would affect the governor's independence of judgment in the exercise of his official duties," said Julien Carter, the state's commissioner of employee relations. [Read Entire Article: Link to External News Article]

11 December 2000
Success is in the cards - XFL names Topps exclusive trading card licensee
The XFL today named Topps as its exclusive trading card licensee. Topps’ XFL product for the inaugural season is scheduled to hit retail shelves in March 2001, with premium-quality collector cards featuring players from each of the league’s eight teams, including popular autograph and authentic relic inserts. Topps will also produce cards featuring XFL cheerleaders. [Press Release ]

11 December 2000
XFL is luring out-of-towners

Who would drive six hours to see the XFL's Birmingham Thunderbolts play in the middle of February? Ken Earley and his family of four, season tickets in hand, will make the trip from Columbia, S.C. So will Scott Taylor and his wife, who live in the Florida Panhandle town of Cantonment, a little north of Pensacola. Asked why, Earley and Taylor have a two-word reply: "Vince McMahon." ... [Read Entire Article: Link to External News Article]

11 December 2000
Bolts add Blevins to Roster, Mini-Camp 2 Begins
The Birmingham Thunderbolts brought their training camp roster to 70 players with the addition of defensive back Anthony Blevins. In the process, Blevins became the first UAB player - as well as the first from the arenafootball2 Birmingham Steeldogs - to make the Bolts roster. Blevins and his 69 new teammates meet for the first time today for physicals and orientation before beginning a full-squad mini-camp Tuesday through Dec. 18. The twice-daily practice sessions are open to the public and scheduled for the Birmingham-Southern intramural fields each day at 9 a.m. and 2:10 p.m. [Read Entire Article: Link to External News Article]

11 December 2000
Mini-Camps Continue in Full Force
Each XFL team will continue developing their players this week with the second mini-camp scheduled from 11-18 December. Although the first mini-camp focused on players in skill positions, this mini-camp will focus more on the players in the trenches - the defensive and offensive linemen.

11 December 2000
Hitmen Player Movements
The NY/NJ Hitmen have signed FB Louis D'Agostino, LB Ben Hicks, LB Haven Fields, K Sean Liss and S Nakia Reddick. Released WR Marcus Harris, WR Kelvin Stevens and FB Rod Brown. Placed OT Toni Berti and OG Allen DeGraffenreid on reserve.

10 December 2000
XFL as the NFL's Minor League: Not Likely!
If the XFL served as the NFL's minor league, teams could keep their emerging players closer to their team facilities. Fans could also keep a closer tab on key players, like Rattay and Carmazzi. One of the wild cards of sending players to Europe is that those players often play in systems foreign (no pun intended) to the scheme of their NFL team. The result is that sometimes players have to unlearn their NFL Europe plays and techniques before they can relearn the plays from their NFL team. If the NFL adopted the XFL as its minor league, it could tailor the local XFL club to use a similar offense and defense... [Read Entire Article: Link to External News Article]

10 December 2000
Some advertisers wary of committing to XFL
Will it be more about hot babes or real football? The XFL, the latest twist in football entertainment, will debut in February. But the lack of a clear picture of how this new football league will play out on television is causing some high-profile advertisers to take a wait-and-see attitude before committing to the minimum $145,000 ad package for three 30-second commercials. [Read Entire Article: Link to External News Article]

7 December 2000
XFL Provides Opportunities
When Jose Cortez, a former placekicker at Van Nuys High and Valley College who now works in Corvallis, Ore., put down his hammer and picked up his cell phone on the afternoon of Oct. 28, he didn't exactly foresee the revival of his football career. "When I got the call from coach Allen, he told me I was drafted and coming back to L.A. Trouble is that at the time, there was a lot of noise going on because we were tearing up a roof. So coach Allen says, `What in the world are you doing?' When I explained to him that I was a roofer, he told me, `Just don't fall off the roof.'" [Read Entire Article: Link to External News Article]

7 December 2000
Are you Ready for Some... Cross-Promotion?
The XFL has already publicly thanked the WWF for helping to sell ticket packages. Now, live from the Birmingham/Jefferson Civic Center this coming Sunday, the WWF is holding it's Pay-Per-View extravaganza, Armageddon. To celebrate that event, there is an Armageddon BBQ this Sunday afternoon with Thunderbolts head coach Gerry DiNardo and general manager Tim Berryman scehduled to be in attendance. Birmingham radio station WRAX 107.7-FM will be broadcasting live from the event.

