NEWS ARCHIVE: September 2000

29 September 2000
xfl cheerleadersThanks, Uncle Vince!
The XFL promised us cheerleaders, and they've paid off in spades. If you don't know what we're talking about, then go immediately over to the official XFL site for a view of the Cheerleader commercial. The commercial is so visually appealing it took two views to realize that the narrative is also very "tounge in cheek" hilarious. Also be sure to have a look at the "making of the cheerleader commercial" snapshots. Sweeeeeeeeeet! [Link to]

28 September 2000
Eight Teams - Eight Head Coaches
All eight XFL teams now have a head coach, with today's hiring of Jim Skipper by the San Francisco Demons and Rusty Tillman by the New York/New Jersey Hitmen. Skipper was assistant head coach of the New York Giants until he quit in August. It was initially rumored that he would coach Memphis, but that was false. He was in the NFL for 14 years, including terms as running backs coach with the Arizona Cardinals and New Orleans Saints. Tillman was an assistant coach for 16 years with the Seattle Seahawks, including defensive coordinator. He also had that job with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Indianapolis Colts, and was a special teams coach with the Oakland Raiders. Congratulations and welcome to Coach Skipper and Coach Tillman.

27 September 2000
Hitmen and Demons Head Coach Announcement Thursday
The XFL will be making the official announcement of their head coaches for the New York+New Jersey and San Francisco franchises on Thursday 28 Sep 00. The media buzz is that Jim Skipper will coach the Demons and that Rusty Tillman will be the new head coach of the Hitmen.

27 September 2000
We Didn't See Any Cheerleaders?
The XFL commercial aired last night. Did you see it? In case you missed it (it was only 20 seconds in length) we will recap it here. It all starts off in a secret XFL training camp in the desert. A player is running through an obstacle course. To make things a little more difficult, a large piece of artillery is lobbing shells at him.

26 September 2000
More Coaching Rumors
In the latest round of XFL coaching rumors to come out of the media, the former New York Giants running backs coach Jim Skipper will coach the XFL's San Francisco team, and Rusty Tillman, former Indianapolis Colts defensive coordinator, will be the new coach of the New York+New Jersey Hit Men.

26 September 2000
Lights... Camera... Action. Real, Live Action!
Even though the NFL is not sure of the exact nature of what the XFL will unveil on February 3rd, 2001, they are quickly retooling their broadcasts. In case anybody from the NFL is reading this, here is a tip. Go to your boardroom and see if you can match this: The XFL will be about football. Real live football. The rest of the programming will be brought to you by the same guys who brought you the Undertaker and The Rock... [Read Entire Article]

25 September 2000
Uncle Vince Promised us Cheerleaders...
The XFL invades the Olympics Tuesday night with it's long awaited commercial. The motif of this commercial is how the XFL players have to train to make it in the new league. Apparently this means that they have to run through flaming oil barrels. No wonder gas prices are so high, Vince is burning the stuff up, by making commercials. We'd also like to remind Uncle Vince that he promised us a look at some cheerleaders during the olympic commercials. We'll wait and see what's in store. Meanwhile, the XFL has sent Dick Butkus to Australia to promote the XFL during the Olympics. [More Info at the Official League Web Site]

23 September 2000
Southern Fried Football
Alabama Football"What makes football a success in Alabama isn't winning records or championships but down home brutal football. Like the games you played in your back yard that went for hour after hour. No surrender no defeat!!" In his most recent report, Bamaslammer, our Bolts Co-Reporter, lets us know what type of football is popular in his neck of the woods. [Birmingham Bolts Team Page]

22 September 2000
Bolts to Get a Coach from the CFL
The XFL, Vince McMahon's new pro football league, has attracted yet another coach from the CFL. Don Lindsey, who began this season as the Lions' defensive coordinator of the BC Lions, will take up similar duties with the Birmingham ThunderBolts of the XFL, starting Oct. 1. [Link to External Article]

22 September 2000
Gatorade Signs Up For XFL Testosterone
Seeking to reach the teen male demographic that the XFL has promoted to marketers as its raison d'Ítre, Gatorade has signed a five-year deal making it the official sports drink of the embryonic football league. The pact keeps Gatorade the overwhelming leader in U.S. isotonic market cups, coolers and towels on the sidelines while locking other beverages out, though the league and its teams are free to cut deals for bottled water. [Link to External Article]

21 September 2000
Ex-CFL'ers Find Coaching Opportunities in the XFL
What do Cal Murphy (Enforcers), Bobby Ackles, Tom Mason and Rashid Gayle, (Outlaws), Greg Mohns (Demons), Mike Kelly and Mickey Mays (Rage) have in common? They are all ex-CFL coaches and/or players who have now found coaching jobs with the XFL. [Link to External Article]

