NEWS ARCHIVE: November 2000

30 November 2000
Legal Battle Pushes Back CFL Player Draft
The Canadian Football League temporarily has dodged a draft of its players by the XFL, but it may be in for an extreme lawsuit. The XFL draft of CFL players has been pushed back from tomorrow to Dec. 31 . However, there is no guarantee CFL players under contract, even ones who played out their option year, which doesn't officially expire until Feb. 15, immediately will be allowed to join the XFL. But, the lawyer for Xtreme quarterback Keith Smith intends to file suit in Tucson, Ariz., to release him from his contract. [Read Entire Article: Link to External News Article]

29 November 2000
XFL Signs TV Deal with the National Network
The XFL Wednesday reached a deal with TNN: The National Network to serve as its cable partner. The contract calls for nine broadcasts on Sunday afternoons, beginning with a game between the Birmingham Thunderbolts and New York/New Jersey Hitmen on February 11. Financial terms were not disclosed by the XFL, which will produce the games. "We are excited to welcome TNN as our cable partner,'' said XFL President Basil V. DeVito Jr. "Fans who tune in to TNN on Sunday afternoons will experience a different type of football telecast, one that we believe will change how sports is presented on TV.'' NBC already has committed to broadcast regional and national games on Saturday nights in prime time. UPN, the league's other broadcast partner, will air games Sunday afternoons. [Read Entire Press Release]

29 November 2000
BYU Takes Pride in an XFL Connection
The XFL may soon be taking a place in the hearts of Brigham Young University fans. Six former BYU football players were either drafted or reserved by XFL teams in the league's first draft. Brian Gray, Scott Brumfield, Eric Bateman, Mike Ulafale, Shay Muirbrook and Kaipo McGuire have been offered the chance to play in the newly organized league. Gray, last year's cornerback for BYU, has decided to play in the XFL. "It should be a good opportunity to get back into the league (NFL)," he said. Gray was recently released by the Cincinnati Bengals. He was one of three BYU alumni reserved by the XFL's Las Vegas Outlaws. [Read Entire Article: Link to External News Article]

29 November 2000
Rage Gears Up for Full Dress Rehearsal
David Coughlin, our Orlando Rage team reporter has given us a Rage update: In Orlando, the pieces are slowly coming together for the Rage's inaugural season with the XFL. After finishing up a 5 day minicamp for the skill positions, the Orlando Rage are getting ready for the full squad minicamp on December 10-17. After that, training camp will be conducted in January... [Read Entire Article: Link to Orlando Rage Team Page]

28 November 2000
Minnesota Attorney General says Ventura is Covered by State Ethics Code
Governor Jesse Ventura is covered under a state code of ethics regarding outside income, Minnesota's attorney general said in an opinion released Tuesday. But Attorney General Mike Hatch said it's not within his authority to determine whether Ventura's job as a football analyst for the fledgling XFL violates that code. And for now, the governor's personal attorney says the opinion doesn't change his plans to get back in the broadcast booth. [Read Entire Article: Link to External News Article]

28 November 2000
The Enforcers Will Put on a Show
When asked what type of game the Chicago Enforcers would be playing, running back John Avery, a former Miami Dolphin and the Enforcers' first-round pick had this to say: "They want to put on a show. Defense wins games, but offense sells tickets. That's what I'm about. I'm going to get the chance to do a little bit of everything." [Read Entire Article: Link to External News Article]

28 November 2000
Look for Demons on SF TV
"The Show" is a Bay Area celebrity and personality talk show. Look for SF Demons Head coach Jim Skipper and quarterback Mike Pawlawski to be featured on "The Show" on Nov 28th. "The Show" airs weekdays at 6:00 p.m. and repeats at 10:00 p.m. and the following day at 9:00 a.m., 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. on BayTV.

