NEWS ARCHIVE: October 2000

31 October 2000
Maniax - Coming Together
Things are finally starting to take shape for the XFL and the Memphis Maniax. They now have a coach in Kippy Brown, uniforms, and over the weekend they were able to get some players. Axman, our Maniax Team Reporter lets us know how things are in Memphis. [Read Entire Article: Link to Maniax Team Page]

31 October 2000
QBs - Top of the Draft

The management of all eight XFL teams sent out the same message on draft day: If you want to win a football game you need a good quarterback. This is why the first seven out of nine selections were quarterbacks. Scott Milanovich, a 6-3, 220-pound quarterback, was the first player taken by the XFL. He was the all-time leading passer at Maryland and spent four seasons as a backup for the NFL's Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Last year, he played for the Berlin Thunder of NFL Europe. [Read Entire Article]

31 October 2000
Criner Sings a Happy Tune
Las Vegas Outlaws coach Jim Criner sang the same tune for a third day in a row Monday. If he is right, the Outlaws could be celebrating at the end of the first XFL season. Criner was ecstatic about the Outlaws' haul in the first XFL Draft, which completed with 34 rounds Monday. "We feel very, very good about the kind of team we have," Criner said. "Starting defensively, it's a very physical group of guys with a lot of big, strong guys to push the pocket and run stoppers who have the lateral movement to squeeze things off. We've got what I consider to be very good team speed defensively and a lot of very smart football players." [Read Entire Article: Link to External News Article]

30 October 2000
Report Card Day - Bolts Draft Review
The Bolts are 3 months away from a furious thrashing of the Memphis Maniacs at Legion Field. At this point a first semester report card would be in order. Our Birmingham Bolts Team Co-reporter Bamaslammer has provided us with one. Our other Bolts reporter, Sonny Sanders, also provides us with a review of the Bolts draft. [Read Both Articles: Link to Bolts Team Page]

West Division
East Division
Click on each icon above to view the roster.
30 October 2000
Team Lineups are Set at 70

The draft is over. Each XFL team now has a training camp roster set at 70 players. Congratulations to all players who made it through the draft. Also, good luck to all the players who did not get drafted - from the postings that many of you have made in our message board, we know that there are many of you.

30 October 2000
The XFL Makes a Mark
The XFL Draft was hyped at halftime of NBC's Notre Dame-Air Force game. NBC's Mike Adamle promised ''smash-mouth football'' in a league with team nicknames such as the Demons and Maniax. And the XFL will be free to skip some of football's tiresome traditions, such as getting rid of extra-point kicks after touchdowns. On Sunday, without actually mentioning the XFL, Fox's Cris Collinsworth commented on the extra point play: ''It's the most boring play in football. Can't we just line up the regular players and just watch more football?'' We think that Mr. Collinsworth may be a future XFL fan!

30 October 2000
Draft Results
> Territorial Draft Results
> Day 1 Results
> Day 2 Results
> Day 3 Results

27 October 2000
Draft Schedule
Don't miss the XFL draft this weekend:
Saturday 28 Oct: 11AM Eastern - Announcement of the territorial picks from each team plus the first 10 rounds of the draft.
Sunday 29 Oct: 5 PM Eastern - 15 more rounds of draft action will take place by teleconferencing.
Monday 30 Oct: 9AM Eastern - The final 34 rounds of the draft.
Tune in to XFL.COM for all draft results. Visit our message board to discuss the picks. On Monday this site will have extensive coverage of the draft picks - with comments by many of our Team Reporters and more.

26 October 2000
Xtreme Will Draft First on Saturday
With the help of the Illinois State Lottery, the league has determined the order for this Saturday's draft:
1. Los Angeles Xtreme
2. Birmingham Thunderbolts
3. Memphis Maniax
4. Orlando Rage
5. Las Vegas Outlaws
6. San Francisco Demons
7. New York / New Jersey Hitmen
8. Chicago Enforcers

25 October 2000
The XFL Draft
The XFL draft may prove to be one of the more exciting events that the XFL has staged on the road to its inaugural game on the 3rd of Feb 2001. Over the weekend of 28-30 October, 2000, a total of 560 players will be picked from a draft pool reported to be over 1500. [Read Entire Article]

24 October 2000
Demons and Giants to Overlap at Pac Bell?

The San Francisco Demons will play their home games at Pac Bell, the home of the SF Giants. The Demons final home game is scheduled for 24 March, only six days before the Giants are scheduled to play an exhibition game against the Seattle Mariners. If the Demons make the playoffs, they could be hosting a game at Pac Bell the second weekend in April, right before the Giants return home for a 12-game homestand that begins with three against the Dodgers (April 17-19). And if the Demons were to host the XFL title game the weekend of April 21-22, they would have to find an alternate site because the Giants will be in town. The Giants are concerned about the possible condition of the grass field at Pac Bell.