21 September 2000
Bolts Coach Holds Tryouts
Opportunity was knocking at Legion Field for 81 potential XFL players. Many were local players, ex-Alabama, Auburn and UAB players whom the club could claim with territorial rights. All were trying to make an impression at the Birmingham Thunderbolts invitation-only tryout camp. [Birmingham Bolts Team Page]

18 September 2000
Sixty-Seven Days in San Jose
To San Jose, the XFL is acting like a long lost cousin who came to visit for 67 days. There was a lot of hoopla and "pats on the back" when they arrived, but they didn't even say goodbye when they left. Like the fellow once said, "ain't that a kick a head!" [Read Entire Article]

18 September 2000
Maniax Name Kippy Brown Head Coach

Steve Ehrhart, General Manager of the Memphis Maniax, named Kippy Brown Head Coach of the Memphis XFL team on Monday, Sept. 18, 2000. A veteran of 21 coaching seasons, nine in the NFL and 12 in college, Brown is a graduate of the University of Memphis where he was quarterback for the Tigers from 1975-77. [Press Release]

18 September 2000
Demons Move to SFO. Why? A Fan's View.
The Demons will play their opening season at Pacific Bell Park. But with this 50 mile move, the official team name is now the San Francisco Demons. The move opened more room for XFL fans to see the game live. Spartan Stadium has a 28,000-seat capacity. The new San Francisco Giants stadium, Pacific Bell Park, can hold a crowd of 40,000. So why did they move? [Demons Team Page]

16 September 2000
Out with the Old, in with the New
"On September 10, something unexpected happened that would affect the Chicago Enforcers and the XFL." Our Chicago Team Reporter, QumarChicago, gives us some personal insight into the Valdeserri resignation. [Chicago Enforcers Team Page]

16 September 2000
McMahon on ABC World News Tonight
Fifty percent ownership of the XFL belongs to NBC. But, last night the XFL got some decent coverage from a rival network. If you missed it, the full item is available on Real Video and Audio online at the ABC News site. [Link to ABC News Web Page]

15 September 2000
Oh No? San Francisco Demons?
Today, the San Jose Team will announce it's move to San Francisco, and change its name to the San Francisco Demons. The team will now play at Pacific Bell Park, which apparently was more eager to host them than was Spartan Stadium. Michael Preacher, the Demons' general manager, said Giants officials came up with a deal to beat Spartan Stadium's, which was still being negotiated. How long has this been going on? It has been discovered through one of our favorite methods, the domain name search, that was registered by the WWFe on 31 August 2000. [Link to External Article]

15 September 2000
First salvo fired in XFL, CFL war
The issue: freedom to play in more than one league. The XFL has warned that the CFL will end up losing a football war if it refuses to relax its rules and allow players to compete in more than one league. Mike Keller, vice-president of league operations for the XFL, said the contracts that players sign in the XFL will allow them the freedom to play year-round, in different leagues, if they want. [Link to External Article]

13 September 2000
Vin Mac on IT Radio Network
Guess who said this: "When billionaire owners start making the rules and changing rules to benefit their investment as opposed to the football game. It leaves open a whole brand new canvas in which the XFL can walk right in and paint this fan-friendly football canvas, which is what the NFL used to be years ago." Answer: Vince McMahon. Where: In an interview he gave on the IT Radio Network. Real audio and transcript are available. [Link to External Web Page]

13 September 2000
XFL Ebay Action
Somebody is going to profit from this and it won't be us. The news is that there is starting to be some XFL action on EBAY. Available today is an "generic" XFL 2001 Jersey (Size: 52) going for $42. Also you will find an XFL "Junior Football" starting at $75, but with a "reserve" price in place. We wonder what they really want for it. This is also a great idea for all those players that got the XFL Combine 2000 T-shirts and that never got picked for the XFL - recoup some of your expenses with a quick EBAY sale! [Link to EBAY search for "XFL"]

13 September 2000
Plenty of Progress in San Jose
The XFL is reportedly spending more than $1.6 million installing video screens, cameras and sound equipment to bring the fans both at home and in San Jose State's Spartan Stadium closer to the game. Also, since the Demons' Web site has opened, it has had more than 2 million page views. Tickets for the Demons won't be available until October, but the team's office has received nearly 5,000 requests for season passes. Why all the sales? The average ticket price is only $23! [Link to External Article]