27 November 2000
Coaches for New York/New Jersey
Today, the Hitmen named Joseph Lombardi as their running backs coach. Joseph Lombardi is the grandson of the late Green Bay Packers' Hall of Fame coach Vince Lombardi and was defensive line coach and strength and conditioning coach at Bucknell this year. Before that, he was tackle/tight end coach at Virginia Military from 1999-2000, and defensive line coach at Dayton from 1996-99. The Hitmen also named Bill Urbanik defensive line coach, Tony Mottola linebackers coach, Mike Dietzel secondary coach and Paul Butcher special teams coach.

27 November 2000
Kidd Leaves the Xtreme, Joins Rams
Wide receiver James Kidd, one of Coach Al’s "Lugies" and a likely contributor to the Xtreme come February, has been signed onto the practice squad of the NFL’s St. Louis Rams. Practice squad members don’t participate on game day unless promoted to the active roster at another player’s expense. Kidd probably won’t get such an opportunity in the next few weeks, but he’s now just an injury away from national television. [Read Entire Article: Link to Xtreme Team Page]

27 November 2000
CFL's Joe Paopao heading to the XFL
The Canadian media has reported that B.C. Lions Offensive Coordinator Joe Paopao has been offered the Offensive Coordinator's position with the San Francisco Demons. Paopao will officially accept the position no later than Tuesday. He is the second member of B.C.'s coaching staff to head over to the XFL. Greg Mohns, who was the Lions' head coach earlier this year, left B.C. and joined the XFL's management team in August.

26 November 2000
Linda McMahon Sets Things Straight
As we know, the WWFE is a family affair. Father Vince has told ESPN magazine that he will encourage cheerleaders to date XFL players. Linda McMahon, the wife of Vince, has recently gone on record to emphasize that the XFL will be ''a full 100 percent sport that Las Vegas will certainly make book on,'' meaning that, unlike wrestling shows, the football games won't be following a script. [Read Entire Article: Link to External News Article]

25 November 2000
XFL.COM Will be Selling Soon
On Dec. 1, just in time for the holidays, plans to launch their e-commerce venue featuring more than 90 items, including jerseys, hats and the league's official red and black football. Fans who register online will learn via e-mail of special deals. The XFL expects e-commerce, which will be run in-house, to generate about 40% of the site's revenue.

25 November 2000
Saturday Night with the Governor
Matt Vasgersian, the host of Fox Sports' "Sports Geniuses," and the new play-by-play announcer for NBC's broadcasts of the Saturday night XFL games will be sharing the broadcast booth with Jesse Ventura. When asked how he measures up to the imposing Ventura, Vasgersian said, "I'm a runt. I'm six foot in pumps. He'd kick my (butt) without exercising any effort whatsoever. I made it clear from the outset that if they were looking for a Ronnie Radio-type, I was the wrong guy. I'm really excited to be part of something that doesn't require cliched sports-speak at every turn. ... I can't wait to give the governor a harumph."

22 November 2000
Vince McMahon on CNNSI
What did Vince McMahon have to say in his latest interview in CNNSI? "It's a very, very, visceral, very, very, honest type of representation, which is quite frankly a reality show. That is the concept. It's a reality show inside, arguably the greatest sport on TV." [Read Entire Article: Link to External News Article]

21 November 2000
NBC Announces Their Broadcasting Team
Matt Vasgersian, who does play-by-play for the Milwaukee Brewers, has been hired by NBC as its lead announcer for XFL telecasts. Vasgersian, Mike Adamle and Fred Roggin will join Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura in the broadcast booth, NBC Sports chairman Dick Ebersol said Tuesday. Vasgersian is also the host of Fox Sports Net's "Sports Geniuses''. Ventura has done radio commentary for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, will be the game analyst in the booth. Adamle and Roggin will work the sidelines. Adamle, a former NFL player, is the sports director at WMAQ in Chicago. Roggin holds the same position at KNBC in Los Angeles. [Press Release]

