NEWS ARCHIVE: August 2000

31 August 2000
The XFL To Hold Tryout Camps
Through faxes and forms on, the league received well over 10,000 applications from potential players in the first 4 months. And now it’s time to see how many of them have what it takes. Camps will be held on four consecutive weekends beginning September 9 in Dallas and will follow in Atlanta, Chicago, and Los Angeles. [Press Release]

31 August 2000
The CFL Approaches XFL About Players
The CFL has approached the XFL about allowing players under contract with Canadian teams to also suit up with the XFL. Jeff Giles, the president and chief operating officer, said Thursday he has approached Mike Keller, the XFL's director of football operations, about the matter. No decision was reached, but Giles told Keller that CFL general managers and the league's board of governors would discuss it. [External Link to AP Article]

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30 August 2000
In Vince We Trust

When the XFL announced the eight team nicknames, colors and logos last week most fans were watching with a certain level of excitement. Here at, we were also waiting for the team names to be announced. Mostly though, we wanted to see if the predictions on this board would turn out to be correct. We got more than we bargained for... [Read Article ]

28 August 2000
We Have Team News Happening
We would like to introduce you to our new team reporters from the XFL cities of Birmingham, Chicago and San Jose. Wherever smashmouth football is happening we want to have a person on the job! There are still plenty of job openings. Visit this page for more information. We also have our reporter's introductory articles available on their respective team pages. [Birmingham] [Chicago] [San Jose]

25 August 2000
Jim Skipper, the Head Coach of the Memphis Maniax
An inside source has very recently reported that former Giants assistant head coach Jim Skipper will be coaching the Maniax in the "asylum" come this February. This was rumored in the press yesterday, but later was quickly denied by the league and the Memphis management. Apparently the deal is back "on". All we need now is an official announcment, and Memphis has an excellent head coach.

25 August 2000
We Aren't Going to Say I told You So.

We won't be bragging that this site had predicted most of the team nicknames before they were released. After all, the last time we got cocky 'something' knocked us clear off the 'net for sixteen hours. We are ready to get back to business providing you with material that makes this web site a XFL fan favorite. What do you think of the logos and nicknames? We would like to congratulate the XFL marketing team for their impressive logos and nicknames. [Updated Team Page]

24 August 2000
We're Back
XFLBoard was knocked off the net last night by an unknown traffic spike. We are still investigating what/who caused this to happen.

The message board is open again! We lost quite a few recent posts. Some other parts of the site are still down. Please bear with us.

For More Info on the XFL Logos and Team Names please visit!

23 August 2000
It Was a Blast...
The XFL has announced that the team names will be revealed on Thursday, 24 Aug 00 at 1PM EDT. We've been speculating and rumor-mongering on this board for the past four months and we are glad that the league will finally make it all official... [Continued]

23 August 2000
Birmingham Blast is Out.

According to the Birmingham press the Birmingham Blast nickname has been scrapped. After the name was leaked on this site, the resulting uproar seemed to be enough to make the XFL change it's mind. "The fact that the name leaked out turned out to be a positive," said Tim Berryman, general manager of the Birmingham team. [Link to External Article]

22 August 2000
What Could be Better than Chaos? Hitmen!
Another discovery has been made! The domain has been recently registered by the XFL.
[More info at our Teams Page]

22 August 2000
Las Vegas Outlaws?
It has been discovered by SCORPIAN that the domain has been very recently registered by the WWF. More info in our message board. [More Info]

22 August 2000
Arena/Canadian Leagues Losing Assets
In what amounts to a raid on Arena League rosters, the XFL is sending contracts to 410 players for its first season. Also, since Greg Mohns, the ex-head coach of the CFL's Lions, has moved to the XFL there is a lot of speculation about other CFL coaches and players defecting to the XFL. More Rumors: Greg Mohns will be taking the GM job in San Jose. This should be announced on Thursday, as well as all the team names, logos and colors in a huge XFL "blowout" press conference. As for the team names, we've done enough speculating here at XFLBoard. It's soon time for the league to tell us the official news.