12 September 2000
Rich Rose Named Acting GM of the Enforcers
The XFL announced today the naming of Rich Rose as Acting General Manager of the Chicago Enforcers football team. "We are very comfortable with Rich serving as the Acting General Manager for the Enforcers," said Billy Hicks, Vice President of Administration for the XFL. "Rich has been with the league before day one, having helped develop the XFL business plan. With Rich and the current Enforcers coaching and front office staff working together, everything will go smoothly in Chicago until a permanent General Manager is hired." [Press Release]

11 September 2000
It's All Math
When the XFL was first announced, one of the comments was "Who will play in such a league?" It seems that the real question should have been "What will the XFL do with all the potential players they turn away?" [Read Entire Article]

10 September 2000
Ken Valdiserri Resigns From the Chicago Enforcers

Chicago EnforcersThe XFL released a short press release late today announcing that Ken Valdiserri has resigned as Vice President and General Manager of The Chicago Enforcers due to personal reasons. "Our commitment to bring exciting XFL football to Chicago continues," said Basil V. DeVito Jr., President of the XFL. "With the coaching staff and front office that we have assembled, The Enforcers will provide Chicago football fans with something special." [Press Release]

10 September 2000
Dallas Combine Complete
The Dallas combine was held yesterday under a hot sun at the University of North Texas, Fouts Field. Quality athletes were reportedly tested, with the 40 yard dash becoming the focus of measurement. Speed was the real issue, with a time under 4.4 seconds being a benchmark for quickness. In the end, probably only 10-20% of the players who attended will be given contracts. For those few, this was the start of an probable XFL career. For most others this became a dissapointment and a liabilty: $110.00 to register in the combine plus travelling expenses. ABC is reportedly doing a news item on the combine after Monday night football on the 11th. We will look to that item for more news, plus to see what type of "negative spin" a rival broadcaster puts on the story. Next week, another combine will be held at Morris Brown College in Atlanta. [Message Board - Candid comments by Players]

8 September 2000
The San Jose Demons... What kind of name is that?
"The XFL announced that the San Jose will have to cheer for the black and white face of a demon. A demon, a devil, an evil spirit, a fiend. A very wicked person. A cruel person. A person with great energy and vigor. An inferior Greek god. Other than the second to the last definition of demon, I would have to disagree with the XFL calling the team, the Demons. So why did they call it the Demons?" Our San Jose Team Reporter, "NStarz" Ha, answers this question and more in his most recent article. [Read Entire Article]

7 September 2000
Forget About the CFL
What a bunch of confusing talk lately! All this talk of sharing players and mergers with the CFL. Where is all this coming from? [Read Entire Article]

7 September 2000
Dallas Combine to be held Saturday
Two hundred and fifty potential XFL players will be keeping their primetime dream alive by heading over to Dallas for the first XFL Combine. The road starts in Texas for many future XFL stars. would like to wish all players who are heading into their combines the best of luck. Stay healthy and go get 'em!

5 September 2000
XFL Commercials to Air During Olympics
Look for XFL commercials to air during the NBC Olympic coverage. Commercials will begin on September 15. The league strongly suggests you especially keep your eyes open for the ads that will discuss the XFL Cheerleaders.

5 September 2000
I Heard a Pin Drop in Stamford, CT!
It's pretty quiet at league headquarters. Last week it was reported that the CFL has offered to share it's players with the XFL and have players who would play in both leagues. The CFL has gone public with their side of the story, but the XFL has not yet responded. The real question is whether they took the CFL's proposal seriously, or if the XFL just plans to continue taking whatever/whoever they please. We also wait for the XFL to announce head coaches for San Jose, Memphis and New York. Again, there is no new news regarding these team appointments.

4 September 2000
Chicago EnforcersThe Winner is...
In our recent poll we asked you which XFL team logo you liked the best. The winner with over 22% of the vote was the Chicago Enforcers. Following closely behind were the Orlando Rage and the Birmingham Thunderbolts. Last, was the Los Angeles Xtreme with 5%. [Link to Old Polls Page]

3 September 2000
Madden on the XFL
John Madden was asked to comment about the XFL during an interview at the U.S. Open with USA Network's Michael Barkann. His reponse was interesting: "It'll work, I believe that. You have some smart people there - Vince McMahon and Dick Ebersol. They aren't going to fail. They have the network (NBC) to show it on. ... Some people say, 'Who is going to watch it?' Well, who watches wrestling? There are a heck of a lot of people who watch that, not that this (XFL) is going to be wrestling. ... They're not going up against the NFL or college football. I think the thing not only has a chance, I think it has a real good chance." [Link to External News Item]

1 September 2000
Bolts... as in nuts and bolts?
Bamaslammer, Birmingham team co-reporter, tells us what it was like to first hear that his XFL team was to be nicknamed the "Birmingham Thunderbolts". [Birmingham Bolts Local News Item]

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