21 November 2000
DiNardo Positive About His Bolts
A week-long Birmingham Thunderbolts mini-camp left coach Gerry DiNardo with one lasting impression: The XFL draft paid off for his club. "We drafted to put a team in place," DiNardo said. "We didn't do it as another tryout, the way some teams did. I think our opinion staffwide is that the mini-camp reinforced how we felt about our talent coming in." [Read Entire Article: Link to External News Article]

21 November 2000
We'll Call it the Wild Thing
There have been some good moments and some bad moments in this trip that we call the rise of the XFL. This latest moment, brought to you by ESPN the magazine and Vince McMahon himself, has left most people baffled as to how it should be defined. In the latest issue of ESPN The Magazine, Vince McMahon has quoted that XFL players not only will be allowed to date the cheerleaders, they'll even be encouraged to do so. "Yes, our cheerleaders will date our players," McMahon has said. "Yes, they'll be hot babes ... We're going to have three or four of them surround our announcers -- who'll be sitting in the stands, by the way... then, when the quarterback fumbles or the wideout drops a pass -- and we know who he's dating -- I want our reporters right back in her face on the sidelines demanding to know whether the two of them did the wild thing last night".... [Read Entire Article]

20 November 2000
Our First Contest Winner
Our first message board contest has a winner. JCT007 was the first to post our secret keyword "butkus". Actually it only took him about two hours after the contest started to do it. JCT007's comment when informed that he had won the t-shirt: "Sweet!" We have picked another keyword and will start another keyword contest tonight, 21 Nov 00 at 12:01 AM EST. The prize is another t-shirt. Good luck everyone - keep posting!

20 November 2000
State Senator Asks for Legal Opinion on Ventura
Late Monday afternoon it has been revealed that the leader of the Minnesota Senate has asked the state attorney general Monday whether Gov. Jesse Ventura's planned gig as an XFL announcer violates any ethical guidelines. Senate Majority Leader Roger Moe asked Attorney General Mike Hatch to clarify whether the governor is a state employee and therefore covered under a code of ethics for employees in the executive branch.

18 November 2000
Just Like We Told You... The Future is in The 6th Day
The XFL is all over the start of the new Schwarzenegger movie, "The 6th Day". The first scene of the movie takes place at an XFL game, in the year 2013. The actual XFL logo is shown all over the place. The quarterback was making $300 million for a salary and has a helmet with a "heads up" display inside the visor. The display indicted a blitz and then he took an XFL style hit. We like the idea that future XFL QB's don't wear panties either. Incidentally, the NFL is not featured anywhere in the movie. Maybe this future stuff isn't so scary after all. :^)

17 November 2000
Chicago's ESPN Radio 1000 (WMVP) the XFL's First Radio Broadcaster
Vince McMahon, XFL President Basil DeVito and Enforcers head coach Ron Meyer announced today that Chicago's ESPN Radio 1000 (WMVP) will carry the Chicago Enforcers games. McMahon also alluded to the fact that there will soon be a radio deal announced in every XFL city. This is great news for XFL fans everywhere; WMVP 1000 also broadcasts their signal worldwide on the internet.

17 November 2000
QumarChicago Interviews "Da Coach"
Mike Ditka on the XFL: "As long as they don't ruin what football really is, and keep football as a competitive sport, then I think the league can succeed. And most importantly, the cheerleaders should stay away from the men's locker room. You need to keep those thing separate, or else it would hurt the league." [Read Entire Interview: Link to Enforcers Team Page]

17 November 2000
Major Announcement Regarding Enforcers Later Today
World Wrestling Federation Entertainment Chairman Vince McMahon along with XFL President Basil DeVito and Enforcers head coach Ron Meyer will be making a major announcement regarding the Enforcers on Friday, November 17 at 4:10 p.m. central time on Chicago's ESPN Radio 1000 (WMVP). The announcement will be made during the Huge Show hosted by Bill Simonson and Lou Canellis.