24 October 2000
XFL Tickets are On Sale
Don't start on this one... no, we do not get any part of XFL ticket sales. What we do get is a lot of inquiries from fans of this site about XFL tickets. The good news is that tickets are now available for all teams except for Chicago (25 Oct) and San Francisco (31 Oct). For more information, including seating charts and descriptions of services, go to the site or... [Click Here]

24 October 2000
The CFL May Give Its Best, Yet...
CFL players under contract are not eligible to play in the XFL until their contracts expire. It has been confirmed by the XFL that they will honor CFL contracts. But, CFL contracts end in February, so the XFL is preparing a supplemental draft, on Dec 1st, 2000, to assign potential CFL players to teams who might pick them up after their CFL contract expires. One notable potential QB which may be drafted is Winnipeg's 29 year old phenom, Khari Jones. It is reported that Jones has been looked at by 6 XFL teams so far (LA, SF, LV, BHAM, CHI and NY+NJ). There are many other CFL players in Jone's shoes. It only remains to be seen whether these players will simply use the XFL as a bargaining chip for their CFL contract negotiaions, or if we will see them in the XFL some day soon.

23 October 2000
Thanks for Throwing Us a Bone
If you watched WWF Raw this evening you probably saw "The King" Jerry Lawlor interviewing potential cheerleaders for the Las Vegas Outlaws. Needless to say the whole thing was a shameful, sex-filled piece... and we enjoyed it! Also this evening, on a totally unrelated issue, an XFL press release named Robert Riordan vice president for sales and Eric Schulz vice president for event marketing.

21 October 2000
All Good Things Must Come to an End... Should It Really?
When Dick Butkus was announced as head coach of the enforcers in June, everyone in the city of Chicago was ecstatic. Everyone from former Enforcers GM Ken Valdiserri, to Vince McMahon, to the media in Chicago, and most importantly future and current Enforcers fans. Butkus said that he wanted to coach. Vince and Ken gave him that opportunity to "fulfill" the rest of his extraordinary career by coaching. But recently, Butkus felt that the job of coaching was too hard.... to quote Tom Hanks from A League Of Their Own, "It's supposed to be hard. If it wasn't hard, then everyone would do it. The hard is what makes it great." [Read Entire Article: Link to Chicago Team Page]

20 October 2000
"Butkus Proves It"
Many fans stepped forward to support the Chicago Enforcers. Some even bought season tickets simply because Dick Butkus was going to be on the sidelines. Most XFL fans bought into the whole concept of Dick Butkus as a Head Coach. Were they lied to? [Read Entire Article]

20 October 2000
Birmingham Uniform Photo
This is the kind of thing we have been waiting for. Our Bolts team co-reporter, Sonny Sanders, has a link for you all. To a news article with an excellent large color photo of the Bolts uniforms. [Link to External News Article]

19 October 2000
Maniax: Ready for Today's Territorial Draft

Today, the Maniax will draft 11 players from their three territorial schools - Memphis, Tennessee and Mississippi State. "We're anxious to get going," said Steve Ortmayer, the team's player personnel director, who revealed earlier this week that Tennessee receiver Marcus Nash will be one of the picks. "We think 10 of these guys should make the football team, and five or six should be starters." [Read Entire Article: Link to External News Article]

19 October 2000
Rage Fans Blow Up Phone Lines
Season tickets for the Orlando Rage went on sale Wednesday and fans blew up the phone lines. No, really they did. So many phone calls came in at one of the teams' temporary offices that the system crashed. The repairs were made and orders continued to roll in. (Note: At this link you can also view a video of the Rage uniforms) [Read Entire Article: Link to External News Article]

18 October 2000
Meyer named head coach of XFL's Enforcers
Ron Meyer, who has spent nine seasons as a head coach is returning to the sidelines -- as head coach of the XFL's Chicago Enforcers. Meyer is a two-time AFC Coach of the Year in the NFL. He coached the New England Patriots (1982-84) and Indianapolis Colts (1986-91) as well as the CFL's Las Vegas Posse. Originally approached in September, Meyer accepted an offer to coach the Enforcers during the weekend. "I actually gave my wife the courtesy of informing her first before accepting," he said. [Read Entire Article: Link to External News Article]

18 October 2000
Finally A Photo of a XFL Uniform
Thanks go out to Gulf Coast Tiger who finally posted a link to a photo of the Las Vegas Outlaws uniform in our Message board. [Link to Message Board Item]

18 October 2000
Butkus Moves Up, New Enforcers Head Coach Named
Dick Butkus has been elevated to the position of XFL Director of Football Competition, Basil V. DeVito, Jr., XFL President, announced today. DeVito also announced that Ron Meyer, a two-time NFL AFC Coach of the Year and current TV analyst, will replace the legendary Butkus at the helm of the Chicago Enforcers. [XFL Press Release]

17 October 2000
The Very First Maniac
At a glorified fashion show on Monday, former University of Tennessee receiver Marcus Nash modeled the new uniforms of XFL's Memphis Maniax during a Memphis press conference. Nash is the first official Maniax player since he's part of 11 players that will be protected by the Maniax in Wednesday's territorial draft. The Maniax also announced the hiring of its first three assistants on the staff of head coach Kippy Brown. They are offensive coordinator/offensive line coach Rich McGeorge, defensive line coach Craig Boller and receivers coach Gerald Brown, Kippy's brother. [Read Entire Article: Link to External News Article]