7 December 2000
Ventura defends XFL Announcing Gig
Addressing a gathering on ethics, Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura on Wednesday said his weekend moonlighting job as a pro football announcer is right out in the public spotlight for people to decide for themselves if it's right or wrong. "I would rather have an elected official's outside interests on the front page of the newspaper so that the people are fully aware of what's going on and can decide for themselves if there is a problem," Ventura said in a keynote speech to the Council on Governmental Ethics Laws. [Read Entire Article: Link to External News Article]

6 December 2000
Rage Obtain Ty Law and Lineman Levake
Ty Law, who helped the Orlando Predators to an Arena Football League championship last season, has been obtained by the Orlando Rage of the XFL. Law, a wide receiver/linebacker for the Predators, reached career highs in receptions (55), yards (766) and touchdowns (13) last season in helping the team to a 13-3 record. In addition to Law, the Rage also claimed offensive tackle Derrick Levake from the P.A.S.S. pool. A former star lineman at Wisconsin-Whitewater, Levake earned All-America honors as a senior in 1994. [Read Entire Article: Link to Orlando Rage Team Page]

6 December 2000
We Thought that "X" Sells?
Media buyers who represent several big traditional sports advertisers that have not yet made commitments to the XFL have a message for XFL president Basil Devito: Muzzle your boss, XFL chairman Vince McMahon, because some of McMahon's promotional come-ons for the alternative pro league are holding clients back from putting down dollars. One McMahon statement buyers are concerned about appeared last month in an ESPN the Magazine article: "Yes, cheerleaders will date our players," McMahon was quoted as saying. "Yes, they'll be hot babes. We're going to have three or four of them surround our announcers, who'll be sitting in the stands. That'll be a great shot. Then, when the quarterback fumbles, or the wideout drops a pass, and we know who he's dating, I want our reporters right back in her face on the sidelines, demanding to know whether the two of them did the wild thing last night." Jeff Shapes, an XFL representative, said that McMahon made that comment in jest. "Sometimes Vince makes a joke, and the interviewer puts it in print, and it looks like a serious comment," Shapes said. "We're not going to encourage dating among cheerleaders and players, but if it happens, it happens. But McMahon was making a joke."

6 December 2000
XFL is Popular on the Web
According to PC Data, a Reston, Va., company that measures Internet traffic, the official site of the XFL's San Francisco Demons attracted 53,000 more unique visitors than the 49ers' official site

4 December 2000
Orlando Rage hire Moss as an Assistant
/Les Moss, who spent 10 seasons helping to build the Orlando Predators into one of the top Arena Football League franchises, has joined the Orlando Rage staffas a tight end coach. Moss, 33, spent 12 years in the AFL, including 10 seasons as defensive coordinator and fullback/linebacker coach for the Predators. During that time, the Predators notched a 102-45-0 record and made nine consecutive playoff appearances.

3 December 2000
The Broadcasting Success of the XFL
Sports analyst Marc Ganis on the XFL: "The only real competition during the XFL season will come from the NCAA basketball tournament. There's a vacuum in the sports calendar. The NBA and NHL playoff races haven't started yet. It's a disaffected demographic,they're not delighted with their lives. They like the WWF because it's a release. They know it's fake, but they don't care. They'll know the XFL isn't as good as the NFL, but they won't care about that, either." [Read Entire Article: Link to External News Article]

3 December 2000
MLS Anti-Trust Suit a Test case for the XFL
A federal judge has said the lawsuit against the Major League Soccer league will go to a jury next week. The class action lawsuit filed by the players in the nation's only Division I soccer league claims it is an illegal monopoly designed to depress player salaries. The XFL is viewing this decision with great interest, as their new league is also planning to use the same type of salary structure.

3 December 2000
What? The NFL is Ignoring the XFL?
From "Adam Schefter's Mailbag", a weeky feature in the Denver Post: "The NFL has instructed its owners and coaches not to talk about the XFL, not to acknowledge it..." [Read Entire Article: Link to External News Article]

2 December 2000
Outlaws Have Hotties!
We would like to introduce our **NEW** Outlaw Team Reporter - TheGrandonGang. We would also like to present his first article, a report on how the Las Vegas football fans were given a belated Thanksgiving treat. On November 30, the XFL Las Vegas Outlaws "unveiled" the inaugural Cheerleading squad during a VIP event at the Studio 54 dance club inside the MGM Grand on the famous "Strip" in Las Vegas... [Read Entire Article: Link to Las Vegas Outlaws Team Page]

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