16 November 2000
NBC names Jesse Ventura XFL Analyst
Jesse Ventura, whose candor and fresh perspective helped him get elected governor of Minnesota in 1998, today was named analyst on NBC’s upcoming XFL broadcasts. The joint announcement was made by Dick Ebersol, Chairman NBC Sports and Olympics and Vince McMahon, Chairman of World Wrestling Federation Entertainment, Inc. The XFL, which is co-owned and operated by WWFE, Inc. and NBC, begins its first season on Saturday, Feb. 3, 2001. NBC will televise a weekly game in primetime each Saturday at 8 p.m. ET. “We’re thrilled to have one of the most interesting and colorful leaders in America today joining us as an integral part of the XFL,” said Ebersol. “This demonstrates our commitment to present real football in a fresh, new, fun way.” [Press Release]

16 November 2000
Win a Free T-Shirt
Announcing our first discussion board contest! We have picked a "keyword". The first registered guest that creates a new post in our discussion board containing that word will receive a free t-shirt. It's that simple! P.S. The word has to be used properly in a sentence, (ie. not in a list of words) and the word has to appear in the body of the text and not in any username. We did a count and our first keyword has already appeared in our board well over 100 times.

15 November 2000
Jesse "The Governor" Ventura Will Announce
The Body is heading to the broadcast booth. Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura, a former pro wrestler, will be an announcer for NBC Sports' telecasts of the new XFL football league, the Associated Press learned Wednesday. NBC hasn't yet named any of its on-air lineup for the XFL. Ventura's hiring will be announced Thursday, according to a TV industry source who spoke on condition of anonymity. NBC said it would have a conference call Thursday for a "major announcement regarding NBC's XFL talent.'' The network would not say who would be hired. "I'm not commenting on that today,'' Ventura, in Minnesota, said. "My policy with the media is that I only talk about today's business.'' [Read Entire Article: Link to External News Article]

15 November 2000
Maniax in Mini-Camp
There are dozens of stories in the naked mini-camp... There are some players whose NFL careers were foiled by injuries, others by bad luck. Some were the right players at the wrong places at the wrong times. "All these guys have been good players in their careers," Rashan Salaam said, "and because of a circumstance here, a circumstance there, they're not in the NFL. But this league here gives us a good opportunity to showcase ourselves." [Read Entire Article: Link to External News Article]

15 November 2000
The Score to Broadcast XFL in Canada
Canadians will have spring football on their televisions. The Score, a Canadian sports news network, has signed a two-year agreement to broadcast one XFL game every Sunday during the regular season as well as two playoff games and the Championship game. [Press Release]

15 November 2000
Hitmen Hire Staff
The New York/New Jersey Hitmen named Ron Calcagni offensive coordinator and Edwin Bailey offensive line coach.

14 November 2000
XFL to Announce Additional TV Deals
The WWF has scheduled a press conference on Wednesday, where they plan to announce three new developments involving World Wrestling Federation, XFL television programming and the significant business involvement of WWFE in a major Canadian television broadcast company. It is rumored that these new deals are with the Canadian cable sports channel Headline Sports.

13 November 2000
XFL Uniforms - Which is Best?
Are you confused by all the colors and styles of the XFL uniforms? Try this uniform comparision chart.

13 November 2000
It Must be a Devilish Duty...
Revealing outfits aside, cheerleading is not about sex, said Jay Howarth, who handles cheerleading affairs for the XFL. In fact, men have nothing to do with it. "This is basically about girls and for girls,'' said Howarth. "It's not about girls for boys. If men want to view these ladies as wrestler chick strippers, that's up to them. But that isn't what it's about.'' What it is about, said Howarth, is show business. Howarth shared that sentiment with the 230 women who showed up yesterday at Pacific Bell Park to audition for 10 positions available with the cheerleading squad of the Demons, "Give us who you are,'' she urged. "If you're a sports chick, give us sports chick. If you're Baywatch, give us Baywatch. We have 10 slots to fill, and you shouldn't try to second-guess us, try to figure out what we need. Just be you.'' [Read Entire Article: Link to External News Article]

