31 July 2000
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30 July 2000
What Will Be Announced?
The Birmingham announcement will take place in two days (Aug 1st) and the big question is: What will the XFL actually announce? They will tell us about the Birmingham team, and about a coach (Gerry Dinardo), but will they reveal a nickname, logo and colors? It's been a long wait for Birmingham fans - they will soon learn more!

27 July 2000
Birmingham and New York
The Birmingham announcement has been rescheduled for Aug 1st. NY is scheduled to be announced on Aug 3rd. We have been waiting patiently for these franchises to be announced. Next week will be exciting to say the least!

21 July 2000
More Coaches on the Way
Word has it XFL Orlando will be announcing their coach next. The rumor is that most other XFL Head Coaches will be plucked from NFL Europe, so don't expect too many more announcements like Dick Butkus. The number one candidate for the Orlando job is Rhein Fire Head Coach, Galen Hall, formerly of the Orlando Thunder. Will he get the job? We'll have to wait and see.

We are also still waiting for the New York announcement to take place. When you ask? Answer: We haven't heard, have you?

20 July 2000
Butkus Hiring Creates Hype
The hiring of Dick Butkus, has created plenty of waves around the sports world. We have not yet seen this much publicity surrounding the XFL, and it is surely welcome! XFLBoard would also like to welcome "the Animal" into the XFL fold. As far as we're concerned he is a worthy acquisition for the Chicago XFL team.

18 July 2000
Chicago Coach to be Named
Dick Butkus, the Hall of Fame linebacker nicknamed "the Animal" and considered one of the fiercest men ever to play in the National Football League, will be the first head coach of the Chicago franchise. The announcement will take place on Wednesday 19 Jul 00 at Ditka's in Chicago.

16 July 2000
Changes are Happening.
Since the face of the XFL is starting to change more rapidly lately, we have decided to start changing our poll more frequently. We are also waiting for the New York announcement to take place - it should happen sometime this week. More info will be posted here as soon as we get it.

12 July 2000
Los Angeles and Las Vegas.
Two new XFL teams in a single day! It's good to see that the XFL making waves in the sports world. That makes six teams. New York and Birmingham are still expected to be announced.

10 July 2000
Two in One Day!
Breaking News: On Wednesday July 12, at 11 AM, at the House of Blues, Los Angeles will be officially confirmed as one of the eight charter cities in the XFL. The team will play in the Los Angeles Coliseum. Later the same day at 5PM the XFL will be in Sam Boyd Stadium, Las Vegas, to announce the Vegas franchise.

10 July 2000
More XFL Milestones...
The San Jose franchise was announced today. This means that 4 out of 8 franchises are now official. In other news the XFL's first TV Commercial will be aired tomorrow night during the MLB All-Star Game. The commercial stars (who else) Vince McMahon.

7 July 2000
Do you know the way to San Jose? The XFL does!
A press release from the XFL has stated that the XFL will announce it's San Jose franchise on Monday the 10th of July. That will make four. In other news, Birmingham is also a done deal with their announcement tentatively booked for Aug 2nd. More News: Rumors out of Las Vegas have an XFL Franchise announcement happening at Sam Boyd Stadium on the 13th of July.

3 July 2000
Welcome Orlando! The XFL is growing again.
What has become a weekly occurrence in the Sports World? The XFL is making another major announcement! Today the XFL will announce another inaugural franchise in Orlando, Florida. In other related news, the discussion about the naming of XFL teams takes on a life of its own in the XFL Board Discussion Areas.

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