21 August 2000
Smashmouth Football?
Smashmouth Marketing!
Have you been following the rise of the XFL? How has the trip been so far? Let me tell you… [Continued]

20 August 2000
First NFLE, now the CFL
The XFL has already hired three ex-NFLE head coaches. Now it is the CFL's turn to give up some of its best. Greg Mohns, of the British Columbia Lions has resigned his head coaching position (mid-season) for a job with the XFL. Mohns, who had an excellent winning season last year (15-3), has an overall record of 22-12, and his winning percentage of 64.7%. He is the second-best of any head coach in Lions history. No official announcment has been made on behalf of the XFL. [External News Article] [Press Release]

18 August 2000
Good News Everybody!
Al Luginbill, was hired as coach of the Los Angeles XFL team yesterday. If you missed it, don't feel bad, apparently most media outlets missed it too. The good news is that the XFL plans to have a team nickname press conference next Thursday the 24th. We will have more news on this as soon as we get it! A good bet is that the Birmingham Blast will be one of the names. [Team Name Update]

17 August 2000
LA Head Coach Hired
Al Luginbill, coach of the Amsterdam Admirals of NFL Europe for the past five seasons, was hired Thursday as coach of the XFL's Los Angeles franchise. "We are very fortunate to have a man with coach Luginbill's experience,'' general manager John McKay Jr. said. "He has been a proven winner at all levels. Now, he gets to return home to Southern California.'' [Link to AP Article]

16 August 2000
Let's Try This Again!
XFLBoard is currently looking for team reporters in each of the XFL cities. If you plan on following your team this coming XFL season, and you are an amateur writer, we'd like you on our team. Here is a list of reasons why you should become a team reporter:
a. You will get to see your articles posted here at XFLBoard.Com.
b. You can start to use a great pick up line: "Did you read my article on"
c. To surprise your high school english teacher with on-line published works like: "The New York Chaos - An Essay in Special Teams"

If you are interested please email

12 August 2000
Your Team Nickname Suggestions
We have the results of the team nickname survey. We hope that you had fun with this survey - some of your suggestions were excellent, and others were, shall we say, different. Thanks to all who submitted! [Results Page]

11 August 2000
Jim Criner Head Coach of LV
At a press conference yesterday the XFL announced Bob Ackles as the team's General Manager, Jim Criner as the Head Coach, and Don Gregory as the Player Personnel Director for the Las Vegas franchise. Jim Criner, the former Head Coach of the Scottish Claymores led his team to a victory at the '96 World Bowl and received the World League Coach of the Year Award. [Press Release]

10 August 2000
Players Forum
We now have a forum where current and future XFL players can discuss upcoming combines, training camp and future league issues. Surf on over to our Message Board for more info.

8 August 2000
Team Name Source?
How do you feel about the San Jose Demons, New York Chaos, Memphis Maniax or the Las Vegas Snake Eyes, Lazers or Vipers? What about the Birmingham Rock or the Orlando Warlords? These are all names that the WWFe has registered as trademarks specifically for "Entertainment services; namely, professional football games and exhibitions." Are they the names? You be the judge.

8 August 2000
It's Official
Galen Hall, from the NFLE's Rhein Fire, has just been named as the head coach of the Orlando XFL team. [Press Release]

8 August 2000
Galen Hall, Head Coach of the Orlando Rage?
In an announcment scheduled for later today Galen Hall will be named the Head Coach of the Orlando XFL team. A rumor related to the announcment is the yet to be announced nickname of the Orlando XFL team will be the "Rage". [Source: Orlando Sentinel]

4 August 2000
LA Coach Signs Contract.
The LA Times has reported that the XFL Coach has just signed his contract. It is Al Luginbill of NFLE Amsterdam. A link to the article can be found in our News Links section.

3 August 2000
If You Can Make it There...
The NY/NJ team will play its five regular-season home games at Giants Stadium. There is no nickname or Head Coach yet, but Drew Pearson, star wide receiver with the Dallas Cowboys, will serve as the team's vice president and general manager. The XFL also took the opportunity to announce Spalding as the manufacturer of it's official game balls which will be black, red and silver.

2 August 2000
XFL Team Name Suggestions
XFL Board wants your suggestions to all the XFL team names. Since the league has been taking so long to name these teams, reportedly because they want to "do it right", we figured we would pass the time by holding our own survey. Go here to make your suggestions. Survey ends on 11 Aug 00.

1 August 2000
XFL Comes to Alabama.
Birmingham was made official today! Tim Berryman will be the team's Vice President and General Manager, Gerry DiNardo will be the Head Coach, and Bob Gates will serve as Player Personnel Director. The team name and logo have not been announ. [Press Release]

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