12 November 2000
Rage Mini-Camp Next Week
Beginning next week, the City of Orlando be able to get its first look at its new professional football team as the XFL's Orlando Rage will conduct a mini-camp at the Citrus Bowl Complex, Nov. 14-18. Head Coach Galen Hall is anticipating 29 skill position players to show up for the camp, which will include two daily workouts on "Thunder Field," adjacent to the Florida Citrus Bowl. Participants include wide receivers, running backs, tight ends, quarterbacks and centers. The team will conduct a full squad mini-camp in December. [Link to Rage Team Page - More Info]

12 November 2000
Ron Meyer on XFL Player Recruiting
A quote from Ron Meyer, the Head Coach of the Chicago Enforcers, when asked about who was going to play in the XFL: "The majority of the players will be ex-NFL players, by that I mean young players that were let go in the last cut or guys who may have played one year or two and were let go for one reason or another. That being said, we're also looking to the Canadian league for its top players, of which we have a few on our roster."

11 November 2000
Your Chance to See the Bolts
Quarterbacks, running backs, receivers, tight ends and centers, recently drafted by the Bimringham Thunderbolts, will report this Monday for physical examinations. Then they will hit the field on Tuesday at 9 a.m to start the Bolts' mini-camp. Some of those who will be attending will be Casey Weldon, the Thunderbolts' first-round selection, former Auburn running back James Bostic, former Alabama running back Curtis Alexander and former Dallas Cowboys receiver Stepfret Williams. Workouts are scheduled for 9 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. through to 20 Nov at the Intramural Fields on the Birmingham Southern College campus. All workouts are open to the public. "Not only is this a chance for us as coaches to get to know these players, it's also a chance for the people of Birmingham to start getting to know their team," coach Dinardo has said. "Everything we do over at Birmingham Southern is free and open to the public."

10 November 2000
Our Exclusive T-Shirt
This T-Shirt is strictly for fans of the XFL! (If you are a closet NFL fan lurking on this site - look away!) This is an XFL Fan's Rant on an excellent quality T-Shirt: ...Real Football, Football in February, No Pathetic Fair Catches, Our Quarterbacks don't wear panties... and more! [Click here for Ordering Information]

9 November 2000
Enforcers Mini-Camp a Public Affair
The Chicago Enforcers XFL football team will have its first mini-camp from the 14th to the 17th of November and it is open to the public. The camp is taking place at a Chicago Park District Field at 47th and Cornell, right off Lake Shore Drive and about 10 minutes south of Soldier Field.

9 November 2000
Hitmen Show off their Black and Blue
The final inaugural XFL team to show off their uniforms has been the Hitmen. Wait no more, because here they are! If you like black and blue, you will like this. [Link to Hitmen Web Site]

9 November 2000
Enforcers Seal Deal for Soldier Field
The XFL is expected to pay at least $1 million a year for two years for the Enforcers to use Soldier Field. The Enforcers have sold 3,500 season tickets, and are hoping to have crowds of 20,000 on-hand for home games. There is also a plan to gut and rebuild the 76-year-old stadium. Construction would take 18 months, but no starting date has been set. There is no word on where the Enforcers will play if scheduled Soldier Field renovations interfere with next year's XFL season.

8 November 2000
The CFL Prepares to Fight
Relations between the CFL and the XFL have deteriorated. The CFL has instructed its lawyers to get ready to battle the XFL in the courtrooms, and it is all over player contracts. A quote from Jeff Giles, the CFL's outgoing president: "We're preparing to defend the integrity of our contracts. And we're preparing to do so vigorously." CFL executives were surprised to learn that some players who are still under contract to CFL teams were selected in the XFL's first draft. One of the players in particular, from the Saskatchewan Roughriders, was receiver Curtis Mayfield. Mayfield retired from the CFL before this season started - just after signing a contract and receiving a $35,000 cash signing bonus. Now he is on the roster of the Chicago Enforcers. Technically, Mayfield still is under contract to the CFL even though he did not play for them in 2000. [Our Reference: Link to External News Article]

7 November 2000
Hall Wants to Bring in Bell
CFL quarterback Kerwin Bell could be the "Rage", when the XFL is holds a draft on December 1st for CFL players. Bell, who was aquired by Toronto as a free agent in September, is being pursued by the XFL's Orlando Rage. Rage head coach, Galen Hall, coached Bell at the University of Florida. Bell, a drop back passer with a strong arm, would bring experience and maturity to the ranks of the Rage.