17 October 2000
Wanna Chat XFL?
We now have a java based chat room. Come on in to chat with other XFL fans about the new league. A Java enabled browser is required. [Visit the Chat Room]

16 October 2000
Got Balls?
Need a new football for the backyard game, or a collector's item for the mantle? The XFL game balls are now for sale. If you want to buy one we suggest Prices are well below manufacturer's suggested price.
[Visit the Team Store]

16 October 2000
The Final XFL Player Selection Process
The XFL draft is coming up in two weeks. It is time to take a breather and reflect on how the final months of preparation will be for the XFL teams. The question that many people have been asking is this: How will the XFL go from where they are now to having eight fully staffed teams? [Read Entire Article]

14 October 2000
Playmate Cheerleader
Sometimes the XFL comes up with a great idea, like hiring Dick Butkus to be a head coach. Or, according to the latest media report, hiring 1998 Playboy Playmate of the Year™ Karen McDougal to be one of their new cheerleaders. Now that's hot news!

13 October 2000
Article: McMahon's new, X-citing league has NFL worried
Vince McMahon is collecting players for his new XFL, and the league is going to be everything the real game is not. The XFL is going to have total access, with cameras in the helmets, cameras in the huddle, cameras in the locker rooms at halftime. If the XFL could figure out a way to put cameras in the showers, it would do that, too. Pity the NFL, locked into its archaic traditions of doling out information on a need-to-know basis. America's professional football league has thrived solely because its challengers have accepted the same rules upon which the NFL was made. [Read Entire Article: Link to External News Article]

12 October 2000
Go Get 'Em Vince
Vince McMahon, speaking out against anti-violence activists in Hollywood had this to say about his new football league: "It's about time someone took on those National Football League suits. The NFL is extremely corporate. It's successful, but I think they've forgotten the middle class. They've forgotten why the game is played. XFL football is a game of aggression, a game where big men play (with) passion. There may be a few expletives here and there, but it's a bloody war out there." Vince also had a few more interesting things to say. Visit the linked article for more. [Link to External News Article]

12 October 2000
Birmingham Uniforms Public Release?
The local Birmingham press has reported that the Bolts will release their uniforms at a press conference today at Noon (Central Time). The uniforms are reported to be of "traditional" appearance and consist of a purple and gold jersey with white pants for home games and white jerseys with purple pants for away games.

11 October 2000
XFL Hires Officials
Carl Paganelli, the Arena Football League's supervisor of officials the last 11 years, has been hired by the XFL to do the same job. He has been in officiating for 33 years, having worked for NFL Europe, the USFL, the Big Ten and the Mid-America Conference. Paganelli will now be responsible for recruitment, supervision and evaluation of all XFL officials. James Augustyn, a Big Ten and Arena Football League official, has also been hired as Paganelli's chief assistant.

10 October 2000
A QB for the Demons?
The Demon's Director of Player Personnel, Greg Mohns, was in Vancouver, his old stomping grounds, on Monday checking out a game between the BC Lions and the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. Mohns is one of three XFL executives scouting CFL games over the next several weeks.... [Link to SF Demons Team Page]

10 October 2000
Giant Football Player Planned For XFL HQ
A really big football player is coming to Stamford, but he's not human. The player - 9 feet, 6 inches tall, made out of aluminum and lit by fluorescent lamps - is a 152-square-foot sign for the XFL. The sign will sit atop WWF's headquarters, next to the WWF logo. It will be visible from Interstate 95. The sign was approved last week by Stamford's Zoning Board of Appeals. We're not sure who the league used as a model for this sign. We'd like to recommend this "famous" player on the right. Hint: He played for Polk High.

10 October 2000
News from the Xtreme
Los Angeles Xtreme Team Page
The Xtreme's playing corp is starting to take shape. The Xtreme have been taking a long look at former UCLA star Tommy Maddox, former New York Giant wide receiver Thomas Lewis, former BYU quarterback Steve Sarkisian and Rashaan Salaam. [Link to LA Xtreme Team Page]

4 October 2000
2001 Schedule Released
The XFL has released it's 2001 schedule. Click here to view the schedule. It doesn't look like the Memphis-Birmingham rivalry will get much fuel for the fire, with only one match-up, in the first week. It also looks like Memphis is in the western division and Chicago is in the East. [XFL 2001 Schedule]

3 October 2000
More on the William Morris Lawsuit
The WWF acknowledges that it signed a contract with William Morris in 1997 to come up with creative projects to compete with rival WCW. But the WWF says it was dissatisfied with William Morris' performance and advised the agency it wanted to terminate the contract in March, 1999. After that, WWF says it came up with several ideas William Morris had "absolutely nothing" to do with, one being the XFL. [Link to External News Article]

2 October 2000
WWF Sues William Morris Agency
The World Wrestling Federation sued the William Morris Agency on Monday, saying it was duped by the talent and booking firm to give away a slice of revenues from the XFL. [Link to External News Article]

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