6 November 2000
Hitmen Answer the Tough Questions
When asked about the Cheerleader commercials the Hitmen's Head Coach Rusty Tillman has spoken out: "Yes, you're seeing half-naked women, but the point is we're going after a male audience from 13 to 35 years old. There are no questions about it. I know some people are offended by it, but let's take the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders. Do you think sex has anything to do with that? At least Vince McMahon is being honest about it. Men like cheerleaders. So we'll have beautiful ones. I don't see anything wrong with a guy enjoying cheerleaders." [Read Entire Article: Link to External News Article]

6 November 2000
Are the Players Clones Too?
The new Schwarzenegger movie, "The 6th Day", is a look into the near future when cloning is a reality. Apparently, according to the movie makers, the XFL is also a future reality. It has been reported that in the opening scene of the movie, which is to be released on Nov 17th, there is an XFL game being played.

6 November 2000
Beg your Pardon?
We are both confused and intrigued by a quote from Peter King in a recent CNNSI Article: "Lawrence Phillips signed with the Las Vegas entry of the XFL, and Vince McMahon, the commissioner of the XFL, basically said, 'Look, we don't want any convicted felons in our league.' So Phillips, if the league does not allow him in, will sue the XFL to gain entry." What do you think? Take it to our message board.
[Read Entire Article: Link to External News Article]

6 November 2000
What do you think?
We are contemplating changes to this site, especially in our discussion forum. We are thinking of moving towards a more robust system with more fan features and registration. What do you think? Answer the poll on this page!

3 November 2000
XFL Marketer's Tout Internet Strategy
The XFL just finished the first leg of an e-mail, season-ticket drive and claims that a blast to its house file of 80,000 XFL fans resulted in a more than 5 percent conversion-to-sale rate. Respondents bought an average of 2.5 packages per order. If only every online marketer's arsenal could include an e-mail list of rabid fans... [Read Entire Article: Link to External News Article]

3 November 2000
The Hitmen Announce Staff Hirings
The New York/New Jersey named Paul Miles vice president of administration, Jason Danahy director of marketing, Jon Schwartz director of public relations, Keith Levin director of sales, Gina Durante finance manager, Jay Johnson operations manager and Scott Stenback box office manager.

3 November 2000
A Devil in Red and Black
The San Francisco Demons released their red and black uniforms this week. The Demons GM and Vice-President, Mike Preacher, has said that the Demon's look will be unique, and that we will see the demons mix and match their uniforms a lot this year. [SF Demons Home Page]

1 November 2000
Milanovich, Copeland Highlight Xtreme Draft
We would like to introduce our new Xtreme Team Reporter, David Curtis, and his first article....
The most intriguing selections made by the Los Angeles Xtreme during the XFL's inaugural player draft were those of hard-luck quarterback Scott Milanovich -- the first pick overall -- and receiving phenom Jeremaine Copeland... [Read Entire Article: Link to Xtreme Team Page]

1 November 2000
The Demons are Unleashed
Roll out the football and Mike Pawlawski is there -- his engine running, his mouth moving, his right arm cocked and ready. The venue barely matters, from a stadium in Berkeley to an arena in Albany to a ballpark in San Francisco. So there stood Pawlawski yesterday, deep in the bowels of Pacific Bell Park, embracing this curious beast known as the XFL. It's quite a mix, really, the sideshows of wrestling wizard Vince McMahon teaming with the mainstream power and exposure of NBC -- all in the name of more football. [Read Entire Article: Link to External News Article]

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